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This Introduction to Logic homeschool curriculum will both challenge and inspire 8th to 10th grade students to defend their faith against atheists and skeptics alike. This biblical worldview course teaches methods that are reliable and effective in defending the truth of the Bible. Your students will grow in their ability to refute the untruths that evolutionists claim as fact.

Lessons can be completed in approximately 30 to 45 minutes and are scheduled five days a week. Video instruction is provided as a supplement for this course at

What’s Included

1 x Introduction to Logic (Teacher Guide)
1 x Introduction to Logic

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SKU M159-5-SET
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Introduction to Logic (Curriculum Pack)
Subtitle Informal Fallacies
ISBN 13 9781683441595
Contributors Dr. Jason Lisle
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 2.3

Logic is the way God thinks. Master Books’ Introduction to Logic curriculum for 8th-10th grade homeschool students teaches the principles of correct reasoning from the biblical worldview. Just imagine the world changer your student will become as he or she begins to think and reason the way God does!

We know that God determines the correct way to reason. He is the standard for all truth claims. In this course, students will learn about logic, if faith is contrary to reason, informal logical fallacies, and more.

Learning logical terms and principles is often like learning a foreign language. This course has been developed to help your students learn the practical understanding of logical arguments. To make the course content easier to grasp, the schedule provides worksheets and practice sheets to help students better recognize logical fallacies, as well as review weeks for the quizzes and the final.

In this highly recommended course, Dr. Jason Lisle addresses topics such as these:

  • Why logic matters and who decides what is the "right" way to think?
  • If two people disagree on whether something is reasonable, who is correct?
  • The standard by which we judge a particular line of reasoning to be correct or incorrect?

Parents love the biblical foundation provided by Dr. Lisle and how it deepens their child’s relationship with God. Many homeschool moms report having their students take this course even if they have already completed a different logic course because of the biblical worldview it offers. Often, parents purchase this course for their own independent study or use it as a family study.

Dr. Jason Lisle offers supplemental video instruction for this curriculum at A video for each chapter is available to help the student better understand the material. This online course is online course is optional.

Course Components

  • Introduction to Logic (Student Text)
  • Introduction to Logic (Teacher Guide)
  • Introduction to Logic Video Instruction at (Optional)

Introduction to Logic includes:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Engaging 30-45 minute lessons
  • Full-color student text
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets for each reading portion
  • Quizzes, tests, and answer key

Recommended for: Grades 8-10 / 1 Year / 1 Credit

Table of Contents

  • 1. Logic and the Christian Worldview
  • 2. All Knowledge Is Ultimately from God
  • 3. Why Study Logic?
  • 4. Propositions and Arguments
  • 5. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  • 6. The Biblical Basis for the Laws of Logic
  • 7. Logical Failure of the Unbiblical Worldview
  • 8. Is the Christian Faith Illogical?
  • 9. Is Faith Contrary to Reason?
  • 10. Arbitrariness and Inconsistency
  • 11. Definitions
  • 12. A Brief Introduction to Syllogisms
  • 13. Enthymemes
  • 14. Informal Logical Fallacies
  • 15. Equivocation
  • 16. Reification
  • 17. The Fallacy of Accent
  • 18. The Fallacies of Composition and Division
  • 19. Hasty Generalization and Sweeping Generalization
  • 20. The Fallacy of False Cause
  • 21. Begging the Question
  • 22. Begging the Question — Part 2
  • 23. The Question-Begging Epithet
  • 24. The Complex Question
  • 25. The Bifurcation Fallacy
  • 26. The No True Scotsman Fallacy
  • 27. Special Pleading
  • 28. The False Analogy and the Slippery Slope Fallacy
  • 29. Review of the Fallacies of Presumption
  • 30. Ad Hominem
  • 31. The Faulty Appeal to Authority
  • 32. The StrawMan Fallacy
  • 33. Faulty Appeals
  • 34. Naturalistic, Moralistic, and the Appeal to Consequences
  • 35. The Genetic Fallacy and the Tu Quoque Fallacy
  • 36. The Fallacy of Irrelevant Thesis
  • 37. Review of Fallacies of Relevance
  • 38. Closing Remarks
  • Glossary/Index
  • Informal Fallacies at a Glance
  • Quick Reference Guide
Review by Echo
My daughter really got a lot out of this book and I feel like it set her up for loving apologetics and truth in high school.
I love this program!
Review by Adonna
I have used this with my 6th and 8th grader and I love that it teaches them how to think and evaluate things.
Excellent way for students to learn logic
Review by Dr. Catherine
As a critical thinking instructor, I find that logic courses for high schoolers are typically too complex and not easy to understand. This text is the opposite by providing clear and understandable examples to help students comprehend informal fallacies. I highly recommend this course for homeschool students as I am working through it with my own students in preparation for college and life.
Review by Jennifer
My children find this easy to use. I love the content. I think it’s wonderful my children are exposed to logic and concepts that are missing is today’s society on a whole. i know they are really learning because we find ourselves analyzing whether statements we here are logical or not. I highly recommend this set.
Very thorough
Review by Andrea
My daughter was excited to take this course. She found out very quickly that it was a very “meaty” course. Very thorough! I will be using it with my younger ones when they are ready. Great job!!
Great for 8th or 9th graders!
Review by Jessie
My kids really enjoyed this set. I learned a lot as well. Definitely recommend for those seeking a Christian logic course!
Excellent Bundle
Review by Monica
My daughter loved Logic! I think every High School student should take this class; it is an important life skill.
Review by Courtney
My daughter didn't really love this course. It was very challenging for her. It definitely made her think about things though, we may revisit the course as she goes through high school. I think the course was fine, it was just more in depth than we were anticipating.
My daughter enjoyed this.
Review by Emily
My 9th grade daughter completed this curriculum this past year. She enjoyed it and it helped her in high school debate. I am glad to see the Logic option in Masterbooks Academy, I only wish it would have been available when she was taking Logic. I will remember this for upcoming high school aged children who want to take Logic as elective.
We love it
Review by Trisha
But my son got behind because of illness and other issues so we put this on the back burner for 8th grade.
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