God's Design for Life (Teacher Guide - MB Edition)


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For Grade Level 3-8

Learn all about biology as students study the intricacies of life science through human anatomy, botany, and zoology.

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Title God's Design for Life (Teacher Guide - MB Edition)
Subtitle The World of Plants | The Human Body | The World of Animals
Series God's Design MB Edition
ISBN 13 9781683441281
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Binding Paperback
Page Count 441
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

The God’s Design for Life Teacher Guide reveals the wonders of God’s creation through the study of plants, the human body, and animals. Each lesson contains at least one hands-on activity to reinforce the concepts being taught and a “challenge” section with extra information and activities designed especially for older students.

  • Explore how different types of seeds grow, the patterns of flowers, and how processes like photosynthesis occur
  • Assemble the Body Wheel and Sandy Skeleton to learn more about the various systems that make your body work
  • Create a wonderful Animal Notebook as your explore birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, arthropods, and more!

Designed to build critical thinking skills and flexible enough to work with all learning styles, the lessons require minimal teacher preparation, are multi-level for 3rd–5th and 6th–8th grades, as well as being fun and easy-to-use. The course includes a helpful daily schedule, as well as worksheets, quizzes, and tests. The information contains tips on how to teach science, properly contrasting creation vs. evolution, and integrating a biblical worldview.

We really enjoyed this
Review by misty
I really like how easy it is to teach my kiddos using these books
Review by margarita
I recommend the teachers guide but we don’t use everything. There’s certain ones we use.
Very user friendly!
Review by Katherine
My daughter was able to finish this completely independent of me. We love the checklist, and how easy it is to know exactly what to do everyday. Truly open and go! Thank you.
Must have for the full course experience.
Review by Jamie
Don't leave out the very important teacher's guide. The worksheets are not busy work. They really help reinforce what was learned from the text. Also, be sure to have one for each student.
Good resource
Review by Gem
When my niece and nephew were younger, I would have them answer questions orally. When we used this science curriculum they were in 5th and 7th grade and at a level where I think it is important that they start to express themselves clearly through their writing. The life science subject matter lends itself well to this skill development and this was a good resource for that.
Review by Janice
I like having a pacing example in this book. We didn't use the worksheets much once I realized they were the same questions in the text that we discussed. We focused on learning how to take notes instead of just answering questions. Sometimes my kids worked independently, so the answers in the back helped me assess their understanding when I didn't read the lesson with them. I liked the quizzes and tests to help assess their understandings. The extra worksheets of charts and such were helpful as well for lesson extensions.
Great worksheets and activities
Review by Kimberly
I like that all the worksheets are in one book and easy to organize. The worksheets go along well with the reading material.
Review by Jill
We purchased the e-book and used for a 3rd and 7th grader. It is easy to adapt to teach to both ages at once.
We ended up throwing it out
Review by Stephanie
My daughter isn’t a huge writer and we found using the text book and experiments were enough for us as well as adding in fun songs and games
Must have
Review by Paola
This is a must have with the textbook-It helps me save time and helps me focus on the important part of the lessons. My son is 3rd grade and I found it helpful to teach him using the worksheets and then have him read the chapter on his own as reinforcement. He loves the fun facts!!!
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