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As modern revisionists seek to minimize or erase all traces of America's Christian heritage, a very rare vintage biography sheds a remarkable light of truth on the life of our first president, George Washington! Originally translated into over 20 languages within a few years, the book was among the most widely-read biographies of Washington at the time.

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Title Life of Washington
Series Life of ...
ISBN 13 9780890515785
Contributors Anna Reed
Binding Hardback
Page Count 290
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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In this special edition of a vintage 1842 original, readers will go beyond today's simple footnotes of this great leader, to discover the man behind the title of "Father of Our Country." From letters and personal accounts, a fuller and more accurate picture emerges of a man who lived by, and was led by, a deep and abiding faith.

Written by Anna C. Reed, niece of a signer of the Declaration of Independence who had met Washington personally and knew many of his close acquaintances , she authored this amazing work for the ASSU (American Sunday School Union) just prior to 1850. Originally translated into over 20 languages, the book was among the most widely read biographies of Washington at that time.

Amazing historical resource
Review by Dustie
This is the companion book for Language Lessons 10. It is an amazing book about the life of the first president of the Inited States, George Washington. It was written by a niece of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and originally published in 1842. This little treasure of a book is really an enjoyable read that gives a look at the man our first president was and the example he set for future generations of Americans. I really appreciate that it is a story of his life, his character, and his passion for liberty, not just a compilation of dates and historical facts. I also genuinely appreciate that it has not been modified to meet a popular narrative or erase pieces of history. Now I want the whole series of these biographical books.
Excellent History Resource
Review by Krista
"Life of Washington" by Anna C. Reed is a classic biography of George Washington, highlighting his remarkable leadership in military, politics, and religion. This reprint is a must-read for history enthusiasts and a valuable addition to any high school level curriculum.
Highly recommended for a deeper understanding of America’s founding father.
This book is a great way to learn about his bravery and honesty in the early days of this country.
Good for my 9th grader
Review by Melissa
My son enjoys reading, so I bought him this book and the whole curriculum that goes with it. So far he's only completed this book and working though the next book in the series. I am just reviewing this book for now.

We recommend this book for its great explanation of old English vocabulary, woven in perfectly to make the more complicated text easier to understand.

My son learned about our first president on a very personal level, to get to know the man himself, more so than just learning about him as a president. We learned how he felt about situations, how he felt about his mother, his spiritual convictions, what he did in secret, and so many more intimate life facts most of us never knew. And when I say, "we learned", I mean my son did the work and enjoyed so much, that he shared many details with me.

I recommend this to anyone wanting to know more about US history from an entirely different perspective.
Great resource
Review by Brandi
Excited for my middle schooler to learn more about and from these men.
History is so pertinent
Review by Kari
This is a reprint of a classic biography of George Washington. It is my favorite biography of this great military, political and religious leader. He was not a man who sought fame, but God used him in mighty ways during our country’s infancy and this is a great book to go through with my children as part of their history curriculum.

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