God's Design for Life

3rd-5th grade / 1 year

Learn all about biology as students study the intricacies of life science through human anatomy, botany, and zoology.

The Human Body: The human body is a complex wonder created by God. Learn about each system of the body and see how God designed our bodies to be truly amazing. Make a map of your tongue, a mold of your teeth, and a poster of your entire body. This is a fun and easy way to help your children realize they were created in God’s image.

The World of Animals: Explore every facet of the animal kingdom in this book. From cuddly mammals and slimy frogs, to jellyfish and bacteria, you and your child will discover how God created each animal to be unique.

The World of Plants: Reveal to your child how God specially designed the plants around us. See God’s hand as you study seeds, leaves, and flowers and explore meat-eating plants, fungi, algae, and more.

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