God's Design for Life: For Beginners (Download)

God's Design for Life: For Beginners (Download)


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A complete life science curriculum for K–2nd graders. The lessons feature beautiful color pictures, age-appropriate activities, worksheets, Scripture learning, writing practice, and more. Fun and easy-to-use, the God’s Design Series – for Beginners curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants their children to understand creation from a solidly biblical basis.

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Title God's Design for Life: For Beginners (Download)
Series God's Design MB Edition
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The World of Plants: Explore the amazing variety of plants that God created! Learn about the parts of plants and flowers and how plants get energy and grow. The hands-on activities make learning about plants fun, and the focus on biblical creation will help establish children in their faith. Get ready for adventure as you discover the world of plants!

The Human Body: The human body is an incredibly complex wonder, created by God! Learn about the amazing functions of each system of our bodies. As children learn about human anatomy they will understand that they are created in God’s image. The hands-on activities make learning about the human body fun, and the focus on biblical creation will help establish your student in their faith. Get ready for adventure as you discover the human body!

The World of Animals: Explore every facet of the animal kingdom God created! Discover how each animal was created to be unique, from cuddly mammals and slimy frogs, to jellyfish, butterflies, and bacteria. The hands-on activities make learning about animals fun, and the focus on biblical creation will help establish children in their faith. Get ready for adventure as you discover the world of animals!

Review by Julie
This is our favorite beginner’s science book this far! It is absolutely perfect! We love that it is taught from a Creation perspective and teaches our children to give God the glory for the things He has made!
Love It!!
Review by T+JsMom
This is a beautiful science book that is at a perfect level for my 5 and 7 year-old. I like that it combines writing practice with the hands-on activities. I was so excited to discover the e-book version, it printed out beautifully and saved us alot of shipping hassle since we live overseas.
Great Science
Review by Tianna
I really like that it is earth science and that they are learning so much about plants in the beginning and that includes spelling and a little bit of information but not really long lessons!
Great Compliment to God’s Design Life
Review by Danielle
We have really enjoyed this book. I used it with my 5 year old. Some of the vocabulary activities were difficult for her, but I assisted. I like the scripture tracing that helped with handwriting. The only thing I wish was that each lesson had some form of activity. She loves the coloring pages and activities, but only select lessons have them.
this is an incredible book!
Review by the fantastics
We absolutely love this God's LIFE for Beginner's. I am using this with my 6-year old; he is like a sponge, soaking up all this goodness. My older child is using the older edition. We all sit together, I read the "Beginner" while they both color the "beginner" picture. I follow that with reading the 3-8 version; they both soak in information from both. Lastly, My little one does the "beginner" activities and my 9-yr old does the other written activities; sometimes we combine the hands-on learning parts with both children & both activities. Love, love, love, this science curriculum!
perfect companion for God's Design for Life
Review by Rachelle
This is the perfect companion to have alongside God's Design for Life so that younger siblings can join in on the lessons. We're all really enjoying it!
Great and Flexible!
Review by Jamie
I'm using this for my K & almost 2nd grader. They love it (as do I). It is awesome to be able to use such a beautiful and engaging resource for the two ages. The kids are excited to do each lesson and eager to see what is next.
ebooks are very convenient
Review by ahc
One of the reasons why we love Master Books is the convenience of Ebook, as Shipping to New Zealand are very expensive! Thank God for this! we love the lessons! my kids are enjoying it!
Godly Science Curriculum
Review by Hence
It's very difficult to find a quality science curriculum that's not contradicted from the Bible. Glad that I found Masterbook to start our homeschooling journey this year. Again, thanks for providing eBook version
Just what we needed
Review by Melissa
We are about halfway through this book. It prints out beautifully and the pictures are so engaging I have to stop my kids from paging ahead the whole time! I had started using a different science curriculum but found it too intensive for my 6 and 7 yr old. This is just enough info for each day for them to understand and remember and the variation of worksheet activities means we don't get bored from doing the same thing every day. I wish there were more Beginner Science books!

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