Jesus Raises (Download)

Jesus Raises (Download)


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This is a true story about Jesus. It comes from John Chapter 11 in your Bible.

In the New Testament, we see that God’s plan to save us happens, and the world is changed forever. Jesus taught people the truth of God and His love for us. Jesus died on the Cross for our sins and rose again to prove He defeated death! God always keeps His promises!

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A True Story About Jesus

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Jesus Raises (Download)
Series A True Story About Jesus
Contributors Akram Zaki, Paulo Gaviola
Page Count 24

In John chapter 11 of the Bible, the story of Lazarus unfolds. Lazarus, a dear friend of Jesus, falls gravely ill in the town of Bethany. His sisters, Mary and Martha, send word to Jesus, pleading for him to come and heal their brother. Upon receiving the message, Jesus deliberately delays his journey, stating that Lazarus' illness will not end in death, but will be for the glory of God.

By the time Jesus arrives in Bethany, Lazarus has already been dead for four days. Martha goes out to meet Jesus and expresses her faith, saying that she believes in the resurrection on the last day. Jesus assures her, saying, "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die."

Jesus is deeply moved by the sorrow of Mary, Martha, and the people mourning Lazarus' death. He asks to be taken to the tomb, where a stone covers the entrance. Jesus instructs them to remove the stone, and despite Martha's concern about the smell, they do as he says.

Jesus then prays to God, thanking Him for hearing Him and knowing that He always does. With a loud voice, Jesus calls out, "Lazarus, come out!" To everyone's astonishment, Lazarus emerges from the tomb, still wrapped in burial clothes. Jesus commands them to untie him and let him go.

This incredible miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead causes many who witnessed it to believe in Jesus. However, it also leads the religious leaders to plot Jesus' arrest and crucifixion, as his popularity and power become a threat to their authority.

The story of Lazarus in John 11 serves as a powerful demonstration of Jesus' power over death and his ability to bring forth life. It highlights his deep love for his friends and reveals his identity as the resurrection and the life.

Short and powerful
Review by Laura
This book tells the story about the death of Lazarus from John 11. The story is told in a way that captures even the youngest readers attention. At the end of the story it has a short present time application to show how Jesus has power over death and that the lesson presented in the story still applies today. At the very end there is a short glossary to help kids fully understand what was read. We are truly enjoying this series of books!
Powerful message in this little book!
Review by JoyfulMommy
A wonderful little book with a powerful message, at a reading level easy for my third grader to read to her younger siblings, and easy for them to follow and understand. I appreciate the way the author of this series tells a Bible story and then makes direct application with it. This volume uses the story of Jesus raising Lazarus to illustrate that Jesus shares in our joys and griefs - even heartbreak - but that He is also God, and more powerful than death. He IS the Resurrection and the Life and whoever believes in Him will have eternal life! The “about the author” page is neat as it tells a little bit about John and how you can read his other true stories about Jesus in the Gospel of John in the Bible. Great addition to your library!

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