How Could a Loving God...?


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People assume Christians have all the answers; yet, in the face of tragedy, death, or suffering, everyone struggles to find just the right words to bring comfort or closure to those in need. Sometimes just hearing "It is God's will" isn't enough. Sometimes just saying "God will turn this to good" seems so meaningless when despair is so profound.

Often the pain goes too deep, the questions won't go away, and even the assurance of faith doesn't help. How could God let this happen? How can God love us, yet allow us to suffer in this way? What is the point of this? What is the purpose?

In this provocative book, Ken Ham makes clear answers found in the pages of Scripture - powerful, definitive, and in a way that helps our hearts to go beyond mere acceptance. When you grasp the reality of original sin (and all that it means), it creates a vital foundation for your heart to finally understand what follows.

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Title How Could a Loving God?
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The heartache of grief and loss can crash against our Christian faith like tidal waves. Well-meaning people who toss out a religious nugget of wisdom hoping to bring quick relief often worsen the emotional pain of trauma and tragedy.

In How Could a Loving God, Christian apologist Ken Ham offers sound biblical counsel and answers to some of life’s greatest questions:

  • Why does God allow my suffering?
  • How do I move beyond this anger at God?
  • Why didn’t God prevent this from happening?

This is a comprehensive, personal, and biblically sound account of one family’s struggle with suffering in a fallen world. With sensitivity to the person whose perception of God has been calloused by tragedy, Ken Ham makes clear the hope-giving answers found in the pages of Scripture.

How Could a Loving God is an excellent resource for Biblical counselors, pastors, teachers and laymen. Use it in Bible classes and have it on hand as a reference when you or someone you love is faced with shocking news and great grief.

Enjoyed this book!
Review by Leslie
I read to better know how to answer this question (and understand it). Especially after living through 2020 pandemic I know this is a question many people wonder. One of the greatest takeaways I got from this book was how much my eyes are on me, myself, my problems, and what God is or isn't doing for me. Overall very eye opening, heartbreaking story, and filled with wisdom.
Got another copy as a gift
Review by Ana
Ken Ham does a great job explaining the root of human suffering using a personal life example. I got a second copy to pass to someone going through life threatening sickness.
Age Old Question
Review by Abby
This book addresses a question that haunts us all.. How could a loving God...? Christians and non-Christians all seem to ask this question at some points in their lives - myself included. It's a question that many of us wrestle with and can drive us away from God. This book is an excellent resource for anyone questioning, grieving, or coping with a difficult and confusing situation.
Review by Cherry
I recommend this book for anyone who is currently suffering emotionally. A wonderful and uplifting book.
Truly Touching
Review by T. Simas
We lost a really close friend, who we considered family, recently. This definitely helped answers some hard questions and helped with coping. Such a great book.
Powerful Book
Review by Kal's Mom
Are you like me, and do you struggle with the pain of loss or understanding why bad things happen? This book by Ken Ham uses the Scripture to help you and he tells a powerful personal story.

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