God's Design for the Physical World (MB Edition)


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Study introductory physics and the mechanisms of heat, machines, and technology with this accessible course.

Complete physical science curriculum for 3rd-8th graders, which presents God’s amazing world through the study of machines, motion, energy, and technology!

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Title God's Design for the Physical World (MB Edition)
Subtitle Machines & Motion | Heat & Energy | Inventions & Technology
Series God's Design MB Edition
ISBN 13 9781683441311
Contributors Debbie Lawrence, Richard Lawrence
Binding Paperback
Page Count 400
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Study introductory physics and the mechanisms of heat, machines, and technology with this accessible course.

Machines & Motion: Learn about many fascinating inventions, such as the physical principles behind flight and the advances in communication as you study airplanes, rockets, telephones, computers, and more!

Heat & Energy: Discover many kinds of energy that power our lives. From fossil fuels to nuclear power plants, see how God provides our energy needs and learn the wonders of electricity, magnetism, light, and sound.

Inventions & Technology: Understand simple machines such as levers and inclined planes. Learn about the law of motion. You will enjoy experimenting with friction, racing rollerskate cars, and making pendulums.

Great science
Review by margarita
We were excited to do this science. The lessons are good and short. Some are a little hard for younger students to understand. I'm going to hold on to do it late in our school year and add the academy to go with it.
Great resource
Review by Angela
These are short chapters that introduce students to concepts. Some are difficult to grasp for younger students.
Excellent presentation for kids
Review by Betty
The book has good introduction of various topics. It helps my kid to get straight to the point without all the math. The stories about scientists in between are good too.
Nice collection of topics
Review by Daniel
I teach Engineering. So I am able to help my child as we read. The contents are good and very compact. But not written for an elementary level I should say. It needs some explanation, some imagination. Physics is very helpful if they are supported with illustrations that a child has seen or can relate to. Nevertheless we are enjoying the book and going through less than a lesson per week.
Open and go
Review by Regina
I like that it is broken down into three sections. My daughter loves the activities and special features with the scientists.
Review by Janice
We chose to mix up the sciences this year, so we did 3 sections of God's Design overall. We chose Inventions and Technology this year from this book and will do other sections in future years. Some is tougher than the rest but that will always be the case in science and with different levels of understanding. We really liked the open and go aspect, requiring little planning for me. We didn't do all projects, but did some, used videos for others, and discussed others all depending on the time and materials and previous knowledge we had or understood from the lesson. This topic of science is definitely for the older kids in the series. My youngest did the first chapter of the section we did but quickly lost interest in the technology. I switched that student to a lap book I had on inventions and my older student continued on just fine in the section but it was a good challenge. My younger student will try again in a few years.
Textbook style with Simple Experiments
Review by Sarah L
We have completed part of the Inventions and Technology section so far. This curriculum is just what I was looking for--not too teacher intensive. The experiments are simple and effective. I had a different curriculum previously that was more experiment-heavy, so if I wasn't prepared for it we wouldn't get science done. With this curriculum, we can complete science even if we choose not to do some of the experiments. My 6th grade girl loved the curriculum but for my 3rd grade boy the language was a little too advanced to hold his attention. He enjoyed the topics but I found myself having to explain a lot in simpler language. I think in a year or two he will be ready for it. I don't consider this a deficit in the quality of the curriculum, but it might be better labeled as 4th grade and above. I ended up buying the whole "God's Design" series to use in the coming years!
Liked it
Review by Lillie
Enjoyed this curriculum!
Great Science
Review by Sara
I chose this science for my 5th grade twins because they were overwhelmed with the science curriculum their older brother prefers. Master Books has been a great fit for us with math and language arts because the approach is much gentler without sacrificing content. This science is exactly like that! It doesn't feel too "sciencey" for my boys, yet they're learning the same material as the other more stringent science curriculum my oldest uses.
Tons of Information
Review by Kristen
I’m learning just as much as my kids are with this book! It’s full of fantastic information pertaining to physical science. My science loving kids are really enjoying this. I’m able to ask more of my older child while toning it down with my younger child. I highly recommend!

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