It's Designed to Do What It Does Do

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Teach your toddler about an assortment of animals and how they demonstrate God’s creativity, goodness, and interest in His world with this delightful Christian board book. It’s Designed to Do What It Does Do helps children learn that God made everything for a specific purpose and leaves no doubt that animals are the products of creation, not evolution.

Each page spread focuses on a specific animal, including platypus, spiders, and porcupines, and includes adorable illustrations and entertaining animal facts. The book also features an interactive step-by-step drawing project that, by the end, will show children how to draw an animal.

  • A Christian board book written by two of the most popular creationist speakers
  • Teaches children about animals with a strong creationist message
  • Features zany googly eyes on the animals, which children will love
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