Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart (Hardback)


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This is our hardback version of Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart.

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Title Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart
ISBN 13 9780890515822
Contributors C.W. Leonard
Binding Hardback
Page Count 1
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 7 x 10 x 1/2

Originally published in circa-1860 and beautifully bound in hardcover form, Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart is one of the most concise and helpful reference tools you will ever own!

This faithful reproduction of the 19th century original is a visual wonder and a treasure trove of historical fact, biblical chronology, and Old Testament genealogy. Even the ornate edging contains fascinating details that will help explain some of the most common concepts, cultural facts, and details of measurements and dates as revealed in the Bible.

  • Easily folds out to an intricately-detailed 29" x 34" chart
  • Contains several engraved maps: the journeys of St. Paul, the area of Canaan, and journeys of the Children of Israel
  • Lineage of the family of Jacob, the Kings of Judah, and the Kings of Israel are shown

Leonard's Biblical Chronological Chart folds up easily and securely to preserve it for generations to come. Enhance your understanding of biblical history with this one-of-a-kind resource!

Every Christian home needs this!
Review by Amanda
A must for every Christian home! This in depth chart is fascinating and a wonderful resource
Super helpful
Review by Carissa
We all get those questions..when did this happen? Was it before or after this other book of the Bible? Well...look no further. This resource has saved many conversations from dying, no pause in the flow of information it’s right here to be used!
History and the Bible Unite
Review by Christina
This is an excellent addiction to our library. It sat on our shelf and was forgotten, much to my embarrassment. It helps so much to understand the Bible chronologically and what was happening before and after the events of the Bible. This is a beautiful book. I would like to get this in panel form so we can hang it on the wall.
Essential for your library
Review by Paola
I love having this resource in our library. It's so essential in learning history and understanding our past.
Review by Sweetsavages
This is such a great resource. So fun to look at! We all love it!!!!
Essential for Bible study library
Review by Karen
The hardback, fold-in map edition is very handy to use, neat and tidy to put away. The Jewish people memorize their genealogies and history for a reason. Essential information for youth of all ages when going deeper into HIStory.
Lovely History Help
Review by Carissa
This has been a great help in history studies. It gives them a place to go and see what else what happening at the same time and before and after. Good visual history help.
Beautiful resource
Review by Andrea
I bought this for my mother and my uncle for Christmas. Showed to my mom and she loved it..she even mentioned that it would be a great wall piece to frame and hang up. You wouldnt be able to do that in the hardback version since it is attached to the book but I love that it folds up nicely and is protected by the book. I am going to have to get one for me next. I cant wait to give to my Uncle who studies the Bible on a daily basis.
Every home needs this!
Review by Vickie
This chronological chart is a must have for every home! I especially love the hard bound version. Everyone in my house loves to look at it and study the chronology of the Bible.
Wonderful resource!
Review by Abby
This chart is beautiful! I am really impressed. I'm excited to have this with me during Bible study. So many times, for me, understanding timelines remind me even more how awesome God truly is!!

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