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Master Books’ Introduction to Logic homeschool curriculum will both challenge and inspire your 8th to 10th grade students to defend their faith against atheists and skeptics alike. This biblical worldview course teaches methods that are reliable and effective in defending the truth of the Bible. Your students will grow in their ability to refute the untruths that evolutionists claim as fact.

This full-color Introduction to Logic (student text) as well as the Introduction to Logic Teacher Guide are required to complete this one-year elective course. Lessons are designed to take approximately 30 to 45 minutes and are scheduled five days a week. Video instruction is provided as a supplement for this course at

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Introduction to Logic
Subtitle Informal Fallacies
ISBN 13 9781683441489
Contributors Dr. Jason Lisle
Binding Paperback
Page Count 192
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Logic is the way God thinks. Master Books’ Introduction to Logic curriculum for 8th-10th grade homeschool students teaches the principles of correct reasoning from the biblical worldview. Just imagine the world changer your student will become as he or she begins to think and reason the way God does!

We know that God determines the correct way to reason. He is the standard for all truth claims. In this course, students will learn about logic, if faith is contrary to reason, informal logical fallacies, and more.

Learning logical terms and principles is often like learning a foreign language. This course has been developed to help your students learn the practical understanding of logical arguments. To make the course content easier to grasp, the schedule provides worksheets and practice sheets to help students better recognize logical fallacies, as well as review weeks for the quizzes and the final.

Parents love the biblical foundation provided by Dr. Lisle and how it deepens their child’s relationship with God. Many homeschool moms report having their students take this course even if they have already completed a different logic course because of the biblical worldview it offers. Often, parents purchase this course for their own independent study or use it as a family study.

Dr. Jason Lisle offers supplemental video instruction for this curriculum at A video for each chapter is available to help the student better understand the material. This online course is online course is optional.

Course Components

  • Introduction to Logic (Student Text)
  • Introduction to Logic (Teacher Guide)
  • Introduction to Logic Video Instruction at (Optional)

Your student will need the Introduction to Logic Teacher Guide to complete the course. It includes:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets for each reading portion
  • Quizzes, tests, and answer key

Table of Contents

  • 1. Logic and the Christian Worldview
  • 2. All Knowledge Is Ultimately from God
  • 3. Why Study Logic?
  • 4. Propositions and Arguments
  • 5. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  • 6. The Biblical Basis for the Laws of Logic
  • 7. Logical Failure of the Unbiblical Worldview
  • 8. Is the Christian Faith Illogical?
  • 9. Is Faith Contrary to Reason?
  • 10. Arbitrariness and Inconsistency
  • 11. Definitions
  • 12. A Brief Introduction to Syllogisms
  • 13. Enthymemes
  • 14. Informal Logical Fallacies
  • 15. Equivocation
  • 16. Reification
  • 17. The Fallacy of Accent
  • 18. The Fallacies of Composition and Division
  • 19. Hasty Generalization and Sweeping Generalization
  • 20. The Fallacy of False Cause
  • 21. Begging the Question
  • 22. Begging the Question — Part 2
  • 23. The Question-Begging Epithet
  • 24. The Complex Question
  • 25. The Bifurcation Fallacy
  • 26. The No True Scotsman Fallacy
  • 27. Special Pleading
  • 28. The False Analogy and the Slippery Slope Fallacy
  • 29. Review of the Fallacies of Presumption
  • 30. Ad Hominem
  • 31. The Faulty Appeal to Authority
  • 32. The StrawMan Fallacy
  • 33. Faulty Appeals
  • 34. Naturalistic, Moralistic, and the Appeal to Consequences
  • 35. The Genetic Fallacy and the Tu Quoque Fallacy
  • 36. The Fallacy of Irrelevant Thesis
  • 37. Review of Fallacies of Relevance
  • 38. Closing Remarks
  • Glossary/Index
  • Informal Fallacies at a Glance
  • Quick Reference Guide
Great book
Review by Eduardo
For me this book is unique. There are few books of logic that an 7th grader can understand and have a very good biblical foundation. Check also the online program where the author explain the lessons it is very good!
Loved it!
Review by Missionary Mom
Two of our boys (8th and 10th grades) did this study together and really enjoyed it. Our whole family benefited as they would share with us what they were learning. In this world where thinking logically seems to be in short supply, this was a great study for our boys to do.
Designed well
Review by Ashley
I absolutely love this for my 9th grader. Logic is such an important life skill, and this one is taught so well. The design and presentation of the textbook pages are simple, yet visually pleasing.
Good introductory lessons
Review by Betty
The reasoning seems little repetitive and short. Otherwise it is a good book to get started thinking in the right direction.
So thankful
Review by Carissa
To have a logic curriculum written with the Lord God in mind. It has deepened our appreciation for His logical process.
Review by Paola
My daughter absolutely enjoys this textbook, it's practical and easy to follow and understand. It has helped my daughter growth and develop logical thinking.
Great Resource
Review by Angela
this book is a great resource even if you do not use it as your curriculum.
Must buy
Review by JOSHUA
Even if you just buy this book to read its a great book to add to any collection I did this with my 6th grader because he is very advanced in the Bible. He begged daily to read more. This was very informative and engaging. I would definitely buy again.
Thumbs up
Review by Michelle
I love that this book comes from a Biblical perspective. We need to teach our kids how to be prepared for the world and this book is very helpful.
Great text
Review by Tara
This textbook was amazing to read. We love the practical examples and the loving ways it pointed out the fallacies of other viewpoints. While reading it with my sons, they were able to analyze fallacies that they had heard in their own lives and discuss why they weren’t logical and proper reasoning. Great foundation to thinking logically.

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