God's Design for Heaven & Earth (MB Edition)


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Explore God’s creation of the land and skies with geology, astronomy, and meteorology.

Complete earth science and astronomy curriculum for 3rd-8th graders, which reveals God’s creation of the land and skies with geology, astronomy, and meteorology!

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Title God's Design for Heaven & Earth (MB Edition)
Subtitle Our Weather & Water | Our Universe | Our Planet Earth
Series God's Design MB Edition
ISBN 13 9781683441298
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Binding Paperback
Page Count 432
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Explore God’s creation of the land and skies with geology, astronomy, and meteorology.

Our Weather & Water: Study the atmosphere and oceans of Earth. You will discover what weather is, God’s design of the oceans, and how these oceans affect weather systems.

Our Universe: Explore our solar system and the universe. Learn about the planets, Earth’s special design, information about stars and comets, and the space program.

Our Planet Earth: Discover God’s design for our unique planet. Learn about rocks, the Genesis Flood, and the Ice Age, as you study this special place for us to live.

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I loved it but it was tough for my 5th graders
Review by Bethany
I loved God's Design for Heaven and Earth. It was so informative and interesting. However, my fifth graders didn't like it quite as much. A lot of the information was above their comprehension level even though they're excellent readers. I think it would have been better to try it in 6th grade or a little later.
God's Design is a great series
Review by Christie
My children all really enjoy the God's Design Science books! I like that I can use this for a variety of grades & everyone can learn together. The activities are always a favorite & really help to bring the lesson to life!
Wish I had learned
Review by Jennifer
I wish this is how I had learned science growing up. I love when my daughter shares facts with me about why the big bang theory doesn't make sense based on what we know about earth, etc. She's learning science and also learning how it backs up intelligent design!
We love this series!
Review by Stephanie
Such a great series to teach children about our world! Lessons are in depth enough but also short enough to keep their attention.
We needed this!
Review by Shannon
So thankful to have found this science curriculum! We started our school year using another curriculum (with the same topic of study). While I loved it my boys did not. We switched to Gods Design for Heaven and Earth 6 weeks into our school year. Im glad to report we will finish on time! The schedule is so flexible! Instead of doing this in 4 days per week, we did it 5. My kids love how the worksheet ask specific questions (something the other Curriculum didn't do). While sometimes I wish there were more information or that it would have explained it differently, My kids and I really have enjoyed Going though Heaven and Earth! We needed this! Saved science for us!
Not what we expected
Review by Katelyn
I don't know what I expected. We loved the other Gods Design science books but this one took a little while to get in to. My 6th grader has been working through this and it's the perfect amount of work and challenge for her. We started it as a whole family but the first unit felt way over my 2nd and 3rd graders heads. I would still recommend it as a great science, I just didn't feel it was as family friendly as the others.
Review by Sarah
This curriculum works well for our family because we have a grade span of pre-K through 7th grade and this book can be used in conjunction with God's Design for Heaven & Earth for Beginners. We use both books together for the whole family. I do think the language of this book is a bit advanced for 3rd & 4th grades, but when used with the Beginner book, those grades can catch the concept and and also be exposed to language that challenges them. There are plenty of options for grades 6-8 to make the curriculum challenging. Tests can be used as open book reviews or just something to talk through as a family. I also appreciate the experiments. I feel that they are not too teacher-heavy and mostly use common household items. The lesson can be done with or without the experiment and I like that flexibility. I learn just as much from this curriculum as my kids!
Just right for us
Review by Janice
We chose to mix up the sciences this year, so we did 3 sections of God's Design overall. We chose Our Universe this year from this book and will do other sections in future years. We really liked the open and go aspect, requiring little planning for me. We didn't do all projects, but did some, used videos for others, and discussed others all depending on the time and materials and previous knowledge we had or understood from the lesson. I liked that it was able to span the ages of my children.
Biblical worldview
Review by Kam
In general, I find that Answers in Genesis materials are pretty weighty and not conducive to younger elementary grades, even 3rd/4th. But I always appreciate the commitment to a solid biblical worldview and AIG will consistently excel in that objective. I do wish it were a hardback book but not a deal breaker for us.
Love this curriculum
Review by Christina
This is a very thorough curriculum about the earth and solar system. My kids have enjoyed it and the built in activities. It has worked well for my 4th and 6th graders.
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