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Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 10 equips 10th-grade level students to be effective communicators through speaking, writing, and expression. This course prepares students to share their faith and impact their generation. Featuring biographies like Life of Washington and excerpts from Gifted Mind and The Summit, it offers insights into influential Christian figures. Students will develop essential communication skills, including essays, oral presentations, and research with MLA citation. Grammar and punctuation rules are also emphasized, ensuring comprehensive preparation for high school-level communication.

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Title Language Lessons for a Living Education 10
Series Language Lessons for a Living Education
Volume in Series 10
ISBN 13 9781683443285
Contributors Kristen Pratt, Sarah Gabel
Binding Paperback
Page Count 520
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 10 by Master Books is a dynamic language arts homeschool curriculum designed to equip 10th-grade students with essential communication skills. This course empowers students to effectively share their faith and make a lasting impact on their generation. Through the biography Life of Washington, students will explore the character of one of history's most significant figures. Additionally, excerpts from Gifted Mind and The Summit provide insights into the lives of two men who served God in distinct ways.

Students will master foundational high school-level communication skills, including essays, summaries, oral presentations, and writing both a biography and an autobiography. The curriculum also strengthens research skills through MLA citation and emphasizes the application of grammar and punctuation rules in writing. With a variety of engaging features, Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 10 prepares students for successful high school communication and beyond.

Course Features:

  • 1 year course providing 1 English Credit
  • Recommended Grade Level: 10th
  • 50 minutes per lesson, 5x per week
  • Convenient daily schedule that saves you time
  • Full-color text
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
  • Engaging application including critical thinking, faith tie-ins, and extension activities
  • Assessments including reviews, rubrics, and answer keys

Course Objectives:

  • Special features engage students, teaching creativity, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Grammar and punctuation set up a foundation of high school concepts that are applied through writing.
  • Students are equipped with biblical application for expression, essay writing, and speaking skills.
  • Worldview and literary analysis teach literary devices, critical thinking, and biblical worldview application
  • Review days provide reinforcement for all concepts and may be used as assessments.

Course Overview:

  • Exercise 1 of each lesson begins with a special feature, vocabulary and spelling words, and Scripture memory.
  • Exercise 2 is devoted to grammar and punctuation, including application.
  • Exercise 3 is all about communication. Students develop their skills in the areas of written, verbal, nonverbal, and technological communication.
  • Exercise 4 is the worldview and literary analysis day. Students will study the book Life of Washington and excerpts from the books Gifted Mind and The Summit. They will evaluate worldviews and learn literary devices.
  • Exercise 5 is a review of what students have learned in the lesson. The review may be used as a quiz or test.

Companion Books to Complete the Course:

They did it again
Review by Shannon
A new challenging level with all the features we love from the LLFALE series! LLFALE10 follows the same pattern of Special feature, Grammar & Punctuation, Communication and World View/Literary Analysis days, ending the week in a Review day that can be used as a test/quiz. This level really helps the student to be independent, by giving instructions that are to be done outside the workbook (vocabulary, scripture coping, study notes etc) in bold boxes with a place to check off once the task is completed. I love that on the communication day, the students will be doing a variety of things with a consistent focus on studying the wisdom of the Psalms! This level dives into writing with historical and persuasive essays, autobiographies and Biographies (using the Life of Washington, as a real life example) and oral presentations. I really appreciate the step by step guidance in writing these papers (its very helpful for my student who has never enjoyed the writing process). As with all the levels there is an ongoing emphasis on Gods Word. And don’t forget about the wealth of information and helps in the back of the book! In the back you will find book lists, citation notes and worksheets, outline templates and worksheets, vocabulary/spelling lists, study sheets and rubrics! Overall just amazing!
Stunning Language Course!
Review by Krista
I absolutely love "Language Lessons for a Living Education 10" from Master Books. The 5-day daily schedule layout is perfect, making it easy to follow and manage. This course beautifully mixes biblical ideas with writing and speaking skills, helping students grow both academically and spiritually. The critical thinking exercises are well thought out, encouraging deep and reflective thought processes.

Designed for grades 10 and up, it includes beautiful hymn, poetry, and picture studies that make learning more interesting and inspiring. The layout is simple yet detailed, providing everything needed for a complete language education without feeling overwhelming. The mix of different elements keeps the content fresh and exciting. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a well-rounded and enriching language curriculum.

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