Moses and the Bronze Serpent


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This is a true story. It comes from Numbers Chapter 21 in your Bible.

In the Old Testament, we are reminded again and again through the stories that when God made a promise, He kept it. Even when the perfect Creation was ruined, God made a plan to save us from sin. He loved us enough to sacrifice something very special to Him.

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A True Story About Jesus

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Moses and the Bronze Serpent
Series A True Story About Jesus
ISBN 13 9781683443476
Contributors Akram Zaki, Paulo Gaviola
Binding Saddle Stitch
Page Count 24
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 x 8

In Numbers chapter 21 of the Bible, the story of Moses and the Bronze Serpent takes place during the Israelites' journey through the wilderness. The Israelites become discouraged and impatient, speaking against God and Moses. As a result, God sends poisonous snakes among them, and many people are bitten and die.

The Israelites realize their sin and repent, seeking Moses' intercession. Moses prays to God on their behalf, and God instructs him to make a bronze serpent and put it on a pole. God promises that whoever looks at the bronze serpent when bitten will live.

Moses follows God's instructions, crafting the bronze serpent and placing it on a pole. Anyone who is bitten by a snake and looks at the bronze serpent is miraculously healed and saved from death.

This story illustrates both the consequences of the Israelites' disobedience and God's mercy and provision. The bronze serpent serves as a symbol of God's healing power and the necessity for faith and obedience. Later in the New Testament, Jesus references this event, comparing it to his own crucifixion, where he becomes the ultimate remedy for sin and death, offering salvation to all who look to him in faith.

Fun and Educational
Review by Dawn
A bright and colorful picture book that shares the story of Moses. I appreciate that it gives the scripture references and explains that it is a true story. It also connects the story of Moses and the Bronze Serpent with Jesus and how he saves us from our sins. There are some hidden pictures for young children to find, which may help keep their focus and attention. There is also a page of “words to know,” which helps explain words that children might not understand.
Old Testament story revealing the gospel
Review by Laura
There are many references to Jesus Christ in the Old Testament that aren’t commonly taught. In this story the author summarizes Numbers 21, the bronze serpent, in a way that is palatable for young kids. After the story it is revealed how it parallels the story of Jesus!

We are truly enjoying this series of books that ties the events found in the Old Testament to our savior in a fun and engaging way. From the image search, the follow up questions to the dictionary at the end, you are sure to enjoy these books!
A Story of Numbers 21
Review by Becky V.
This book tells the story of Moses and the Bronze Serpent as found in Numbers 21. We are just absolutely loving this new series by Master Books! They are written in a way that is simple and memorable, a great way to learn and be able to recall the story.

This book would be great for a read aloud to young children, or to have a rising reader read it. The series follows the pattern of telling the bible story and then explaining how it truly is about Jesus. I also appreciate the words to know that is included at the end, especially for use with older children as they go through this book.
Great little book with a powerful message
Review by Kathleen C
This book is the retelling of Moses and the Bronze Serpent from Numbers Chapter 21. The story is very engaging for children. The pictures included are wonderful- they tell the story to a non reader as well.
It includes: special words with definitions and a scripture verse.
I love the way this author shows you how the Israelites needed to look to the serpent and trust and they would be saved is just as we need to look to Jesus and trust that we will be saved.
I highly recommend this book for your home library.
Excellent version of the Biblical account of Moses and the bronze serpent!
Review by Danielle
Moses and the Bronze Serpent is an excellent version of the account found in Scriptures. I love that the gospel is tied into the story at the end. My 4 year old pointed to the picture of the serpent around the staff and said, “Mommy, it’s like Jesus on the Cross!” The correlation between the bronze serpent and Jesus on the Cross is made very clear. I LOVE that my little ones can read this book and clearly see how this account is an Old Testament example of how we receive salvation thru Jesus’ death. I asked my children what they thought of the book, and this is what they said:
“I really like the pictures and finding the hidden pictures was fun.”
“I really liked it a lot!”
I agree—the pictures are cute! I recommend the books in this series because of how our kids can see that these are not just stories in the Bible, but that there is a reason they are all in there—to point us to the Savior!
Wonderfully woven Old Testament and New Testament truths
Review by Lynette
This Author is quickly becoming my favorite children’s Bible story/truth author. He has, once again, beautifully and simply told an Old Testament story and tied in the New Testament Gospel. The book kept my 5 and 8 year olds attention. They loved looking for the special pictures, they got excited to see what Moses had to do with Christ. This is the third book I have read to my kids from this Author and I do not hesitate and actually look forward to reading his other books.
Perfect for Little Learners
Review by Lexie
This book is perfect for you to read to your little ones to incorporate Biblical stories into their day. The illustrations are fun and engaging. There are questions for you to ask your little ones as they learn. Also, the book relates the story of Moses and the bronze serpent back to Jesus. There is also a little glossary at the end for words that your child may find difficult to understand.
Love it
Review by Ashley
This is a kids book that is a true story that is from chapter 21 in the Bible. At the beginning of the story the kids have to pay attention so they can find the hidden pictures. At the end of the book there is a section label words to know which has the meaning of the words if your child does not know. It is a very good book for kids to read and or parents read to them. Totally love this book.
Great OT Account Connecting the Gospel
Review by Michael
Great short account of an Old Testament event. I personally like how the book connected the bronze serpent situation to the life of Jesus. My children liked looking for the specific pictures in the book. That way it kept their attention (along with the book being short). We walked away with a better appreciation for how Jesus is all throughout Scripture.
Great little readers to introduce the gospel
Review by Sara
These little readers are short, perfect for a tiny audience. This story is a little difficult or scary perhaps to read to kiddos but I think it was handled very well. I especially appreciate that the connection is made from the story pointing to Jesus and goes on the share the gospel. I think this would be a great book to read during pre-k story time at church where I could make sure the gospel is shared with each child in a short but incredible powerful way! I will be buying sets for our church families!

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