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For Grade 9

Using Pilgrim’s Progress as the backdrop, Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 9 equips high school students with foundational high school–level communication skills through essays, summaries, interviews, and an oral presentation. Their faith will grow as they move through the lessons, studying grammar, punctuation, communication, and worldview and literary analysis, all while being inspired by this profound allegory.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Language Lessons for a Living Education 9
Series Language Lessons for a Living Education
ISBN 13 9781683443278
Contributors Kristen Pratt, Sarah Gabel
Binding Paperback
Page Count 494
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 9 will effectively equip your high school students to be excellent communicators for Christ. This homeschool curriculum, a part of Master Books’ top ranked language arts series, purposefully prepares students to share their faith in a way that impacts their own generation and beyond.

Strong communication skills will serve students for a lifetime and a biblical approach to communication is the foundation of this course. Through the study of etiquette, verbal and nonverbal communication, and worldview and literary analysis, students will be well prepared for successful high school communication.

Pilgrim’s Progress is the focus of this course. Students move through their lessons, studying grammar, punctuation, communication, and worldview and literary analysis, all while being inspired by this profound allegory. The faith of your students will grow along with their communication skills as they read through John Bunyan’s timeless classic.

Course Objectives:

  • Special Features engage students, teaching creativity, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Grammar & Punctuation sets up a foundation of high school concepts that are applied through writing.
  • Students are equipped with biblical application for expression, essay writing, and speaking skills.
  • Worldview & Literary Analysis teaches writing styles and critical thinking skills.
  • Review Days provide reinforcement for all concepts and may be used as assessments.

Course Features:

  • Designed for high school, grades 9 and up
  • 1 English credit
  • Flexible 180 Day schedule - approximately 50 minutes per exercise, five days a week.
  • Open & Go - Convenient daily schedule
  • Well-designed lessons
  • Engaging Application - Critical thinking, Faith tie-ins, extension activities
  • Reviews & Rubrics

Course Requirements:

  • Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 9
  • Pilgrim’s Progress: The Journey Journal
I love this program!
Review by Adonna
I have used a lot of different ELA curriculum and I have really liked this one. I am so glad they are adding the upper grades!
Excited to get this copy
Review by Abbie
I was excited to see LLFL extended to the highschool level. This course gives an option other than the current English, British, and American Lit by Stobaugh that was previously the only options for High School LIt.

This course is an all inclusive course that uses Pilgrims Progress along with it. I suppose if you choose this course you would not necessarily want to choose Pilgrims Progress or Pilgrims Progress Student Journal unless you wanted to do additional studies.

I appreciate that this course has spelling, grammar, writing and reading all in one place. I guess then that it also eliminates the need for other courses that are currently offered. Although I would still recommend American, British and English Lit as Lit courses only (eliminate the writing portion since this course covers that), and Jensons Grammar, Format Writing, and Vocabulary as extra reinforcement.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Pilgrim's Progress Journey Journal is a required text for this level of Language Lessons for a Living Education.
Review by Lexie
I know so many people have wanted LLFLE to go beyond 6, and I was so excited to see this offered in level 9! I was eager to dig in. The course uses Pilgrim's Progress to follow along with and study in. As a homeschool mom, this is a book I so wish would have been a part of my literature study in high school instead of some of the other books we read that had questionable material. In addition to using Pilgrim's Progress, there is also a recommended reading list at the end of this book that contained several books we had not yet heard of but are eager to seek out. In fact the back 100 pages of the book contain numerous resources which I thought were incredibly planned and designed, including: grammar study sheets, spelling and vocabulary assistance, templates, communication study sheets, and my favorite - the answer key (one of my favorite things about many of MB's courses - included answer keys instead of having to purchase a separate book just to get the answers). This course covers a large variety of topics including: simple and complex grammar and punctuation, composing a variety of essays, vocabulary, spelling, scripture memory, communication (verbal, non-verbal, written, and technological), literary analysis, and worldview study. I'm thankful that scripture and Christ is the center of this course! Great asset to a high schoolers education!
Great Series!
Review by SarahT
Great continuation of the series! LLFLE 9 is all what you would expect and more. Not only do the lessons build on previously learned material, but it is also broken down into manageable sections so that while learning, the student is still engaged. My favorite part of the material are the reviews built into the weekly schedule and having Pilgrim's Progress as the foundation of literary analysis. Master Books continues to promote learning while focusing on a biblical worldview!
Fantastic Language Arts course
Review by Kathleen C
This Language Lessons book uses Pilgrim’s Progress as a backdrop. Pilgrims Progress The Journey Journal is required to be used with this book.

Students will learn how to apply grammar and punctuation rules in their writing

They will practice high school communication skills through essays, summaries, interviews and an oral presentation.

This book will help a student to be able to share their faith in a way that is engaging.

I love the picture, hymn, scripture and poem study throughout this book.

Each lesson includes a space for the student to record their notes, favorite quotes or sketches as they read through Pilgrims Progress. All of which are great skills for a student of this age to practice.

Some of the great features of this book:
Almost 500 pages
36 weekly lessons
Open and go
Rubrics included for assistance with grading

The Teaching Resource Section in the back of the book includes both required and optional aids and activities. It is an extremely helpful resource section.
This is a fantastic Language Arts course for ninth grade student!
Exceeds Expectations!
Review by Becky V.
I have been so excited for the Language Lessons for a Living Education series to be continued for the upper levels, and Level 9 does not disappoint! I love that it guides you through Pilgrim’s Progress over the year. And ultimately, this is an amazing course that prepares students to be able to communicate and share their faith in whatever opportunities and challenges they may be presented with in their daily lives.

This book is targeted for grade 9 and up and is set up for the student to earn 1 English credit over a 36-week schedule, five days a week. A Bible and dictionary is required, as well as the Pilgrim’s Progress, journal edition.

Day 1 exposes students to new vocabulary, spelling words, Scripture memory, and a special feature that includes a variety of picture studies to hymn studies, and more of the like. Day 2 focuses on grammar and punctuation. Day 3 expands on communication skills. Day 4 is where Pilgrim’s Progress is studied and focuses on worldview and literary analysis. Day 5 is a review day of that weeks’ lesson. These reviews can be used as a weekly assessment if so desired. It is very organized in set up and makes it clear what your students can expect each day.

All assessments and grading keys are included, as well as grading rubrics and templates. Grammar study sheets are also included in the appendix, which are truly a great resource and tool to have!
Trusted Language Arts Course
Review by Laurie
This course has it all regarding language arts—reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation, communication, worldview & literary analysis. It's an all-in-one course requiring only this textbook, the classic book Pilgrim's Progress by Paul Bunyan, and some basic supplies. Our family has chosen the Living Lessons series over and over since we started homeschooling; I'm so happy they have continued this series into High School levels.
So Impressed!!
Review by Kristy
I have been waiting so long for this book to become available. It was well worth the wait and well worth every penny. I am so impressed that I have told all of my friends about it. Having been through Language Lessons for a Living Education 1-6, we wanted upper levels so badly. My family is so happy about the newest addition to the LLFLE series.

It is very comprehensive and includes everything a new high school student will need to succeed. Some of the aspects included are: picture study, scripture study, grammar, spelling, essay writing and instruction, poem study, hymn study, and a study about Pilgrim's Progress.

Each week it is laid out as follows:
Day 1- special feature, vocabulary/spelling words, and scripture memory
Day 2- grammar and punctuation and application
Day 3- communication such as written, verbal, etc.
Day 4- Pilgrim's Progress study (analyze)
Day 5- review, quizzes, or tests

This book is a full curriculum. No other books needed (except the Pilgrim's Progress Journal). We have waited for this wonderful book to come out and now we are eager to dig in and learn. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an extensive and complete curriculum for 9th grade English/language arts.
Review by Yulia
We already use and love Language Lessons for a Living Education in our house, but this one is even better. It includes Language Arts, grammar, essay writing techniques, public speaking, communication skills, character training and even evangelism training.
It’s absolutely amazing! I love that this course uses Pilgrim’s Progress Journal as a required text. They work so beautifully together. I highly recommend.
I'm so excited this course has continued!
Review by Crystal
I am so excited that this book is out! We have used Language Lessons for a Living Education for the past several years and haven’t found anything comparable for the older grades. I also love that Pilgrim's Progress is integrated into the course.

This curriculum is very comprehensive, covering all the subject areas under the Language Arts umbrella. Each week covers grammar and punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, literary analysis, and writing. There are picture, scripture, and poetry studies throughout. I am so happy to find all these areas in the same course.

The course is written to the student and can be completed independently. There are a few sections that need a parent’s check off before proceeding, but they are clearly marked. I love how in-depth this curriculum is, yet it’s so simple to use.

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