Language Lessons for a Living Education 6 (Download)

Language Lessons for a Living Education 6 (Download)


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For Ages 10-12

Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 6 uses Master Books’ unique and highly effective method of education to help sixth grade level students advance their communication skills. In preparation for junior high level courses, this award-winning language arts homeschool curriculum focuses on mastering basic rules and norms of writing while developing and enriching their creativity.

Sixth grade level students will move beyond basic paragraphs to more effective and descriptive written communication. Lessons are scheduled for five days a week and can be accomplished in approximately 20 – 30 minutes.

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Title Language Lessons for a Living Education 6 (Download)
Series Language Lessons for a Living Education
Contributors Kristen Pratt
Page Count 480
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Master Books’ beautiful language arts curriculum, Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 6 will keep your student engaged and ready to apply more advanced language arts skills.

By mastering grammar, the eight parts of speech, tricky words, reading comprehension, an expanding vocabulary, and much more, your six-grade level student will be able to move beyond basic paragraphs to more refined, structured, and skillful use of ideas and concepts. They will also learn unique and unusual aspects of writing and language arts rules. Through this combination of the basics and beyond, the student will become adept at more effective and descriptive written communication.

Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 6 incorporates picture study, memorization, grammar and punctuation, spelling and vocabulary, observation, and application through creating stories through pictures, sentences, paragraphs, poems, proverbs, book reports, and a letter. This course also develops reading and narration skills. By the end of the course, students should be able to comfortably write various types of paragraphs.

Within the course, students will:

  • Understand the interactions of the eight parts of speech
  • Master state of being verbs, action verbs, and possessive nouns
  • Be introduced to different types of conjunctions, compound sentences, and clauses
  • Identify syllables and practice spelling rules Identify abbreviations, proper use of punctuation marks, spelling, root words, compound words, and suffixes
  • Learn to create well-written paragraphs based on structure and comprehension
  • Gain proficiency in the structure of book reports
  • Develop skills in using the dictionary and a thesaurus for spelling and vocabulary building
  • Explore the Scripture, parts of letter writing, and more!

Language Lessons for a Living Education is uniquely effective in teaching communication skills and the Gospel. Each quarter integrates The 10 Minute Bible Journey, two picture studies (one of which is biblically based), and two poems (one of which is a proverb). Using the spelling words and the Dictionary Worksheets, students will create their very own dictionary as they move week by week through the material.

A helpful and detailed daily schedule:

  • DAY 1: Focus on a short story, poem, picture study, select Bible verses
  • DAY 2 & 3: Writing topics such as grammar and punctuation
  • DAY 4: Reading from The 10 Minute Bible Journey, Scripture copywork and memorization
  • DAY 5: Creating your own dictionary with a focus on spelling and vocabulary

This course is designed to foster a partnership between student and teacher, with the student gradually taking a lead role. Allowing the student’s growing abilities, stamina, and interests to set the pace will allow his or her confidence to strengthen. This confidence is the key that will help unlock communication success.

Scope and sequence, a daily course calendar, and additional learning resources including independent reading lists, spelling words, practice sheets and more are included to help your student master basic concepts. Reviews are also incorporated throughout the course to help them understand and apply what they learn.

Required Course Materials: The 10 Minute Bible Journey

Table of Contents

  • Using This Course
  • Daily Schedule
  • Lesson 1: Reading, Analogy, Nouns, Sentences, Reading, Syllable Words
  • Lesson 2: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Plural Possessive Nouns, Sentences-Simple and Compound Subjects and Predicates, Reading, Closed Syllable Words
  • Lesson 3: Reading, Map Study, Pronouns, Interjections and Conjunctions, Reading, Prefix and Suffix Words
  • Lesson 4: Poem, ABAAB Poem Pattern, Verbs, Conjunctions, Reading, Syllable Words
  • Lesson 5: Reading, Sequencing, Verbs, Sentence Clauses and Conjunctions, Reading, Stressed Syllable Words
  • Lesson 6: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Linking Verbs, Clauses and Compound Sentences, Reading, Easy Rule Words
  • Lesson 7: Reading, Picture Observation, Verb Phrases, Commas, Reading, Easy Rule Words
  • Lesson 8: Proverbs, Couplets, Verb Tense, Quotation Marks, Titles, Reading, R-Controlled Words
  • Lesson 9: Reading, Rhyming-ABAB, 1st Quarter Review, Bible Genre, 1st Quarter Spelling Review
  • Lesson 10: Reading, Map Study, Verb Agreement; Collective Nouns, Dictionary Skills, Schwa Words
  • Lesson 11: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Helping Verbs, Contractions, Reading, oi, oy, ou, ow Words
  • Lesson 12: Reading, Acronyms, Verb Usage, Abbreviations-States, Reading, The Letter Y Words
  • Lesson 13: Poem, AABCCB Pattern Poems, Verb Usage, Abbreviations, Reading, Double Letter Words
  • Lesson 14: Reading, Story Writing, Verb Usage, Synonyms, Antonyms, Thesaurus, Reading, Plural Words
  • Lesson 15: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Adjectives, Articles, Figures of Speech, Reading, Plural Words
  • Lesson 16: Reading, Fact or Opinion, Adverbs, Comparison, Reading, Irregular Plural Words
  • Lesson 17: Proverbs, Couplets, Word Usage, Comparison, Reading, Root Words, Prefix, Suffix Review Words
  • Lesson 18: Reading, Truth or Fiction, 2nd Quarter Review, Bible Genre, 2nd Quarter Spelling Review
  • Lesson 19: Reading, Write a Story, Prepositions, Better Sentences, Suffix Words
  • Lesson 20: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Word Usage, Better Sentences, Reading, Suffix Words
  • Lesson 21: Reading, Map Study, Eight Parts of Speech, Compound and Complex Sentences, Reading, Prefix Words
  • Lesson 22: Poem, AABB Pattern Poem, Eight Parts of Speech, Better Sentences, Reading, Root Words
  • Lesson 23: Reading, Word Categories, Eight Parts of Speech, Better Sentences, Reading, ci, si, or ti, Letter i Words
  • Lesson 24: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Direct Object, Writing Paragraphs, Reading, s, ss, ce Words
  • Lesson 25: Reading, Non-fiction, Fiction, Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs, Writing Paragraphs, Reading, Tricky Words
  • Lesson 26: Proverbs, Couplets, Homophones, Writing Paragraphs, Reading, Single and Double l Words
  • Lesson 27: Reading, Story Writing, 3rd Quarter Review, Book Report, 3rd Quarter Spelling Review
  • Lesson 28: Reading, Character Descriptions, Review-Nouns, Review-Sentences, Occupation Words
  • Lesson 29: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Review-Verbs, Review-Sentences, Reading, Mammal Words
  • Lesson 30: Reading, Setting Description, Review-Verb, Review-Punctuation, Reading, Creepy Crawler Words
  • Lesson 31: Poem, No Pattern Rhyming Poems, Review-Tricky Verbs, Review-Contractions, Abbreviations, Reading, Bird Words
  • Lesson 32: Reading, Map Study, Review-Adjectives, Adverbs, Review-Synonyms, Antonyms, Figures of Speech, Comparing, Reading, Amphibian and Reptile Words
  • Lesson 33: Picture Study, Descriptive Writing, Review-Tricky Words!, Prepositions, Review-Comparison, Better Sentences, Reading, Plant and Tree Words
  • Lesson 34: Reading, Plot Description, Review-Eight Part of Speech, Review-Sentences, Comma Splice, Conjunctions, Reading, Fruit and Vegetable Words
  • Lesson 35: Proverbs, Couplets, Review-Direct Object, Homophones, Homonyms, Homographs, Friendly Letter, Reading, Place Words
  • Lesson 36: Reading, Story Writing, 4th Quarter Review, Book Report, 4th Quarter Spelling Review
  • Teacher Aids
  • Answer Key
As great as level 5 was!
Review by Country mom
I am glad this came out for my middle child to work through. It is just as good as Level 5 and 4 were. The assignments seem to be the right "difficulty level" and the "right amount of work" for my students. Highly Recommend.
great continuation
Review by Rachelle
We love LLFLE in our family and it's nice to have seen the same flow throughout all of the levels.
One month in and pleased so far.
Review by Jen
I live overseas, so I love that this was available as a PDF and then to be able to print (although it was 400 pages!). My son is enjoying this. There isn't a ton of work to do each day which he is quite pleased about, but there is just enough to keep momma happy.

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