Life Science: Origins & Scientific Theory (Teacher Guide)


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For Grade Level 9-12

Overview: This Life Science: Origins & Scientific Theory Teacher Guide contains materials for use with Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol. 1 and Living Fossils. By developing a deeper understanding of these concepts, students will be able to develop and support a strong worldview.

Course Description: This course is intended to help a student assess information about evolution and creation, and based on the information provided for each, form his or her own understanding of this issue. The author spent 30 years in a challenge to prove evolution, yet the more he learned, the more the truth of God’s Word became apparent in the evidence and interviews he found while traveling the world speaking to scholars, and museum officials and viewing artifacts.

Upon completion of this course, students will have a thorough understanding of the theory of evolution and its limits. Students will develop scientific critical thinking skills through careful analysis of evidence and comparing the merits of different theories. Students will study paleontology, biology, and geology as they relate to the study of origins through an exploration of living fossils.

  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Answer Key
9th-12th grade
1 Year
1 Credit
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Chapter Discussion Question: Teachers are encouraged to participate with the student as they complete the discussion questions. The purpose of the Chapter Purpose section is to introduce the chapter to the student. The Discussion Questions are meant to be thought-provoking. The student may not know the answers but should answer with their, thoughts, ideas, and knowledge of the subject using sound reasoning and logic. They should study the answers and compare them with their own thoughts. We recommend the teacher discuss the questions, the student’s answers, and the correct answers with the student. This section should not be used for grading purposes.

DVD: Each DVD is watched in its entirety to familiarize the student with each book in the course. They will watch it again as a summary as they complete each book. Students may also use the DVD for review, as needed, as they complete each chapter of the course.

Chapter Worksheets: The worksheets are foundational to helping the student learn the material and come to a deeper understanding of the concepts presented. Often, the student will compare what we should find in the fossil record and in living creatures if evolution were true with what we actually find. This comparison clearly shows evolution is an empty theory simply based on the evidence. God’s Word can be trusted and displayed both in the fossil record and in living creatures.

Tests and Exams: There is a test for each chapter, sectional exams, and a comprehensive final exam for each book.

Perforation Is Horrible
Review by Jessie
Unfortunately, I’m unable to remove the pages out of the Teachers Guide. The perforation is terrible. First time I’ve experienced this. Every other teachers guide I’ve used from MB has been great. I must’ve gotten a bad batch.
Great Course
Review by Jennifer
My sophomore is just completing this course and has thoroughly enjoyed it. I appreciate how well it's laid out, easy to follow and the information he's learning is wonderful.
Perfect guide
Review by Courtney
His teacher's guide has everything that you need and is laid out very clearly!
Love this series
Review by Michelle
The student workbook/teachers guide is very well put together. I really appreciate that the lesson plans are easy to understand and the student can open the book and know exactly what to do each day.
Good teacher's guide
Review by Rachel
This makes it easy to use the great books in this curriculum for your high schooler for credit. This is great to have so you can plan your year out, and it includes worksheets for almost every day. It also includes the purpose of each chapter, which is nice to have. There are discussion questions which you could easily do orally if desired, to facilitate interaction between the student and teacher (always a good thing!) There are also chapter tests, sectional exams, and more traditional question-answer worksheets.

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