History of the World (Teacher Guide)

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For Grade Level 9-12

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This 1-year course provides students with the opportunity to study the exciting, inspiring history of the Lord’s church.

In the first semester, students will use Taking the World for Jesus as a primary text. It covers the spread of Christianity, starting during the Roman Empire and continuing to the present day. It follows the Church’s growth in all corners of the world and encourages students to learn about and pray for current international missions. Students will also learn geography as they study with the help of frequent map exercises.

In the second semester, students will focus their attention on the lives of 21 brave, God-fearing missionaries who worked around the world during the 19th century. These lessons come from Adventures of Missionary Heroism, a reprinting of a classic text about missionaries that was originally published in the early 1900s. These stories help students realize the dangers and struggles these missionaries endured for their faith. Students will continue to learn geography through map exercises.

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