Jensen's Grammar (Download)

Jensen's Grammar (Download)


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Equip your high school student with the tools they need to master the fundamentals of grammar and writing sentences with Jensen’s Grammar (Download). A must for all high school students, particularly college-bound. Ideal for a 9th - 12th grade level.

Now Jensen's Grammar is even easier with video instruction. Learn more and watch the first chapter for free at

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Title Jensen's Grammar (Download)
Series Jensen's Grammar
Contributors Frode Jensen
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Jensen’s Grammar lessons and exercises were built with three concepts in mind. First, spaced repetition is the key to learning; hence, there is review in every lesson. Second, the information is given incrementally; that is, the material comes in a natural progression of detail and concept interwoven so as to move you along with something new each lesson while fitting it in with the material previously learned and practiced. Third, the sentences in the exercises will generally set a scene or describe an action. Thus, they are usually more interesting reading in themselves instead of the random sentences in exercises found in most grammar texts.

Students completing this course will learn valuable skills.

  • how to create, place, and punctuate relative clauses in order to write more sophisticated sentences
  • a simple procedure to reduce the number of words in a sentence to help you search for subjects and verbs
  • how to use a simple chart that unlocks the mystery of differentiating the major parts of speech
  • how to use the words and structures you are being taught in your own sentences
  • understanding the fundamentals of grammar in such a way that you will not forget them but will use them effectively
TO the point
Review by Tabitha
This curriculum is straightforward and to the point. Which was perfect for my highschooler. Looking forward to using it again with my upcoming 8th grader.
Not for us
Review by Kari
Jensen's Grammar is an effective program, but it was not for our family. My daughter was really struggling to not be bored and to understand how it teaches. We found the videos a little dry as well.
Good curriculum
Review by Crystal
It is a great curriculum to go over punctuation etc. Great prep for college!

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