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Parenting is discipleship. Your child is learning from you. You are the teacher and far more is caught than taught in parenting. As parents, we need to fundamentally change our hearts and minds first. That simply MUST happen before any change will come for our offspring. This book is based on real world experience and rooted in biblical principles.

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Title Raising Them Up
Subtitle Parenting for Christians
ISBN 13 9780892217656
Contributors Israel Wayne
Binding Paperback
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Most parents want a book that will “fix their child” in three easy steps, in 30 days or less. While understandable, this expectation will never work. The problem lies far more with us, the parents, than it does with our child. If we don’t understand that truth, we will only remain frustrated and disappointed with our child. The far greater need is to fundamentally change our own hearts and minds as parents. As a principle, that simply MUST happen before any change will come for our youth.

Christian parents may know a lot of Bible verses, yet don’t have a Biblical theology of parenting. Here’s the big picture: parenting is discipleship.

Your child is learning from you. You are the teacher. Far more is caught than taught in parenting. Children listen to what you say, but they watch how you live. When you are slack in dealing with character issues in your own life, it short circuits your ability to effectively reach your child’s heart. In Raising Them Up, you will discover:

  • A heart check for parents
  • The world of “techno-parenting”
  • How to teach purity
  • Helping the difficult child
  • Parenting by grace
  • Home-based apologetics and more!

It’s not about gimmicks…it’s about God – His inspired, inerrant, infallible, timeless truths.

There are lots of other books out there that will teach you how to count to three, hold your breath, snap your wrist with a rubber band, and hand out stickers as a way to change your rebellious child. With enough tips, tricks, and methods, perhaps you can learn the perfect approach to timeouts or some magic cure that will solve bickering, sibling rivalry, laziness, back-talking, media addiction, lying, stealing, bad attitudes, apathy, angry outbursts, rebellion, inattention, or any other number of “fruits” that annoy, inconvenience, and embarrass us.

But if you care enough to risk having to make changes in your own way of thinking and living, then let’s walk together on this path of learning to powerfully and prayerfully parent our children after the ways of God.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Losing a Generation
  • 2. The Battle for the Family
  • 3. Techno-Parenting
  • 4. Teaching Your Children About Purity
  • 5. The Power of Influence
  • 6. Apologetics Begins at Home
  • 7. The Seven-Year Teaching Method
  • 8. How I Taught My Children to Sit Still and Be Quiet
  • 9. Heart Check for Parents
  • 10. Be the Parent
  • 11. Child Discipline
  • 12. Gospel-Centered Parenting
  • 13. Will a Trained Child Depart?
  • 14. Why Some Children Leave the Faith
  • 15. The Perfect Family Syndrome
  • 16. Helping the Difficult Child
  • 17. Serious Fun
  • 18. Hospitality: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore
  • 19. Living on One Income (Brook)
  • 20. Allowance — What Should Parents Do?
  • 21. Passing the Baton — Teens/Young Adults
  • 22. Parenting by Grace
  • About the Authors
Review by Amanda
This book was well written. Thank you Israel & Brook! I can’t wait to get more books.
Must read
Review by Leslie
Very glad I bought the physical copy of this (instead of digital) because this is a book I will definitely be sharing with other parents!
Must Read
Review by JENNIFER
This is a great one to have on your shelf. Very enlightening
An excellent book to read
Review by Ingrid Melissa
This is an amazing book to read.
This is a good book to read
Review by Jenna
I enjoyed this book for reading. I don’t read very often but when I do it is very nice and good for my soul.
Great book!
Review by Kristy
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! It has really made me stop and think about changes I want to make
Such a refreshing read
Review by Christina A
This author has quickly become a favorite. This is such a fresh take on parenting advice and hits home for me the entire way through. If you need to be reminded of biblical truth pertaining to parenting and how we can be intentional about it, read this!
Valuable addition!!
Review by Caitlin
This book breathes fresh perspective into what it takes to model biblical parenting! As a mother who didn't come from a Christian home, I am deeply grateful for the knowledge and truth that was shared with me in this book.
Add it to your book collection
Review by SGY
What a great resource of wisdom and godly advice for parents! Enjoy reading his books. Pick up a copy. You won't be disappointed.
Review by Janine
It is so hard to find Christian parenting books that are actually biblical, and this book is not only biblically sound, it is literally woven together by God’s Word! I can’t recommend it enough!
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