Language Lessons for a Living Education 7 (Download)

Language Lessons for a Living Education 7 (Download)


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For Ages 12-13

Ignite a love for communication with Master Books’ award winning homeschool curriculum: Language Lessons for a Living Education. Language Lessons Level 7 is an engaging, full-color course helping students to learn and practice foundational communication skills through essays, summaries, and oral presentations. Successful communication is achieved as students learn new grammar and punctuation rules throughout the writing process. The study of etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication, and worldview sets this course above the rest.

Level 7 is equivalent to a seventh-grade level and moves the student toward mastery of reading and grammar, as well as the mechanics of communication and writing. Lessons are scheduled for five days a week and can be accomplished in approximately 40 minutes.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Language Lessons for a Living Education 7
Series Language Lessons for a Living Education
Volume in Series 7
Contributors Kristen Pratt, Rachel Smith
Page Count 488
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Language Lessons for a Living Education is a top ranked homeschool curriculum series, uniquely effective in teaching communication skills and the Gospel. In Language Lessons Level 7, students will be challenged to grow in areas of communication through sentence writing, paragraph assignments, an essay assignment, etiquette practice, and facial expressions and body language.

Written for 7th grade level students, this language arts curriculum gives an overview of important grammar and punctuation rules. Students interact with those rules by recognizing them in sample sentences and applying them in their own creative writing. Lessons are designed to be personal and to challenge students to think deeply about their communication skills, and encourage them to stretch and grow in how they communicate with God and others.

To ensure your student is ready for Level 7, please refer to our placement guide.

Writing Assignments include the following:

  • a descriptive paragraph
  • a comparison and contrast paragraph
  • an expository paragraph
  • a persuasive paragraph
  • a nonfiction character sketch
  • a fiction character sketch
  • a critical book review
  • an essay

Course Overview

Exercise 1 of each lesson begins with a special feature, vocabulary and spelling words, and Scripture memory.

Exercise 2 is devoted to grammar and punctuation, including application.

Exercise 3 is all about communication. Students develop their skills in the areas of written, verbal and nonverbal, and technological communication.

Exercise 4 is the worldview day. Students will study the structure of the Bible and learn how to summarize what they have read.

Exercise 5 is a review of what students have learned in the lesson. The review may be used as a quiz or test.

Additional Course Materials:

This course follows God’s Story for Exercise 4 of each lesson. Students may use God’s Story and/ or read the referenced passages from their own Bible or Bible Story book. God’s Story is available from

Language Lessons for a Living Education 7
Review by Love2BeMom
The layout of level 7 is slightly different than previous levels. It looks fresh and inviting. Students will be well prepared for high-school grammar, writing and communication after completing this course.

There are five exercises per lesson. Students will study book passages, hymns, pictures, poems and Scripture in the first exercises each week. This will get their creative juices flowing. They will think about what they’ve seen and read, and write their own passages, poems, hymns and prayers. Word study, vocabulary and spelling are also covered from the passages they studied.

Grammar and punctuation are taught in the second exercises of each lesson. It covers more difficult concepts like interrogative and indefinite pronouns, complements, direct and indirect objects, appositives, dependent and independent clauses, complex sentences, verb agreement, active and passive voice. All other basic grammar taught before level 7 are reviewed and taught in more depth.

For the third exercise, the focus is on communication (written, verbal and nonverbal). Students will practise more in-depth how to write a paragraph, essays and how to use transition words. They will learn to write business letters, descriptive paragraphs, comparison and contrast paragraphs, expository paragraphs, and persuasive paragraphs. Even sketching a fiction and nonfiction character and how to write a critical book review are covered. Crucial reminders on courtesy are included each week, like how to introduce other people to one another, answering a phone, texting etiquette, giving and receiving compliments etc.

A companion book, God’s Story (another book published by Masterbooks) is highly recommended for exercise four of each lesson, but strong readers can follow the passage in their own Bibles. They will study the Bible, summarize what they’ve learned, get more paragraph writing practise, grow in faith, and form a strong Biblical Worldview.

Exercise five is review to reinforce concepts learned, which might be used as a quiz or a test.

There is a handy summary of grammar and spelling rules, suffixes and prefixes, root words, and communication at the back of the book for quick reference. Templates for writing paragraphs, character sketch, book reports, book reviews, and essays are also included.

This is definitely an all-in-one, flexible, open and go language arts program that will strengthen your junior high student’s faith and get them well-prepared for high school.
Language Lessons for a Living Education 7
Review by Santina
Language Lesson 7 is a fantastic continuation of the series. It's colorful, engaging, and builds upon learned concepts. The five-day schedule creates a solid routine and clear communication between student and parent. The stand outs for me are the special feature days including scripture, poetry, hymns, picture study, vocabulary, and creative writing. Families are given the freedom to choose and discuss their weekly reading as well as complete optional bonus activities such as researching featured authors and writing creative stories from a specific point of view. A Biblical worldview is woven throughout the course.

There is a focus on being an effective reader, writer, and overall communicator. Language Lessons 7 begins with the foundation of a basic paragraph and gradually builds into writing a five-paragraph essay as the final writing assignment. The grammar begins with basics and dives into more depth as the program continues.

Students who have not completed previous levels would be very successful to begin here. There are many helpful study sheets in the back (spelling rules, grammar rules, root words, prefix, suffix) for students who need a quick review of a concept. Overall, I am very pleased with this program. It's the perfect step up from level 6. The grammar, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills build upon the lower levels. I highly recommend this program!
Brings the ease and joy of teaching back to Language Arts
Review by Lynette
I really appreciate that the Language Lessons for a Living Education series has expanded to include Middle school.
We originally did a different Language arts course until LLLE LVL 7 was released. We have the pdf version and it prints off great! My son is enjoying this course so much. The lessons are written to the student and are meant to be done independently. My son is on the spectrum for high functioning autism and has been able to do the lessons independently on his own easily which has boosted his confidence a lot.
This is a complete Language Arts course. There is grammar, spelling, vocabulary study, book (quote) studies, poems, etc. I love that I can get one curriculum that fits all of our needs instead of having a separate book for vocab, spelling and grammar. From a teacher/parent view point LLLE lvl 7 has taken the stress out of teaching my middle schooler knowing he is getting everything he needs. I love the ease of the scope and sequence, how one day/lesson flows into the next. The lessons are not overwhelming and yet still challenging enough that my student does not get bored. A great Language Arts course for any parent/ teacher looking to destress their Language Arts lessons and bring back the joy to homeschooling.
Masterbooks did it again!
Review by Shannon
LLFALE 7 is just what we needed! I am thrilled this book has finally released! Language 7 is everything you liked about all the younger levels but kicked up a notch for middle school! It includes the well loved special feature days, vocabulary & spelling, reminders for independent reading, grammar, communication and worldview days with the final day being a review of the whole week (I love that this can be used as a quiz/test). There are so many extras in the back of the book, writing templates, spelling lists, book log and grammar study sheets to name a few! My son and I are LOVING this curriculum! It is just what we needed! The perfect balance of structure and fun while still diving into more advanced language concepts and writing! So thankful this is finally out!
love it
Review by Ashley
I absolutely love the new Language Lesson 7 curriculum. It is made for 7th graders. It includes a suggested schedule like any of the other curriculums from Master Books. And like the other grades in LL it is 5 days a week. Day one of the week is a special feature day which has a quotes, picture study, hymn study, scripture study, or a poem study. And includes the vocabulary and scripture memory. Day two of the week is grammar and punctuation. Day three is communication which they will be working on growing their ability to write sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Also learning facial expressions and body language. Day 4 is Worldview. For this day they are going to need the God’s Storybook form Master Books that goes along with this curriculum. They will be reading it then summarizing what they read and writing down what they thought on the topic. Day five is the review day. This is the day that they bring all the concepts taught into one spot. You can use these pages as a review or even a test. So that you see if they are truly learning what they need to for the class. This curriculum is spectacular in my opinion.
Excellent Language Arts Curriculum!
Review by Crystal
I am so excited that Master Books is rolling out the higher levels of Language Lessons! We have loved the younger levels and have been struggling to find a good fit while we wait for the older grades to come out. My 7th grader loves the look and format of the book. He is especially excited about the variety of exercises and how everything is all in one book.
The authors did a wonderful job of integrating all the important pieces of a language arts program into one very simple, engaging, and approachable curriculum. The format is easy to follow and student led, making it great for those like us who prefer and open and go curriculum. Just like all of MB’s curriculum, the daily schedule helps us all stay on track.
I also appreciate the new additions to this level, including quote and hymn studies (along with picture and scripture study that were in previous levels). The courtesy piece each week is a fantastic addition and creates great conversation opportunities!
I can't say enough good things about this curriculum - we can’t wait to get started!
So excited to see level 7!
Review by Lexie
Language Lessons for a Living Education has been a favorite for many families over the last several years. I know, for our family, our sadness was that it stopped at level 6. I was so excited to see they added 7 and 9 to this curriculum. At first glance, LLFLE 7 has notably more writing than previous years, which is very welcomed in our house. I feel like with beginning junior high, this curriculum does a great job at starting that higher level thinking and more in depth answering than was previously expected. Day 1 of each week contains a specific study (hymn, picture, poem, quote, etc.). Day 2 is for grammar and punctuation. Day 3 is about different forms of communication (verbal, nonverbal, technology. Day 4 is the worldview day where your child reads a passage from the Bible and/or from God's Story and answers questions relating to that passage. I really enjoyed these sections a lot. There are studies about translations, book classification within the Bible, and understanding Biblical history (among many others). Day 5 is reserved for review of each week. Spelling and vocabulary are one in the same within this book, so some weeks the lists are shorter than others. Finally, one big plus is that the answers are contained in the back of the book. I love how LLFLE saves our family money by not forcing us to purchase an additional answer key!!!
Equip Students to Communicate with a Biblical Worldview
Review by JoyfulMommy
We have loved using the Language Lessons series and are so excited that it is being extended through middle and high school levels! The lessons are short but to the point, directed to the student so they can work mainly independently, and designed to not only teach them good language and communication skills, but to also develop their own walk with God and be equipped as a faithful ambassador for Christ through good etiquette, body language, etc. I love this in the introduction: “Communication lessons speak to the mind and heart of the student, challenging them to examine their writing, speech, and countenance in light of God’s Word.” Such a good point that our countenance is also a form of communication! In this spirit, the weekly courtesy emphasis equips students to show genuine love to others in the spirit of 1 Corinthians 13:5, “love… does not act unbecomingly.”

While students will study grammar rules and be coached through various writing styles and assignments, this course goes “heart deep” as it also compels students to evaluate their lives from a Biblical worldview. For example, after analyzing a paragraph about John and Abigail Adams, students are given the following assignment: “If someone were to write a paragraph about you, what would you want them to say? Write a quote to describe yourself.”

Repeated overview of the whole Bible, gaining more depth with each successive volume, is one more feature I appreciate about the Language Lessons series. In level 7, students will work through God’s Story (or read the accounts in their own Bible) and gain practice summarizing and identifying the main message of the Biblical account. I know that while the language and writing skills they learn will equip them to be successful in their communication, an understanding of the Bible will give them a solid foundation to continue to build upon as they grow in their walk with God.
Absolutely Beautiful
Review by Yulia
This is an amazing addition to the LLFLE series. Wow! I am in absolute awe of how wonderfully this book is done. It teaches kids the needed skills in writing and communicating and prepares them so well for High School and college years.

It lays a very important foundation for students in writing essays, analyzing a text, studying vocabulary words, setting a Christian worldview, creating different types of writing and learning proper and respectful communication skills.

The authors provided many opportunities for students to practice their writing skills. The curriculum reviews the necessary grammar pretty quickly in the beginning for the students to be successful in their writing. It builds on that to teach them new grammar concepts as well.

It also teaches them very important foundational truths about the Bible and Christianity. I love that the authors included an option for the students to use their own Bible vs the recommended reading. I think at this level students should rely more on the actual Bible, so it is definitely a wonderful addition to LLFLE.

Bottom-line: I think this is the best LLFLE in the series so far, and I am so giddy for my children to use it in upcoming years. Love it!!!
Review by Becky V.
We have loved using the Language Lessons for a Living Education (LLFLE) series and I am so excited that it is being continued at the junior high level. I am so thankful to be able to provide my children with educational material that is so intentionally written with an emphasis of growing and strengthening their faith.

This book is targeted for grade 7 and up, over a 36-week schedule, five days a week. A Bible is needed, as well as the option to use God’s Story alongside the Bible reading. This curriculum is very flexible and easy to adjust to each individual student.

Day 1 exposes students to new vocabulary/spelling words, Scripture memory, and a special feature that includes a variety of picture studies to hymn studies, and more of the like. It also checks in with the student in regard to independent reading assigned by the parent and optional bonus activities, such as research opportunities or drawing activities. Day 2 focuses on grammar and punctuation. Day 3 expands on written communication skills. It also has a weekly courtesy lesson (love this!) that covers anything from table manners to how to behave as an audience member. Day 4 is Worldview Day, which focuses on a biblical passage where the student will summarize it and sketch a picture of what was covered. Day 5 is a review day of that weeks’ lesson. These reviews can be used as a weekly assessment if so desired. It is very organized in set up and makes it clear what your students can expect each day.

All assessments and answer keys are included, as well as templates and outlines for additional writing practice. Weekly spelling lists, spelling rules, Grammar study sheets, and Communication study sheets are also included in the appendix, which are truly a great resource and tool to have!

I appreciate that this book is set up to guide your junior high student to be independent in their work. It is very to-the-point, no fluff, challenging, but perfect for the student at this level. This course is truly a treasure!

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