Nine Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness


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Robert Strand, one of the most successful authors in the CBA market, believes that an understanding of the qualities of a Christian deserve a close look. To that end, Strand has developed a nine-book study series on the fruits of the spirit, emphasizing not only that a properly-balanced Christian life must include love, joy, peace, patience, etc., but that God will judge us on our willingness to incorporate them into our daily walk. Written in Strand’s famous storytelling style, each book in the series includes study questions and special insights.

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Title Nine Fruits of the Spirit: Faith
Series Nine Fruits of the Spirit
ISBN 13 9780892214679
Contributors Robert Strand
Binding Paperback
Page Count 48
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Pistos (Greek), meaning: to be trusted, reliable, believing, to be counted on at all times, of a firm persuasion, faithful.

Faith and faithfulness are closely linked — faith being foundational to all that we believe and act upon. Faith is that undefinable power through which we can realize as reality things that are as yet unseen. Faithfulness is the working out of this inner belief system. When we have faith in God, we act in faithful ways. Acts of faithfulness are the demonstration that we have a true faith in God and such acts are the threads holding our belief and behavior system together. As the writer has said, “faith without works is dead.”

But the fruit of the spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.... — Galations 5:22–23

In these Bible studies from best-selling author Robert Strand, you will learn about yourself and how to relate to others as you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be in Christ.

I’m excited for this book!
Review by Jessica
My kids and I do our morning quiet time of reading each day. During these crazy times we are in currently, this book is going to be read at the most perfect time! We are living in a world where most people are fearful of the unknown, as the coronavirus sweeps our nation. But God! God loves each and every single one of us and our faith and trust should fully be in Him. This will set the tone of my home and bring calm and comfort to my kids as they learn about our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus. Thank you so much Master Books for all the amazing work you put into each and every single one of your books! I’m new to homeschooling but I’m so happy I’ve started with you guys! We are all very happy with Master Books and will continue to stand with you all and pray for you all! ♥️♥️♥️
Review by Nancy
I love how concise and to the point this book is. It also challenges me as a believer to live more like Christ.
Wonderful resource!
Review by Natalie
This book explores God's constant faithfulness and how we can cultivate this character trait despite being flawed. Several examples from scripture are expanded upon, giving the reader an in depth understanding of faith from a biblical perspective.
Review by Heidi
I love how you can use this as a bible study OR in this busy life, even just as a book you pick up and read a few pages from when you have time. You will still get something from it. I wish it was bright and colorful, like many of the other mb books, but this isn't a deal breaker.
Goes well the the Kindness volume!
Review by Karie
This volume in the series follows the exact same format with a short reading, questions related to reading to get you thinking and questions for personal application. Depending how much you like to do each day, I think this could be 2-4 weeks of Bible study. This particular book would work very well before or after the book on Kindness because the same narrative (Ruth) is discussed. In my previous reviews on this series, I don't think I mentioned that there are periodic summaries/scriptures on the side margins. These are great for helping you "hang on" to the truth throughout your day. I appreciate having a little "nugget" to take away with me.

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