I Really Really Really Want to Learn About Ape-Men


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The media teaches children that ape-men prove evolution. That's not true! This book of ape-men facts teaches kids about different types of neanderthals, the differences between ape-men and humans, and how God created man. All from a biblical perspective! Excellent for early grade school and other young explorers!

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Title I Really Really Really Want to Learn About Ape-Men
ISBN 13 9781626913271
Binding Paperback
Page Count 32
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Ruth Carter is a writer and presenter of kids' workshops at the Creation Museum. In this well-written book, she uses ape-men to talk about two very different ideas about the history of our universe.

I Really Really Really Want to Learn About Ape-Men is well-illustrated, easy and fun-to-read, scientifically accurate and Bible-honoring. It might just inspire a new generation with a love for the gospel and science.

Review by Olena
I am a biologist myself, I graduated of university in Ukraine. After one of our lectures about how people evolved from monkey, I was heartbroken. I came to our professor and asked him a question - what about God? He could not look at my eyes, and just said believe what you want to believe. At least he did not discourage me. I am very grateful I kept my faith, and that I am able to teach my children from faith base point of view. Amazing little book.
A necessary read!
Review by Lauren
This is a greatly informative book about how science came up with theories. Easy to understand and a great but simple explanation as to why so many believe in cavemen and what the facts are. I may buy more copies for my nieces and nephews!
Perfect for Elementary School!
Review by IreneMK
My daughter kept asking me about the cavemen and such that she saw in numerous illustrations from history books that teach about the theory of evolution. So, I needed a book that perfectly explains how Neanderthals fit in God’s creation scheme. Well, I’m very glad that I purchased this one! She read the whole book in one sitting and later was sharing that information with her younger siblings! It’s worth every penny!
Review by Sarah
Bought this for our morning basket! My boys are loving this one, just the right amount of information to get them asking more questions. Loving everything we get from Master Books!
My daughter loved it!
Review by Jessica
My six-year-old, says "It was greeeeaaattt! It was funny." She loves to read both of the "I Really Really Really..." books that I bought her. I would definitely recommend this book!
Awesome kids creation worldview book
Review by Erin
Of the three books in the series this one is my personal favorite. All of the books are easy for kids to understand and the pictures are super helpful. I like this one because of the creation viewpoint and the easy to understand explanation of Neanderthal and other fossils that purportedly prove evolution. Knowing the gaps helps to have an informed dialogue and give a Christian defense.
Review by Tiffany
My eight year old loves to read to me before bed. He had just finished another set of books so I was looking for something short but fun for him. This really hit the spot! He loves it and reads me a page or two each night because he wants it to last!
Great little book!
Review by Rachel
These books are a fun, light hearted, yet informative way to learn the truth about subjects that are normally surrounded by evolution. I love being able to have fun resources to give my children to answer their questions from a creation perspective!
Fun book
Review by Jessica
My son loved this book. I love that it full of science and truth. I'm sure we'll be buying the other books
Great addition
Review by Raeanna
I added this as an addition to our curriculum. It’s an easy read and explains the idea of evolution. Children need to be aware of the worlds views and know why we believe otherwise.

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