God's Design for Life (MB Edition)


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Learn all about biology as students study the intricacies of life science through human anatomy, botany, and zoology.

Complete life science curriculum for 3rd-8th graders, which reveals the amazing world of God’s creation through the study of plants, animals, and the human body!

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title God's Design for Life (MB Edition)
Subtitle The World of Plants | The Human Body | The World of Animals
Series God's Design MB Edition
ISBN 13 9781683441274
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Binding Paperback
Page Count 392
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Complete life science curriculum for 3rd-8th graders, which reveals the amazing world of God’s creation through the study of plants, animals, and the human body!

The World of Plants: Discover the Creator’s handiwork as you study the beauty and intricacy of seeds, leaves, and flowers. Explore trees, fungi, algae, unusual plants, moss, and more.

The Human Body: The human body is an incredibly complex and created wonder. Learn about the amazing functions of each system and understand that you are made in God’s image!

The World of Animals: Discover how each animal was designed by God to be unique, from cuddly mammals and slimy frogs to jellyfish, butterflies, and bacteria. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

Not doable for my 3rd or 6th grader.
Review by Cassidy
I wish I could give this a better review, but we were so so disappointed. This was WAY over my 3rd graders head and was incredibly boring for my 6th grader. We forced it for several weeks, but even I was struggling with the material. After searching for advice on how to do this differently in one of the MBs facebook groups, it seemed like the majority of parents felt the same and thought maybe it would be better for older middle school.
1st Disappointing Purchase
Review by Olurazhidaan
Uuugh. I prefer not to leave negative reviews, but if I don’t tell the truth about our experience others families may have a hard time as well. We really wanted to love it. Unfortunately, we got to about Unit 3, Lesson 11 (think it is Roots) and gave up all together after weeks of struggling. I’ll start by saying Science & Language Arts are my almost 7.5 year old 4th grade daughter’s jam. But this was a snooze fest. It was downright boring and monotonous for BOTH of us. It took me a while to realize it because I was trying so hard to make it work (we have both the student & teacher’s books from the scratch & dent sale). From about the 2nd or 3rd lesson (unit 1) I found myself looking up alternate companion materials (videos, printable, worksheets, etc) to explain the lesson concepts in a more exciting palatable format, so that the information could be received & absorbed in a less painful way. I then started using the text as a reference & have now scrapped it & have been using a free science website which provides us with a fun animated short video on each subject, printable text for the child to read themselves, a worksheet to demonstrate what the child learned, additional activities, optional printable activities, additional links to websites to carry learning on the subject or linked subjects to another level, and a unit quiz, which can be taken online (I copy it over to written format for my records). Unfortunately, I would not recommend this curriculum to anyone due to its dry format. I have been so happy with all of my purchases from Masterbooks up until this one, which initially concerned me so much that it made me more nervous about future science curriculum purchases.
Review by Markie
So easy to understand!!!! Keeps things simple and straight forward for me.
We love
Review by margarita
It’s well written and easy to understand. My 3rd grader has problems understanding what he’s reading so this is good that he’ll understand it.
My daughter loved it!
Review by Katherine
My 8th grade daughter used this last year alongside her brother using the beginner version. She found it engaging, bright and colorful. Very user friendly.
Love the Gods Design series!!
Review by Ellie
This was our favorite one yet! My kids loved learning about animals and the human body! I love that it’s adaptable for younger or older students. The best part is the biblical approach to every lesson. My kids are not only learning science but learning how to defend their beliefs. Wonderful curriculum!
Great biblically based life science
Review by Gem
When it comes to science, life science has always been my favorite. This book was such a pleasure to use with my niece and nephew. We all enjoyed exploring our yard with the activities in the plant unit and learning about what was all around us. The kids were in 5th and 7th grade and I thought the curriculum was appropriate for their age and levels. I think the books do a good job in differentiating activities (blue & green sections) for the different age/ability levels. The human body was a good introduction to that subject. And the animals unit was a favorite - which was not a surprise. Thanks for making such a clear Christ centered science curriculum.
Review by Stephanie
I’m so excited to be using this curriculum! It has all the 3 areas we’ve been wanting to study and the content and experiments are great.
Great book
Review by Daniel
It is nicely written and very well put together with the right amount of content is each chapter. We take 2 days to finish a lesson. Based on the book we have a lot of discussions through the week maybe. I highly recommend the book. If you can't afford, just get the students book and you can help the child along.
Great series
Review by Janice
We chose to mix up the sciences this year, so we did 3 sections of God's Design overall. We chose The World of Animals this year from this book and will do other sections in future years. Some is tougher than the rest but that will always be the case in science and with different levels of understanding. We really liked the open and go aspect, requiring little planning for me. We didn't do all projects, but did some, used videos for others, and discussed others all depending on the time and materials and previous knowledge we had or understood from the lesson. I liked that it was able to span the ages of my children.
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