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For Grade Level 11-12

Forensic science is a fascinating study of over twenty scientific disciplines offering investigative work to the judicial system. Master Books’ Intro to Forensic Science from a Biblical Worldview reveals God as the Author and Designer of science and the need for Christian investigators reporting to the judicial system. Scripture, case studies, and the knowledge of various scientific disciplines are taught throughout this one of kind homeschool curriculum.

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Intro to Forensic Science

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Intro to Forensic Science
Subtitle From A Biblical Worldview
ISBN 13 9781683442417
Contributors Jennifer Rivera
Binding Paperback
Page Count 450
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

The term “forensic science” refers to the acquisition of knowledge gained from the evidence, analysis, and investigator interpretations with the goal of presenting this knowledge before individuals in the judicial system.

While television, movies, and podcasts have popularized forensic science, much of what is portrayed in the media is not accurate. Intro to Forensic Science from a Biblical Worldview homeschool curriculum was developed to teach your students how to use keen observational techniques, understand the disciplines that make up forensic science, and know how to apply them to seeking first the Kingdom of God.

In every lesson, applicable Scripture is woven throughout the text, along with practical labs, and review materials. Case studies are included to raise the student’s awareness of some of the most famous crimes in history, both solved and unsolved, while examining real investigative practices, time frames, and judicial results. Because of the sensitive nature of the case studies, this course is recommended to 11th and 12th grade students.

Course Objectives

  • Study forensic science through a biblical lens and learn how science clearly confirms the Bible.
  • Discover how casts are taken of shoeprints and tire marks and how they are used in investigation.
  • Evaluate fire and blood spatter patterns and how they are used to determine origin and method.
  • Explore several types of microscopes and their purposes in forensic science.
  • Examine the role of alcohol, drugs, tools, insects, and more in crime scene investigation.

Course Features:

  • 45 minutes per lesson, 5x per week
  • Convenient daily schedule, saving you time!
  • Full-color student & teacher text
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
  • Recommended Grade Level: 11th – 12th
  • Exercises, labs, extension activities and assessments
  • One year course to earn one science credit

Curriculum Requirements:

  • Student Text - Intro to Forensic Science from a Biblical Worldview
  • Teacher Guide – Intro to Forensic Science from a Biblical Worldview

About the Author:

Jennifer Hall Rivera EdD is the Director of Educational Programs for Answers in Genesis. Her interest in the forensic sciences started at an early age and is credited to the godly instruction of her father, a renowned fingerprint expert. Her experience in the field of forensic science includes employment in a crime scene unit, over a decade of teaching, journal publications, and numerous speaking events.

Content Warning: This course deals with real criminal case studies and discusses sensitive topics. Parental discretion is advised.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Unit 1: Introduction
    • 1. What is Forensic Science?
    • 2. The Two Types of Science
  • Unit 2: The Crime Scene
    • 3. The Crime Scene
    • 4. Evidence Collection and Documentation
  • Unit 3: Physical Evidence
    • 5. Drugs
    • 6. Toolmarks
    • 7. Weapons
    • 8. Documents
    • 9. Computer Forensics
  • Unit 4: Biological Evidence
    • 10. DNA
    • 11. Serology
    • 12. Toxicology
    • 13. Anthropology
    • 14. Entomology
    • 15. Death Scenes
  • Unit 5: Transitory Evidence
    • 16. Human Fingerprints
    • 17. Animal Fingerprints
    • 18. Fingerprint Processing
    • 19. Trace Evidence Part I: Hair vs. Fur
    • 20. Trace Evidence Part II: Fibers
    • 21. Trace Evidence Part III: Glass and Paint
    • 22. Trace Evidence Part IV: Pollen and Soil
    • 23. Impressions
    • 24. Arson and Explosive Investigation
    • 25. Residues and Patterns
  • Unit 6: Forensic Tools
    • 26. Microscopes
    • 27. Crime Labs
    • 28. Mobile Forensics
    • 29. Facial Reconstruction
  • Unit 7: Forensic Specialties
    • 30. Forensic Odontology
    • 31. Forensic Psychiatry
  • Unit 8: The Judicial System
    • 32. The Judicial System
    • 33. Chain of Custody
    • 34. Courtroom Testimony
  • Glossary
  • Endnotes
Fun and realistic
Review by Abbie
As with all Master Books courses this one is wonderfully laid out. The schedule is easily followed and already laid out in a weekly basis with the option of recording due dates and scores right in the Teacher Guide for recording keeping.

Trigger warning: this book does discuss real cases and this can be triggering or upsetting for some people. But this should go without stating since the course is "Forensic" Science - and thus is about evaluating evidence to determine the criminal.

The experiments are easily followed. The book text is engaging. I would say that this course is for grades 11 or 12 and not lower age students unless they are advanced. After looking at this with my Senior I believe that this can be a student-led course with minimal teacher involvement.

As with all Master Books courses this will challenge faith and character and point to Biblical perspectives and worldview.
Review by Jessica
The new Forensic Science curriculum is amazing. I was fortunate enough to get to preview it as a beta tester...and it is packed FULL of information. You'll definitely want to save this one for the 11th & 12th grade crowd...and I am so happy that Master Books is producing new content for that age group!! Well done Master Books!!
Great Curriculum book
Review by Ashley
I like the layout of this curriculum. This course is made for 11th and 12th graders, due to some of the content. There are eight units in this class unit 1 is an introduction with two lessons Unit 2 is about the crime scene and has two lessons unit 3 is about physical evidence with five lessons unit 4 is biological evidence with six lessons Unit 5 is about transitory evidence with 10 lessons unit 6 is about forensic tools with four lessons unit 7 is about forensic specialist with two lessons and Unit 8 is about the judicial system with three lessons giving you 34 lessons. The pictures in the textbook are amazing at the beginning of each lesson there is a case study which is followed by information that is needed to know about the topic. It gives you the detailed stages of a bug and how it works with the crime scene to determine when the crime happened if your child is interested in forensic science this is a great starting point to see if that is what they want to do.
Thorough Review of Forensic Science
Review by deon
When I was reading the book for the review, I actually had to stop and make sure this was for high school! This book covers all kinds of topics in the realm of forensics and criminal justice. Students will want to have a notebook handy - there’s a lot of interesting information to be ingested; you’ll need to take notes for the tests and case studies. This book covers topics like fingerprints, toxicology, trace evidence, and the legal process when it comes to presenting said evidence. I think students interested in criminology or forensic science should definitely take this course.
Excellent Forensic Science course!
Review by Becky V.
Intro to Forensic Science is an excellent course that will take your student into the world of analyzing a crime scene, weapons, handwriting analyses, computer crimes, DNA profiling, fingerprinting, facial recognition, the judicial system, and so much more, all with a biblical worldview. This course is absolutely fascinating.

The student text uses real case studies and hands-on labs to understand the basics of forensics. Any student who is fascinated with crime shows, or has an interest in the medical or legal field will complete this course with a greater understanding of the subject matter. And the best part, this course challenges your student over and over to look at the subject matter through the lens of God’s Word. It’s not an easy course, especially with the cases that are covered, but it is an eye-opening course that will push your student in skills of critical thinking and reflection.

The student text is laid out in a very organized manner, taking your student first through what forensic science is and then diving into the studies of crimes scenes and the different types of evidence, finishing with forensic tools used, specialities of forensics, and the judicial system. I really appreciate how each lesson (chapter) specifically goes into every topic viewed from a biblical worldview. It is not skirted around, it is very intentional in discussing each topic and relating it to what God’s Word says.

I highly recommend this course to every high school student who has an interest in forensic science.
Review by Yulia
This is a part of a set (Teacher's guide will be needed for the full set). This book includes all the readings for the course.

I am absolutely impressed with how well this course has been created. It includes real cases, real world knowledge about forensic science, labs, techniques and much more.

The course is crafted with detail and great organization and easy to follow. It also interweaves the Bible and biblical worldview in every lesson. It is a faith, character and knowledge builder.

The only warning is that this course discusses real cases, so it can be pretty sensitive for some people, so it is best fit for mature high schoolers.

Beautifully done! I hope there will be a Masterbooks Academy class created for this course especially to guide though lab parts.
Simply Fascinating
Review by Lexie
This is an amazing course option for anyone expressing interest in criminology or forensic science. I was amazed at the level of detail provided with this course and the experiments laid out to study. For example, one experiment is suspending different glass particles in a variety of liquids to determine the density of the glass to solve a crime in which you have determine which of the suspects committed a crime. The lab report goes into a lot of detail giving the student knowledge beyond just surface level forensic science. I personally love how the Bible in weaved into every main topic. The case studies and specific topics mentioned (such as drugs/murder/club dancer), I would not allow my children to go through this program before the recommended 11-12 grade, and even then, I would only go through it with a child that has a very specific interest in studying criminology. The pictures used in this curriculum are very detailed and colorful, even the microscopic comparison pictures. I was quite fascinated by the cases mentioned throughout the text. Some are very familiar to many, such as the UNABOMBER while others I had never heard of. I highly recommend this curriculum to those parents looking to assist their children into further understanding criminology.
What a wonderful outside the box science course!
Review by Sara
My high schooler has been waiting on pins and needles for this course to be released. We love the basic science courses but we especially love the courses that others may not have thought to take. This one totally fits the bill and glorifies our heavenly maker! Such a win. Any kiddo that enjoys crime shows or out the box science would love this course! Each chapter of course goes through the basics and progresses in knowledge much like every course but ropes back in the author of all things and creator of science itself. It has amazing color graphics that make the reader feel like they are reading case files and adds excitement to the reading.

I encourage everyone to purchase the TG that goes along with this course for a complete learning experience with full labs. It has a great parent introduction with a course overview and supply list. It is very exciting that this course offers labs so we can put into practice what we are learning and add this to a transcript! Each chapter assignments begin with reading a portion of the chapter then completing multiple choice and short answer questions. The chapter is concluded with an application of knowledge worksheet and 1-2 labs.

This course is set for 11-12th grade students because of the nature of some crimes, it uses the roles of alcohols and tobacco etc. So I would encourage parents to follow these suggestions and check out the samples. But this course is worth its weight in gold in my opinion. I try very hard to make sure my children can defend everything they do, read and watch etc with God’s truth and I feel so blessed to come upon a course like this. Many people might think they could quickly argue the Lord out of courses like these, but every child that goes through this course, I am confident will be able to make those people think again!
Amazingly detailed course
Review by Dustie
This is a very fascinating course that helps students develop skills that they can use to bring glory to the Creator. I love that it is absolutely rooted in God’s truth. The author makes it clear that, “criminal activity is rooted in the sinful nature of man, and understanding the fallen nature of man is important when studying forensic science.” Because of the sensitive nature of many of the cases in which forensics is required, the age level is appropriate, and I wouldn’t recommend adjusting it.
The supply list is at the beginning of the teacher guide and uses mostly household or easy to find items. A more detailed list (divided by lesson) is found in the back of the teacher’s guide. The list is a bit longer than some of the other courses, but that is because it is a very hands on course. The activities are extremely useful in understanding how the forensics experts conduct investigations. One of the first lessons that the student learns is to distinguish between what is relevant and what is not. I think this is a skill that can be useful in many other aspects of life. The student will learn skills in analysis of data, as well as things like serology, toxicology, and fingerprint analysis. In addition, the student is given an overview of the judicial aspects, as well as different careers within the field of forensics.
This is a fantastic course for a student that is interested in a career in the medical or legal professions.
So Cool!
Review by JW
This is such an awesome course. It goes over the history of forensic science. There are case studies throughout. Not only does it give an intro into forensics, but it is based on a biblical worldview.

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