More Than Words: Level 1 (Download)

More Than Words: Level 1 (Download)


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The Living Faith Curriculum Series has been created for grades 1-3 (level 1) and 4-6 (level 2). Every time it’s Bible time, pull this special book out because it’s full of stories, pages to color and draw, beautiful paintings to learn about, and poetry to read. This is a journal to help students document their journeys with Jesus and learn more about who God is, who they are in God, and what it means to be a Christian and live a life that can change the world!

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Title More Than Words: Level 1 (Download)
Subtitle Living Faith Bible Curriculum
Contributors Rebecca Spooner
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Enjoy this beautiful journey of faith for children as they develop a deeper understanding of God and their relationship with Him. Easy to understand and unafraid of exploring deeper topics, this book moves beyond Bible stories to create a strong and lasting foundation. Uniquely designed to echo a personal journal, this Bible course will be an important step in every young believer’s walk of faith.

More Than Words is divided into four units:

  • Who God is and some of the attributes of God
  • Who we are in God and basic theology of the Roman road
  • What it means to be a Christian
  • How to walk in faith, day-to-day.

Level One in this special series is written for 1st through 3rd grade students and is filled with 36 weeks of stories, activities, poems, hymns, character studies, art studies, word studies, and more, all designed to help children develop character. After completing the course, children will have discovered their identity in Christ — one that cannot be taken away or shaken by opinion or culture.

Table of Contents

  • Week 1: The Trinity
  • Week 2: God Is Love
  • Week 3: God Is Good
  • Week 4: God Is Eternal
  • Week 5: God Is Everywhere
  • Week 6: God Is Beyond Understanding
  • Week 7: God Knows Everything
  • Week 8: What Is God’s Name?
  • Week 9: Review
  • Week 10: Created and Loved
  • Week 11: Fallen and Imperfect
  • Week 12: Chosen
  • Week 13: Saved
  • Week 14: Adopted
  • Week 15: Imitator of Christ
  • Week 16: Called
  • Week 17: Who Does God Say You Are?
  • Week 18: Review
  • Week 19: How to Pray
  • Week 20: How to Use Your Bible
  • Week 21: What Is Worship?
  • Week 22: Works vs. Faith
  • Week 23: Gifts of the Spirit
  • Week 24: Fruit of the Spirit
  • Week 25: The Ten Commandments
  • Week 26: Armor of God
  • Week 27: Review
  • Week 28: Two-way Conversation
  • Week 29: Hide and Seek
  • Week 30: Draw Near to Me
  • Week 31: Pray All the Time
  • Week 32: Rooted to the Vine
  • Week 33: Meditate on the Word
  • Week 34: Take Every Thought Captive
  • Week 35: Making Wise Choices
  • Week 36: Review
Review by Martha
This is exactly what I was looking for to help my daughter develop a quiet time with Jesus. She has enjoyed each "lesson" and has not only learned so much, but has actually grown deeper in her understanding, faith, and application of the Word. She's looking forward to the next one!
Beautiful Book
Review by Lauren
My 5 year old has loved working through this book. He is so excited to learn a new key truth and character trait each week. I am quite picky about biblical teaching for children, but this is solid and backed up all the way by relevant Bible verses, I love how the author encourages children to open their bibles and find the quoted passage.

The copy work and colouring is fun and has helped my child with their stamina and control with a pencil.
A lovely way to start our day!
Review by Amy
I am using this with my 5 year old daughter, and we're both learning and loving it! I can see us repeating the book again and getting even more from it the second time around.
I’m also learning!
Review by Michi
I normally review the books we’re going to use each school year. I’ve never been as excited as today upon finishing this whole book. I know that our child will learn a lot as I have learned a lot after completing this book. So easy to understand. Simple but deep. ❤️
Review by Jen
This is beautiful!
Review by Brady
We are loving this book! I am using it with my pre k (4 year old) 1st grade (6 year old) and 2nd grade (7 year old). They are all learning so much and asking questions it has been a huge blessing to us. The lessons are short so it is so easy to add to our day without feeling overwhelmed. I love this and would recommend to anyone. I bought the pdf so that each child could have their own and it has been so nice.
Review by Virginia
Wonderful bible curriculum. My children and I are loving More Than Words!
Beautiful Bible Lesson
Review by JESSICA
I use this book with my 5, 7 and 9 year old. This is their favorite book of the day. There is so much we appreciate about this book. I love that it is simple, but triggers so much great discussion with my kids. My oldest loves the journaling and they all love the coloring page.
Review by Amanda
Ok I'm using this program for a 4,7, and 35 year old :) I love this simplicity and the depth.
Love it!
Review by Ariasil
Such a beautiful curriculum. Doing it with my 9 yo. I wanted to start him with this one since we haven't really been doing bible or anything like. Planning on doing this one then the 2 to go deeper into the subjects once he has the foundation. We are enjoying it. My son is receiving it so well and retaining it. We go over it very quickly, but again, that's my fault since he could have gone into level 2. But still enjoying it. I'm saving the book for my little girl who is 5 and just walks away when we are doing our group subjects so my son is journaling with this but he wouldn't have been interested in coloring and that kind of stuff anyways.

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