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Master’s Class High School Physics Set gives your student the knowledge of how energy and matter interact, providing insights into the true origin of life. Designed for 10th – 12th grade students, this exciting course teaches the basic concepts of modern physics and how to apply those concepts to real life. Practice exercises, lab reports, hands-on experiments, quizzes, and exams are included.

Pre-requisites: Algebra 1 and Chemistry

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1 x Master's Class High School Physics (Teacher Guide)
1 x Master's Class High School Physics
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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Master's Class High School Physics Set
Subtitle The Study of Matter & Energy from A Christian Worldview
ISBN 13 9781683442240
Contributors Dr. Dennis Englin
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 3.5

Everything is made of matter which possesses energy, and with physics, we can study their interactions in everything around us. This course is designed to teach 10th – 12th grade students to learn and apply physics concepts to real life rather than simply memorizing them. Students will complete practice exercises and lab reports, take quizzes and exams, and conduct hands-on experiments as they see God’s hand in every aspect of their study. This course provides a sound foundation for those going on to college-level courses.

Physics is usually considered to be a secular study, but students will find that the precise predictability, exact quantitative nature, and intricate detail of the study of energy and matter are a constant testimony to God’s great wisdom and omnipotent and omnipresent control.

Course Objectives:

  • Investigate the core concepts of physics, including scientific models
  • Become familiar with the meanings of related scientific terms, such as velocity, acceleration, and kinetic and potential energy
  • Use vectors as they demonstrate the direction and quantity of forces
  • Learn about the conservation of matter and energy, and how matter and energy interact over time and space
  • Conduct laboratory procedures and write reports with each week of study
  • Identify God’s wisdom in the creation of the universe including the natural laws which form the basis for the study of physics

Course Details:

This is a one-year course with two full semesters, helping a student fulfill one credit of Physics with labs. The course work requires approximately 5 hours each week. High school transcripts should list the course as Physics with labs.

Algebra 1 and Chemistry are pre-requisites to Master’s Class High School Physics

The Teacher Guide includes instructions for the course and labs as well as answer keys for worksheets, quizzes, lab reports, and exams.

Optional Resources Include: Video Based Instruction

Table of Contents

  • 1. Physics, Wisdom, and Science
  • 2. Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
  • 3. Force & Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion
  • 4. Vectors
  • 5. Gravity
  • 6. Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Momentum, and Power
  • 7. Work, Machines, and Torque
  • 8. Rotational Motion
  • 9. Projectile Motion
  • 10. Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion
  • 11. Heat Energy
  • 12. Laws of Thermodynamics
  • 13. Waves
  • 14. Sound Waves
  • 15. Musical Sound Waves
  • 16. Electromagnetism
  • 17. Light Waves — Electromagnetic Radiation
  • 18. Lenses — Refraction
  • 19. Dispersion of Light and Reflection
  • 20. Electric Circuits 1
  • 21. Electric Circuits 2
  • 22. Atoms and Other Tiny Things
  • 23. Radioactivity
  • 24. Applications of Radioactivity
  • 25. Time
  • 26. The Solar System
  • 27. The Universe
  • 28. Cosmology
  • Glossary
Excellent Physics Course!
Review by SarahT
Master Class Physics is an excellent study of matter and energy from a Christian Worldview. The course will take your student approximately one hour per day, but the text is engaging, and labs are present in each chapter. This colorful edition displays God's creativity and design in our world and will take your student on an in-depth focus on how our world was created. Although mostly independent, students may need help with labs.
Also, quizzes and exams are fantastically woven into the course in a way that will encourage study habits yet not overwhelm students.
I would highly recommend this course for your high school student!
Physics with a Christian Worldview
Review by Becky V.
The Master’s Class Physics Set (Revised Edition) is a great science course for your upper high-school student (10th-12th grade). It is a one-year course that will earn your student 1 credit with labs. Time investment is about 45 to 60 minutes per day, five days a week. Pre-requisites include Algebra 1 and Chemistry.

This is an excellent introductory course to the basic concepts and every day applications of Physics with a Christian worldview. The student text is well laid out with a balance of text and appropriate graphics. Each chapter lists the objectives for the lesson that are to be learned. If you follow the suggested schedule, the readings are short - spread out over days 1 and 2, followed by the lab on days 3 & 4, along with a review on day 4 and the quiz on day 5.

Most important of all though, is that through this study of Physics the emphasis is placed on God’s unchanging character and His absolute control of His creation.

The Physics Teacher Guide is direct and to the point. It easily guides you to lead your student through this amazing Physics course. It includes an introduction and makes an emphasis that the teacher/parent does need to guide the student through this course. I would say that the readings and worksheets are independent work, but the lab portion may need extra guidance or assistance from the teacher/parent.

The Teacher Guide includes everything you need to take this course successfully. It includes the lab supply list (important for things you might not have on hand! OR bonus - Master Books has a lab kit that you can purchase to make it even easier!) and a weekly schedule. It also includes two worksheets for each lesson, lab sheets for each lab, 28 quizzes and 8 exams. The exams occur every 3-4 weeks, where there is a review of the previous lessons/quizzes on days 1-4 of the week and the exam taken on day 5. I really like the variety of questions on the worksheets and quizzes/exams. They go into the perfect depth of checking for understanding, but are not too overwhelming for the student’s work each day.
Solid Course
Review by Lexie
This high school level course is a very strong physics curriculum providing an in depth study of physics from a Biblical worldview. In my opinion, many high school books lack visual engagement with the student (which my daughter really needs). This course was a blessing because the pages are very bright, colorful, and engaging. My daughter is interested in studying music beyond high school (plays 3 instruments currently), and she really enjoyed Chapter 15 which was about musical sound waves. It really pulled her in that week, and she was able to share with her music teacher a few things she learned about frequency and hertz. The text contains 28 engaging chapters with lab experiments at the end of each chapter. The teacher's guide includes a daily schedule that is easy to follow as to what to read, when to do worksheets, and when to do labs and quizzes. It includes worksheets, lab reports to fill in, quizzes, and exams to cover several chapters at a time. Plus at the end of the teacher's guide are all of the answers to these items. I love not having to purchase an additional book just to get the answers for this course!
Physics from a biblical worldview
Review by Dustie
This course is in-depth but very interesting. Expect to spend up to an hour each day (5 days per week) on this course. It is a well-rounded course and is definitely adequate to prepare a college bound student. Algebra is recommended as a prerequisite, as many of the formulas require use of algebraic concepts. Chemistry is also a prerequisite. The course is written from a biblical worldview and demonstrates the creativity, wisdom, and consistency of our Creator. I really appreciate that the course is designed to have 3-4 weeks of reading, labs, worksheets, and a quiz, followed by a week of review before each exam. I really appreciate that Master Books now offers a lab kit with all of the needed supplies for the labs! The text book itself is visually appealing, not just huge walls of text. The photos and graphics are purposeful and colorful. The labs have detailed step-by-step instructions, which is very helpful. This is a good course to follow chemistry for the high school student. I am grateful that the academy course is available!
Teaches students to learn and apply physics concepts to real life rather than simply memorizing them.
Review by Kathleen
Masters Class Physics:
The study of matter and energy from a Christian Worldview

This book shows how objects move and interact with each other and the world

It also shows how energy and forces occur in the world.

It beautifully displays how God’s wisdom is shown in the creation of the universe.

Includes 28 chapters

Vibrant photos, charts and diagrams on every page. It helps you to “see” what you are reading about immediately.

Detailed lab instructions for every chapter. Includes pictures and lists of required materials

Large glossary in the back

This book gives a student a clear understanding of: matter, motion, energy, magnetism, and the laws that govern the world that God created.

Masters Class Physics TG:

Provides a sound foundation for those going onto college level courses.

Students will be able to see God in every aspect of this course.

They will see Gods never-changing nature and absolute control of the physical universe through the natural laws.

Included in this book are:

List of lab supplies with a picture of each item

Weekly schedule for 36 weeks

Grading sheet

Worksheet for every lesson

Lab report instructions and worksheet for each lesson

Quiz for each lesson

Exams (one for every 4 lessons)

Answer Keys for Worksheets, Laboratory Reports, Quizzes and Exams
SO many Errors
Review by MARISA
I purchased this set in August of 2022. My dad, who is an engineer, taught this course to my senior and discovered the curriculum contains many errors. Master Books has not acknowledged this with any communication to me. I had to contact them to see if they even know how bad the number of errors was. New teacher manuals were supposed to be mailed out last month and nothing has been sent. Highly dissatisfied with this curriculum and the company's lack of communication.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We do sincerely apologize for the frustration that this course has been for your family. Once the errors were brought to our attention, an update and reprint began. We are emailing to you the ebook of the new teacher's guide. The physical copy of the teacher's guide is expected to be in our shipping warehouse in April.
Another Good Science Option
Review by Roshawnda
I work in the medical field and use physics, but I have always disliked the subject. Physics is just not a course my family enjoys. That being said this is an excellent version. Everything is straight forward and covered well. Labs are well explained and easy to gather materials needed.
Great Physics course
Review by Laurie
This Physics is amazing! It’s not just boring numbers and equations but exciting and engaging stories not to mention the photos are absolutely stunning. The labs, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and answers are all incorporated within the set. MB recommends the student take the pre-requisites: Algebra 1 and Chemistry. I would definitely agree by lesson 5 the math level really kicks up. The Teachers Guide lists all the required items to complete the labs. We didn’t have very many of the items on the list but were able to find everything on Amazon, so it wasn’t a big deal. The course also uses The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky for a couple of chapters. My daughter used this book a few years ago for Intro to Astronomy (Which has been her all-time favorite course). All in all, this is an excellent high school course. I received this ebook course for free in exchange for my honest opinion.
Been waiting for this class!
Review by Lacee
Let me start by saying that I LOVE Physics. I was a public school kid and I had the BEST Physics teacher on the planet. He built a potato launcher for our classes so we could learn projectile motion (chapter 9) with a visual and hands on fun. I was worried that when my kids go through Physics as homeschoolers that I wouldn't be able to make it relatable and fun like my teacher did... though the Master Class Physics class doesn't have you making a potato launcher, every experiment is designed for understanding, and yes, many are fun to complete as well - at least for my kids! I really appreciate that there is a worksheet that goes along with each lesson as well as a lab sheet with everything the student needs in one place for each experiment and a place for notes AND a Lab report sheet that helps walk the student through the experiment answers. This set up truly makes it easy to use for students at home. The chapters themselves are extremely informative while pointing the student back to our creator (something I definitely didn't have in public school!) and I love all the pictures and the diagrams that help with understanding the subject matter. All in all, this is a fantastic addition to High School science through Master Books and I can't wait for each of my kids to go through the course.

*I received this product for free in exchange for this review. My review is 100% my opinion and not swayed by the company in any way.*

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