How the Bible Works (Download)

How the Bible Works (Download)


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Were you ever taught in church how to see the big picture of the Bible? Almost no one is. We spend a lot of time learning how we should apply it to our lives but are almost never shown how things fit together in the book. Many see it as a bunch of unconnected stories – a random collection of disjointed information.

Consequently, we remain ignorant about the Bible’s divinely inspired connectedness – how it fits together theologically, historically, and literarily. How motivated would you be to put together a puzzle if you were only given certain pieces but never shown the complete picture on the box top?

How The Bible Works uses groups and icons to help you remember pivotal elements in the Bible, lead you through its content and theological concepts, and show you how things are connected.

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Title How the Bible Works (Download)
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How the Bible Works

  • Provides a coherent, big-picture view of the Bible’s message
  • Focuses on key concepts, figures, and moments from the Bible
  • Captivates readers with striking, imaginative visuals

How the Bible Works encourages readers to read the Bible on their own but also provides a handy guide to its framework, including explaining “the Bible in 1 sentence,” the major milestones of Biblical history, the connections between the Old and New Testaments, the main genres, and the core covenants.

Review by Kari
This is a wonderful addition to our collection of books to help our kids to understand God's word.
Fast and informative
Review by Ember
After reading this myself and seeing how packed full and simple it is to understand, I decided to teach it in my STEM class.

I teach 2 pages at a time by having my students find and read the verses and then discussing.

Love that the book utilizes pictures to help solidify the info. My visual students have been retaining more information than usual.
Short but Great Overview
Review by JW
This book is a quick read with great illustrations showing side by side comparison of the Old and New Testaments. Would highly recommend this book.
A Great Resource To Put The Whole Picture Together
Review by Kelly
So often we are taught the Bible in chunks (Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, etc.) and far too often we fail to connect the dots and see the intricacies, details, and deeper meanings between both the large and the small events. With "How The Bible Works" you are given the resources and information needed to clearly see the detailed story that is interwoven from Genesis to Revelation. Perfect for home, homeschool, or church use, this is a fantastic read!

Kelly, Hope In The Chaos
Concise Guide for Understanding the BIble
Review by Stephani
This is an excellent guide on how to read and study the Bible to understand how it all works. It is concise and guides the reader on the path of which verses to read together to understand how things are connected and helps it all make sense. I would highly recommend this guide to a Bible Study group, to someone new to the BIble, or to anyone who wants to dive deeper into the word.
Great visual overview of the Bible
Review by Michael
This book is concise but informational. At first I thought the icons presented at the beginning was a little overwhelming, but as I went through the book I found myself identifying elements of the Bible by the icons. The icons provide a visual way of remembering the information presented about the Bible. I think the author does a good job of connecting both Old and New Testaments and where Jesus fulfills both. This book should provide a primer to anyone who desires to know what the Bible is about and encourage them to read it moving forward.
A Concise, Clear Picture of God's Word
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
How the Bible Works is a masterpiece in its presentation of Scripture as a whole, and an amazing tool for teaching the Bible. Educators, parents, and those new to the faith will find this a perfect resource.

Filled with helpful diagrams and charts, How the Bible Works is fantastic!
Shows Connectedness of scripture
Review by Holly
A great book that clearly shows the connectness of the Bible as a whole. It isn't just a bunch of seperate books put together, but clearly supernaturally and divinely inspired word of God. The icons help to simplify the correlation between the old and new testaments, the " types and shadows". It shows the Bible as a supernaturally written record/ History book, of God's plan of salvation, and through seeing that, one gets a better grasp of God's great love and mercy for mankind. Excellent book I would recommend to anyone.

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