Quick Answers to Social Issues (Download)

Quick Answers to Social Issues (Download)


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The collapse of the Christian worldview in America and the West is happening, to the utter shock of Christians. Why? They’ve been blind to the enemy’s stealth attack on biblical history and authority, which has led multiple generations to abandon God’s Word as their foundation.

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Title Quick Answers to Social Issues
Contributors Bryan Osborne
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The collapse of the Christian worldview in America and the West is happening, to the utter shock of Christians. Why? They’ve been blind to the enemy’s stealth attack on biblical history and authority, which has led multiple generations to abandon God’s Word as their foundation.

When our culture asks the questions dealt with in this book — and our kids parrot these questions and ideas heard from schools, libraries, movies, books, music, YouTube, social media, etc. — it must be remembered they’re not innocent, unintentional questions. They stem fundamentally from a rejection of biblical authority. Quick Answers to Social Issues provides answers for some of the toughest questions of the day regarding:

  • Marriage and sexuality from God’s Word
  • Response to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Animal rights and the green movement
  • The biblical response to racism

It’s imperative that Christians be ready to give answers to today’s questions! Thus, the passion and purpose of this book is to equip you with clear, concise biblical answers to effectively stand on God’s Word and boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ on the frontlines of today’s battle!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Life Issues
  • Equality Issues
  • Marriage, Sexual, & Gender Issues
  • Environmental Issues
  • Conclusion


I loved Bryan’s first Quick Answers book and this second volume is just as impactful. Bryan provides biblical insights into today’s hot-button issues, clearing away the clouds of confusion our culture has created by highlighting and always bringing it back to the true nature of the battle — God’s Word vs. man’s word. This is a resource every teen and adult needs to read!

Ken Ham - CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-US, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter

Great Family Resource
Review by Michelle
Wonderful read for teens & mature tweens. Just what was needed for navigating our current culture. Will be using this for supplement to apologetic course for 14 yr old this year. Perfect compliment to Quick Answers To Tough Questions.
This book couldn’t have came at a better time.
Review by Tabitha
This book covers it all!! With everything that’s going on in the world at this present time this book breaks it down and bring us back to what God’s word truly says about these topics. It was such an easy read and a must have book!
Wonderful Book!
Review by Elleanna
I love how Master Books has a Biblical answer to social issues. It’s a wonderful way to teach kids what the Bible has to say on things that are happening in our world today. I Love how they are teaching our kids how to discern what is right and wrong through the word of God. Master Books also does a great job at not presenting opinions but biblical facts. I would totally recommend this book to anyone with kids who are noticing everything happening in the world around them. Love, love, love it!
Such Important Truths
Review by JW
The author does an excellent job in using scripture as opposed to opinion. These are such important topics and this book is a great guide to understanding a biblical response to them.
Truth between lies
Review by Love2BeMom
I am currently reading 2 pages a day with my 13 year old daugther. It is easy to read and covers tough questions about social issues currently happening around us. It covers topics about life, equality, sex and environment. We have great discussions every time we read this book. It equips us to defend our faith and address all the lies in our culture from a Biblical Worldview. I highly recommend this book for parents to read themselves and to read and discuss with teenagers.
Wonderful Words of Wisdom!
Review by Lea
My 13 yr. old & I are Plugging into this Power House Study, Truth is refreshing in Answering Question's and Discussions with Hot Topics that are needed for Today.
Good for today's issues!
Review by Amy
This book has answers to alot of things going on right now. I like how every answer can be found in the Bible.
Highly recommend
Review by Yulia
This book wonderfully addresses the social issues that we are facing nowadays. The answers are short, but deep and to the point. I like that the author focuses more on making sure that the answers are based on the Bible than pleasing a crowd.
There are Bible verses references on each topic which helps with the researching the topic farther.
Great book!
Really short and easy read!
Review by Candice
I really like this book. It is short and to the point but not skimpy. I plan to use this with my children when they are teens and start coming head on to a lot of these issues. Come to think of it, some of them need to be talked about soon. I really like the book and I feel it is very helpful!
A Thorough Foundation on Today's Issues
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
It isn't enough to teach our children to read their Bibles, they need to understand why they can trust the Word of God and how the Bible gives us wisdom in living everyday for Christ. Using this fantastic resource, we are given the tools to better help our children understand the arguments the world is bringing to our door and the appropriate Biblical response.

With topics from Life Issues to Marriage & Gender Issues to the Environment, Quick Answers lays a beautiful foundation upon which to build.

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