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Author Steve Ham, Director of Outreach at Answers in Genesis, clearly delves into the issues of faith and God's authority in the life of the believer in order to prepare you to stand firm. An intriguing exploration of why man was never meant to rule himself, but instead to operate within an authoritative structure designed by God.

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In God We Trust

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Title In God We Trust
Subtitle Why Biblical Authority Matters for Every Believer
ISBN 13 9780890515839
Contributors Steve Ham
Binding Paperback
Page Count 224
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Biblical faith is being undermined and criticized with an increasing fervor in schools, on job sites, and in the marketplace.

  • Are you equipped to face the onslaught of secular, anti-Christian values and viewpoints?
  • Can you clearly state why you believe in Christ and the authority of the Bible?
  • How does this work in your daily life?

In God We Trust is a guided journey that will help you:

  • Identify the influence of the secular worldview and how it attempts to compromise the Word of God. 
  • Distinguish between genuine authority and the counterfeit authority of so many at present. 
  • Realize how your commitment to God's authority will impact your church, family, and others for Christ.

Author Steve Ham, Director of Outreach at Answers in Genesis, clearly delves into the issues of faith and God's authority in the life of the believer in order to prepare you to stand firm. An intriguing exploration of why man was never meant to rule himself, but instead to operate within an authoritative structure designed by God. Steve is co-author of Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World, and the popular evangelism series, Answers for Life.

Loved it
Review by Ashley
This book has three sections. Section One The Substance of Authority which has five sub chapters. which are Loose Hinges, Hard to Believe, Counterfeit, Authentic, and Axiom. Section Two The Authority of Gog which covers Authority and Gods the Father, Authority and God the Son, and Authority and God the Holy Spirit. Section Three Authority in Christian Practice which covers I Want It Now, Worship through a Torn Curtain, Taking Back the Family, Order in the House, and Tell the Nations.

This is a wonderful book to read, and I would highly recommend it. It is well written and easy to understand. In this world we see many people say the word In God We Trust, and many people take that for granted. God gave us everything that we need to live in a world. And I’ve heard many people say they talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. And this book gives reasons why we all should. There is a lot of information and that information that is being read is a lot to take in, but well worth it.
Well written, easy to read
Review by Lynette
This was a wonderfully written book. I found myself struggling to put it down. Steve Ham really hit the nail on the head when it comes to Biblical authority and what that needs to look like for every believer. He backs up what he says with the Word of God and where he places his opinion he makes it clear it’s just that, his opinion. He is real about the struggles we face, he is clear about how following God plan placed out for us in His Word can help us to live a God honoring life even in the midst of those struggles. I wish all believers would read this book and really chew over what Steve has to say. It’s convicting and encouraging.
Be equipped to stand on the authority of Scripture!
Review by JoyfulMommy
Mr. Steve Ham (brother of creation apologist Ken Ham) powerfully demonstrates the need for a return to the authority of Scripture - God’s Word - in every area of life. Every person stands on someone’s authority, the question is merely whose: man’s word or God’s Word? This quote summarized it well, “There is no such thing as neutrality. There is only the worshiping of ourselves over our Creator and putting our authority above His.”

While it is true that some come to belief in Christ and salvation without a thorough understanding of Scripture and the authority of God’s Word, we need to “tighten” what Steve Ham calls our “loose hinges” so we can stand firmly on the Truth of Scripture. Salvation experiences may result in peace and contentment, but that isn’t what makes the gospel true. It is true because God is God; He is the Creator and the ultimate authority, and His Word is the special revelation of this truth.

After exploring the authority in the Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Mr. Ham looks at the practical application of this authority in Christian living, worship, family life, church life, and evangelism. I was personally very encouraged by the reminders that the family is a representation of submission within the Godhead and in the Church. No individual is more important, but each one has a specific role to fill in God’s design; and blessings follow when these roles are fulfilled and embraced with joy in obedience to God’s authority - in turn blessing the local church, the community, and the world. In contrast, statistics are shared that show the practical reality of failure to submit to biblical authority in the family, and the erosion that creates in society. I was also convicted that we are commanded under the authority of Christ Jesus Himself to GO and evangelize - spread the gospel knowing that He is with us always and He WILL return! May we eagerly anticipate that day with expectation and joy knowing that His Word is sure!
God’s Authority matters a great deal, and it can be confirmed.
Review by Kathleen C
A great majority of believers in the church today can’t offer a defense of their faith because they either have not been taught how to defend biblical authority or have compromised with secular views.

We must be equipped to answer the world’s questions, and as Christians, we must be ready to stand on the authority of Scripture and look through the biblical lens of this world to provide real and relevant answers that are authentic and authoritative.

This book shows you why biblical authority matters for every believer.
Steve Ham confirms that in three sections of this book.
Section One: The Lack of Authority, The Need of Authority, False Authority, Real Authority, and the Basis or Authority
Section Two: The Authority of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit
Section Three: Authority in Christian Living, Authority in the Christian Family, Authority in the Church, and The Authority Mission of the Gospel

I highly recommend this book to every Christian. We need to be equipped to defend our faith.
The Why Matters
Review by Lacee
Separated into three sections, In God We Trust discusses Biblical Authority and how and why it should affect our lives, and why it matters. Overall, this is a great read that will help the reader solidify their faith and be able to stand up to criticisms from those that do not believe in the Bible and its truths. I think my favorite chapter is Chapter 9 which discusses God's authority in our daily lives. This chapter kicks off the third section which focuses on practical application in our lives. We live in a consumer "what can we get?" world... yet believing in God, and believing that the Bible is the ultimate word and authority of God, we need to switch our mindset to "what can we give?" like the book states - This is something my family has been striving to do the past few years, especially with our children. Teaching them "It's Not About Me"... and showing them what it means to love God and love others more than ourselves, to desire and live out God's greatest commandment for our lives, His will for our lives. When we give our lives to Christ, He transforms us. His Word shows us the way.
This is a great read for those wanting to dig deeper into WHY His authority matters, it is not an easy read and is definitely geared towards adults, and maybe mature teens.
excellent book!
Review by Sara
This book is one I highly recommend, it was very well written and easy to understand yet so thought provoking, it took me a bit to really digest all that this gem contained. In God we trust is certainly something we see all over our nation, and something we hear others say, but do we really base everything we say and do on that premise? This book examines why we MUST as christians ‘walk the walk’ giving all authority to Him and His word. No compromise, and no cherry picking verses. We have been given everything we need in the Bible book and we should be using it as so. It is the ultimate authority on everything and we should be using it and leaning upon it discerning all things and being able to defend against humanistic theories that come our way.

I certainly am putting this back on my reading list to read alongside my daughter when she takes her apologetics HS course. This will be a great book to discuss together and go over specifics to strengthen her faith and talk about worldly arguments, pseudo christians and what it really means to trust in HIM. Get this one for your shelf!

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