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Discover how God’s wisdom is revealed in the creation of the universe, gravity, light, electric forces, magnetic forces, nuclear forces, sound waves, heat energy, motion, electromagnetism, radioactivity, time, cosmology, and more!

The Master’s Class High School Physics Teacher Guide contains the worksheets, quizzes, labs, and answer keys, materials lists, and more to accompany the student text.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Master's Class High School Physics (Teacher Guide)
Subtitle The Study of Matter & Energy from A Christian Worldview
ISBN 13 9781683442233
Contributors Dr. Dennis Englin
Binding Paperback
Page Count 324
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

This vital resource for the Master’s Class High School Physics course includes:

  • Instruction in physics with labs that provide comprehensive lists for required materials, detailed procedures, and lab journaling pages.
  • An easy-to-follow course schedule for the daily lessons with clear objectives.
  • Worksheets, quizzes, and tests are all based on the readings. Labs are included as an integral part of the course.

This is an introductory high school-level course covering the basic concepts and applications of modern physics. It provides a sound foundation for those going on to college-level courses. The course provides a strong Christian worldview that clearly reveals God’s great wisdom and omnipotent control of the universe.

Excellent Course!
Review by Becky V.
The Master’s Class Physics Set (Revised Edition) is a great science course for your upper high-school student (10th-12th grade). It is a one-year course that will earn your student 1 credit with labs. Time investment is about 45 to 60 minutes per day, five days a week. Pre-requisites include Algebra 1 and Chemistry.

This is an excellent introductory course to the basic concepts and every day applications of Physics with a Christian worldview - the emphasis is placed on God’s unchanging character and His absolute control of His creation.

The Physics Teacher Guide is direct and to the point. It easily guides you to lead your student through this amazing Physics course. It includes an introduction and makes an emphasis that the teacher/parent does need to guide the student through this course. I would say that the readings and worksheets are independent work, but the lab portion may need extra guidance or assistance from the teacher/parent.

The Teacher Guide includes everything you need to take this course successfully. It includes the lab supply list (important for things you might not have on hand! OR bonus - Master Books has a lab kit that you can purchase to make it even easier!) and a weekly schedule. It also includes two worksheets for each lesson, lab sheets for each lab, 28 quizzes and 8 exams. The exams occur every 3-4 weeks, where there is a review of the previous lessons/quizzes on days 1-4 of the week and the exam taken on day 5. I really like the variety of questions on the worksheets and quizzes/exams. They go into the perfect depth of checking for understanding, but are not too overwhelming for the student’s work each day.
Solid Course
Review by Lexie
This high school level course is a very strong physics curriculum providing an in depth study of physics from a Biblical worldview. In my opinion, many high school books lack visual engagement with the student (which my daughter really needs). This course was a blessing because the pages are very bright, colorful, and engaging. My daughter is interested in studying music beyond high school (plays 3 instruments currently), and she really enjoyed Chapter 15 which was about musical sound waves. It really pulled her in that week, and she was able to share with her music teacher a few things she learned about frequency and hertz. The text contains 28 engaging chapters with lab experiments at the end of each chapter. The teacher's guide includes a daily schedule that is easy to follow as to what to read, when to do worksheets, and when to do labs and quizzes. It includes worksheets, lab reports to fill in, quizzes, and exams to cover several chapters at a time. Plus at the end of the teacher's guide are all of the answers to these items. I love not having to purchase an additional book just to get the answers for this course!
Solid Physics Course
Review by Dustie
As with the typically Master Books courses, the Physics teacher guide is well organized and includes a schedule, course objectives, a supply list, worksheets, labs, quizzes, exams, and answer keys. I appreciate that the author included a sample lab report. This is especially helpful for students who need a visual reminder of what is expected.
As far as the supply list goes, I am planning on simply purchasing the pre-made kit from the Master Books website, just to simplify things and ensure my student has the proper items for the labs. The supply list is very helpful in organizing those items into the appropriate weeks/lessons. The cumulative grade sheet in the front of the teacher guide is a nice addition. The course is set up with reading, worksheets, labs, and a quiz each week for 3-4 weeks, followed by a week of review and an exam. I think this method is great for long term retention of such a complex subject. The lab activities have detailed instructions. I also greatly appreciate that there is an academy course to supplement my instruction for my student.
Teaches students to learn and apply physics concepts to real life rather than just memorizing them.
Review by Kathleen
Provides a sound foundation for those going onto college level courses.
Students will be able to see God in every aspect of this course.
They will see Gods never-changing nature and absolute control of the physical universe through the natural laws.
Included in this book are:
List of lab supplies with a picture of each item
Weekly schedule for 36 weeks
Grading sheet
Worksheet for every lesson
Lab report instructions and worksheet for each lesson
Quiz for each lesson
Exams (one for every 4 lessons)
Answer Keys for Worksheets, Laboratory Reports, Quizzes and Exams
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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