Math Lessons for a Living Education: Teaching Companion


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Make the most out of teaching Master Books’ award-winning, Christian homeschool math curriculum with this innovative Teaching Companion. The educational insights and an overview of the Math Lessons for a Living Education series will help you become an even better math teacher. With a greater understanding of the scope of the material and the biblical worldview behind it, you help your students master math concepts with more confidence.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Math Lessons for a Living Education: Teaching Companion
Series Math Lessons for a Living Education
ISBN 13 9781683442158
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Paperback
Page Count 129
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Math Lessons for a Living Education is an innovative series proven to be easily taught, enjoyed by students, and a powerful faith-building part of any child’s education. Now you can make the most out of teaching this best-selling series with Master Books’ Teaching Companion.

The book includes helpful insights and an overview to assist you in understanding not only the scope of the material, but also the biblical worldview behind it.

Discover why this wonderful story-based, hands-on approach to teaching math works so well for Christian homeschool families around the globe. Inside you will learn:

  • The importance of “good-brain” math
  • How to adapt the course for different learning styles and cognitive ability
  • Effective use of manipulatives like the Place Value Village and Right-brain flashcards
  • Memorization of math facts and oral narration as you enjoy recipes, math games, and much more!
Great info for those new to the course
Review by Lisa
As a newcomer to this curriculum, I appreciated hearing the author's heart and gaining a better understanding of some of the approaches used in the book. The first section is personal encouragement for the parents teaching the course. There is a section that shows which manipulatives are included in each course (these are sample pages only and not reproducible at all; I would give 5 stars if reproducibles were included because sometimes you need a manipulative from a different course as review for a student). Different tips are included for students that need additional activities or ways to interact with the concepts. The recipes for all of the levels are included as well. Overall this is an easy read, a great encouragement, and a wonderful additional resource to the Math Lessons for a Living Education curriculum.
Didn't benefit us
Review by Kristin
I felt like I didn't need this to fully utilize the series. We do minimal book work and this just wasn't the kind of tool we need for our approach to schooling.
Review by Jessie
I got this to make sure I was prepared for teaching math lessons best to suit the series. I had already attended a live summit and heard the author speak about the material and had watched videos. So I don't feel i needed this. If I hadn't already prepared so much before getting this I think it would've been helpful. I recommend for someone new to her math series that is unfamiliar with the style.
Extremely helpful!
Review by Bobbi
I just now got around to reading this (in preparation for next year) and am so glad I did! The author starts out giving sort of a "pep talk" about how parents are qualified to teach their children. She then proceeds to give an overview of how the system works, ideas for adapting to different situations, and a breakdown of specific notes for each level. This is followed by a section on games -- ideas for game to facilitate learning, how and when to use them, etc. I know that I will be rereading this and referencing it many times over the next few years. Very happy I bought it!
Helpful and organized well
Review by Rachel
Easily organized by grade, sections in this teaching guide book provide more enriching activities to compliment the regular textbook. Doesn't require an entire vacation to read, and easy to implement any suggestions.
Nice book
Review by Thomas
I love that this one book covers several grades. It contains lots of useful information to help parents out with this math course. I'm glad I bought it.
Great introduction
Review by Elizabeth
I greatly appreciated this easy to read manual. Because MLFLE is written from a different perspective than a lot of what else is out there, I found it so helpful to read through the authors intentions and goals. It was a wonderful and easy way to feel confident in the material and how to teach it to my children.
Full of helpful tips
Review by Elisabeth
I have this on my shelf for those times when my student is just not getting it! It has a lot of tips and encouragement. It is a handy reference.
Helpful teacher resource!
Review by Elena
This is a fantastic book to read, even if only once, to understand the heart of the author of the MLFLE series and how to maximize the effectiveness of the course. There's a summary of the storyline, if you are starting with a later book. There's a collection of the recipes from all the levels, plus some that are mentioned but not written out in the course books. There's a chart of when the flashcards are made, plus an explanation of how right-brain flashcards work. Plus a lot more, and I highly recommend this!
Great resourse
Review by Annice
This resource helped me understand the layout of the curriculum and how to best use it. And it has the recipes in it!
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