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For ages 14 and up

Instincts by Design takes you on a fascinating exploration of the biblical and scientific wonder behind the instincts within humans and animals. Unlike any other book, this book relates the amazing “unconscious mind” and the “simple” instincts it controls to the astounding abilities of our Creator. Within these full-color pages, you will find the most logical, rational explanation of these complex instincts is that God created everything.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Instincts by Design
Subtitle Instinctive Behaviors of Human & Animals in Creation
ISBN 13 9781683442851
Contributors Howard Callahan
Binding Paperback
Page Count 194
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Inside Instincts by Design, you will discover scientific mysteries of human and animal bodies only creation can explain. This fascinating, full-color book explores the instincts that are necessary for life, helpful for growth, and necessary for protection.

Instincts by Design will keep readers captivated with answers to questions like these:

  • How does a baby know when to inhale and exhale?
  • How does a mother’s milk change to meet the needs of her baby?
  • Why is the instinct to sleep one that we cannot override?
  • Why is it important that your tongue is the center of your taste receptors?
  • Why is the hunger instinct crucial for survival?
  • What instincts help brainless jellyfish hunt and kill their prey?
  • Why would God give horses the ability to sleep standing up?
  • How do more than 5000 species of birds journey thousands of miles every year?

The key question for someone doubting there is a God is whether these complex sets of instructions could have appeared without a Programmer. Instincts by Design is the #ProBible resource you will want to share with family and friends who need more evidence that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Almighty God. Christian readers will finish this book with an awe of the creative, perfectionist God who loves us so much that he did all this for everyone.


"…. The uniqueness of this book is that it stands on God and His Word as the authority by which we look at the nature of instincts. It’s God’s World – albeit suffering under the curse from sin n Genesis 3 – but we can still see amazing remnants of God’s original creation and aspects that built instinctive features animals now have."

Bodie Hodge, Speaker, Writer, & Researcher for Answers in Genesis

Truly fascinating
Review by Laura
From the nitty gritty details of why our bodies function the way they do to the whys of the fascinating animal world, this book is jam packed with information about how intricately designed God’s creations are. Every question is answered in a short and easy way to understand. It is a great resource for parents who have inquisitive kids. This book is incredibly fun to read. It would be great to use alongside science curriculum(s) or even just to set on the coffee table!
So Much Detail
Review by Lexie
I'm not quite sure what I fully expected when I first saw this book, but upon first opening it, I was blown away. The level of detail the author uses is breathtaking, and even as an adult, I learned so much from it. It is targeted for students 14 and older because of a few of the topics, but we are using it as a read aloud with the entire family. This allows me to be choosy with my words with the younger children around, yet the information is still there to allow a deep study with my older kids. The pictures in this book are so beautiful as well. My favorite part is how the author uses instincts to refute the evolutionary worldview. With so much bombarding our children from every angle to push the evolutionary theory, it is great to fill my shelves with books like this that lead my children back to our Savior instead of away!
Wonderfully written
Review by Lynette
I have always appreciated human and animal instincts but I never thought about how far they actually go. The Author does an amazing job of laying out all the facts when it comes to human and animal instincts. His aim is not to convince you of a Master Designer, but to give to the evidence and allow you to see them for what they actually are. It was very well written. My 5th and 7th grader enjoyed it as well. There is no denying, our instincts were so precisely and intricately created. The pictures in this book further help to visually show what the Author is explaining to us. Such a great read!!
Gorgeous Book
Review by Kathleen C
This is a fantastic book to use in your morning basket. Each topic has beautiful photos and just the right amount of information to keep children engaged. I found myself eager to learn each reason why that instinct occurs.

Some of my favorite topics were:

The complexity of the human eye- it is an amazing design from God

Birds and how they have the instinct to migrate

How we instinctively know what to fear to stay safe.

I love that there is scripture verses included. It shows you directly from God’s word how and why he created us.

I highly recommend this book for every family. It is a great resource to have that will keep your whole family eager to hear more
Beautiful and fun!
Review by Lacee
I don’t know about you but my kids ask me 10,000 questions a day! When I received this book I was so excited to show my oldest because he has asked many of the questions that this book answers. It is beautifully designed with great pictures, fantastic layout and easy to understand answers to the questions. You can easily use this as a morning book or along side curriculum as a resource or even just for your curious kids! As with everything Master Books does, it points us back to our creator.
Amazing Resource to Have
Review by Becky V.
Instincts by Design is a must have book for your homeschool (or just home)! This has been an amazing resource to have because it presents answers to real questions that both children and adults have. It is also full of fun, colorful pictures and illustrations to further help in understanding.

The absolute best part of this book is that in answering these questions about the instincts of man and animals, it goes at it with a biblical worldview and gives all the glory to God. We have referenced this book so many times already and always come away with an answer that reveals how awesome our Creator truly is.
SUCH a beautiful book for curious kiddos (and adults!)
Review by Sara
I just absolutely love this book! Not only is it such a fun topic, but it has beautiful pictures throughout! This book has so many instinctual questions I had never thought of. As I first looked in the book and scanned the questions I surprisingly found myself getting real comfortable and reading MOST of the information and answers! I have a very inquisitive animal lover, so I know this book is going to be something he is going to cherish-As well as my 8th grader who is currently studying with the MB applied engineering course. I think this will become a fun morning warm up to read before schoolwork and discuss God’s mighty hand during breakfast! This would be a great family read along or study for all ages so even moms and dads can be in awe of the many ways God sustains his creation!
Great Read
Review by Laurie
This book is an excellent read. The information is so fascinating there is so much to learn about the world we live in. Instincts (along with internal navigation) have always seemed a mystery and need more resources on information for everyday people to understand. This book lays the information out so the whole family can learn and understand. Some great examples include baby ducks following their mother and opossums playing dead, not just appearing dead, but their instincts allow them to release a liquid that makes them smell dead. Wow, so fascinating. I highly recommend this book for every home library.
Short and fun
Review by Yulia
My kids really enjoy looking through this beautiful book. We use it as a read aloud, and they have fun taking turns choosing stories. Instincts by Design consists of short chapters with fun scientific facts about the instincts that animals or humans were given by God. It’s written from a Biblical worldview, and a wonderful addition to any library.
Must Have!
Review by Crystal
This is such a neat resource! Each section is short, interesting, and packed full of facts. Everyone will find new fun facts that both affirm God’s design and help explain the mysterious instincts of both humans and animals. We are enjoying reading through one section a day since it is usually just a couple of pages.

The book itself is full of colorful pictures, charts, and graphs. The text is engaging, and the amazing pictures encourage you to want to read more. This is a wonderful book for any family library!

As I have read through the book, I have come across several questions that my kids have asked in the past and I didn’t know how to answer. This books provides the resource to help answer those tough questions in a fun and engaging way.

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