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For Ages 15-18

Master Books' complete Algebra 2 program not only teaches algebra, but also shows students why they’re learning concepts and how algebra’s very existence points us to God. Students will see algebra in action . . . and find their biblical worldview built along the way. Algebra 2 lessons can be completed in 60-90 minutes. The recommended schedule suggests 5 days per week.

The Algebra 2 Teacher Guide offers a suggested weekly schedule which incorporates easy-to-manage lessons that guide the reading, worksheets, and all assessments for the course. Quizzes and tests are included to help reinforce learning and provide assessment opportunities. This Teacher Guide along with the Solutions Manual and student text are required for the completion of this one credit course.

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Principles of Algebra 2

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Principles of Algebra 2 (Teacher Guide)
Subtitle Applied Algebra from a Biblical Worldview
ISBN 13 9781683442325
Contributors Katherine Loop Hannon
Binding Paperback
Page Count 416
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Algebra doesn’t have to consist of solving hundreds of apparently meaningless problems! These worksheets, while they include abstract problems to help the student practice the skills, also include real-life problems that allow the student to remember the purpose of what they’re learning, give them a chance to explore God’s handiwork, and equip them to apply math outside of a textbook.

  • Easy-to-use daily schedule
  • Carefully graduated problems to help students learn the material
  • Built-in review of concepts
  • Problems that let the students apply algebra to real-life settings
  • Perforated pages to tear out and hand students
  • Chapter quizzes and quarter tests, along with a final exam


Each and every topic is presented in such a way so as to constantly remind us of Who God is and how He truly matters in our lives....The dialogue is written in conversational English, not highbrow “mathematicianese,” so it is easy to understand....The examples are generally not just random math problems. Most are carefully chosen to clearly illustrate the principle and to reveal evidence of our Creator.....I highly recommend this textbook for math students AND for teachers in generals as a reference book for learning how they can be more effective at incorporating a Christ-centered focus into all of their subjects.

Jay Auxt, Retired Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics and Creation Science at Antietam Bible College

Shows students why they are learning concepts and how algebra’s very existence points us to God.
Review by Kathleen
The Teacher's Guide: Suggested schedule broken down into 36 weeks.

Clear directions for each set of problems. I really like the extra hints/notes/reminders.

Includes Challenge Problems which are designed to stretch a student's thinking and give them glimpses into how Algebra applies to real life.

Instructions are given for when it is appropriate to use a graphing calculator which a student should become familiar with before they are taking standardized tests at that level.

Plenty of problems to help a student to practice each concept, but not so many that it is overwhelming.
Wonderfully Straightforward
Review by Becky K
The Teacher Guide contains all the practical information you need in order to actually teach Principles of Algebra 2. The book starts with an overview of the course with some practical information including a list of supplies that might be needed (calculator, notebook paper, optional video course in Masterbooks Academy, etc.) and study tips for the student. There is a suggested daily schedule that clearly breaks down the lesson progression. This course is designed to be taught 5 days a week for 36 weeks (9 weeks for each quarter). This includes days for quizzes at the end of each chapter, tests at the end of each quarter, and a final exam. I especially love that it builds in 2 study days between the quarter 4 test and the final exam. Obviously, this course can be flexible to fit the needs of any family, but a clear schedule is something I always appreciate as a guide. All of the daily lesson worksheets, quizzes, and tests are contained in this book, so it is a necessary book for the course. I absolutely love how it's laid out. I was given an e-book copy of this book for free in return for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Math as a real-life tool
Review by Yolande
I used to love math in high school, but no math teacher could ever explain how to use Algebra in real life situations. This course shows the student that math is a real-life tool and not meaningless and boring equations and problems. The student will explore the blood pressure of giraffes and see how amazing God created giraffes. Also, the math behind hot air balloons and how men have utilized the consistencies God created to develop a useful device like hot air balloons. The special arrangement of seeds in a sunflower testifies God’s wisdom and care. This course makes math come alive. There are a lot of finance application examples guiding the student to be good stewards of money but above all to avoid the love of money and rather focus on investing in eternity.

The student text is colourful and lessons are presented very well with detailed explanations and illustrations. It all points to our Creator God, His consistent universe and how He consistently governs all things.

The student needs the following to complete this course: Principles of Algebra 2 Student Text which contains the presentations and explanations of concepts; Principles of Algebra 2 Teacher Guide which contains the worksheets, quizzes, and tests; and the Principles of Algebra 2 Solutions manual which contains step-by-step solutions and notes for the worksheets, quizzes and tests. There is an optional eCourse available through which provides more guidance and is helpful for visual and auditory learners (and Mom!).

I highly recommend this self-taught course for students who already completed an Algebra 1 course.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
Biblical Worldview Math
Review by Crystal
Principles of Algebra 2 Teacher’s Guide is a necessary, but helpful supplement to the student text. Inside, you’ll find it to be very organized and easy-to-use. There is a daily schedule for what to read from the student text, as well as which worksheets to complete in the Teacher’s Guide. The work amount appears on-par with what I’ve seen from MB in the past – just enough to practice the concept, not enough to overwhelm. We have always liked MB style for that reason. My only drawback is that there is not enough room on the worksheets to complete the problems, so all the written work will need to be done a separate piece of paper. However, this is how most math books are, so it’s not necessarily a drawback, just something to be aware of. Overall, I highly recommend this entire Algebra 2 curriculum.
The algebra I wish I’d had…
Review by Dustie
The teacher guide is consistent with other teacher guides I’ve gotten from Master Books. It is very user friendly. A suggested course schedule is included in the front, as well as teaching tips. There is also an optional course on the MB academy. A list of studying tips is included, so you can help prepare your student. This book contains your worksheets, tests, and quizzes that accompany the text book. You’ll need this book to go along with the Principles of Algebra 2. It is honestly the program I wish I’d had when I took algebra in high school. It is written in an engaging way with real word examples of how the concepts can be applied. It also beautifully weaves scripture truths the remind us of the consistency of our Creator. I received a digital copy of this book for free, in exchange for my honest opinion.
Review by Abbie
I am so thankful for Principles of Algebra 2! I have been waiting for this course. It actually became available for the 2021/2022 school year just in time for our graduating senior who needed this credit.

The course is easily followed. I appreciate that Masterbooks Academy offers the math courses as well to supplement the subjects.

My son found the course perfectly suited for independent study and each lesson was introduced adequately. I questioned my son as to how he felt each lesson was presented (or taught) in the book and asked if he felt the descriptions were adequate for the homework required. He said that he thought it was good.

Some days we did more sets (work) and on sections he had a better understanding of we did less.

An excellent resource.

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