Master Books Curriculum Extensions

Creation Curriculum

Lesson 1

Page 10:
Math Connection - Mobius Strips:

Lesson 2

Page 22:
Why the sky is blue.

Page 23:
Learn more about clouds and weather at these websites:

Draw and paint a snow scene:
Make a soap snow sculpture:
Make a wind spiral. See directions at:

Lesson 3

Page 29:
Show pictures of glaciers and icebergs

Page 33:
Do hot and cold water mix?
Simple pictures made from Tangrams (geometric shapes of triangles, squares, diamonds, rectangles, etc.) can give ideas for this type of mosaic picture. Check out these sites:

Lesson 4:

Page 43:

Look at various types of rock and sand under a microscope. Describe the difference.

Lesson 5:

Page 49:
For information and worksheets on growing bean seeds,

Page 52:

Page 62:
(If you viewed the website listed in the Object Lesson, here you saw pictures of the planets in our sun’s solar system. You may want to point to each of the planets and name them.)

Page 74:

Other ocean creature craft ideas can be found at:

Lesson 9:

Page 89:

Page 90:
For help getting started, see a kindergarten class list

Lesson 10:

Page 102:

Page 105:
Optional Activities on Websites:

Page 106:

  • We apologize, but this link is not longer available

Lesson 13 has no website to reference.

Page 9

Page 65

Page 66

Galaxy/planet/star videos and images at:
Investigate the Possibilities Study Guides

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