Literature & History Package

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One of the hardest aspects of homeschooling is not just finding a good curriculum but also making sure the courses you select work well together. That’s not a problem with this history and literature pack, which includes 3 years’ worth of literature and history classes that are specifically designed to be taught together.

While they study the literature component, students will encounter American, British, and world literary masterpieces and study their respective historical contexts. Those lessons are reinforced by the history component of the course, which further expands on the historical context. The books even note which chapters in each course correspond to each other, so students’ literature and history classes can be in sync for the entire three years.

In addition, all of the books are rooted in a strong biblical worldview. Through their studies in these courses, students will amply develop their critical thinking abilities, communication skills, and knowledge of history and literary classics. All of the curriculum also stresses biblical application and equips students to think critically about philosophy and trends in culture. Through studying and writing about history and literature, students will greatly enhance their own personal communication skills.

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