Reset for Parents (Download)

Reset for Parents (Download)


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This nightmare has become a reality as more young people than ever before are “backsliding.” George Barna contends that over 60 percent of Christian kids who attend youth group run off to university and cast their faith aside. Some pollsters believe the number is as high as 80 percent.

Imagine ten teenagers from your church youth group are lined up against a wall. Once those kids become adults, eight of them are likely to never darken the doorstep of a church again. Eighty percent! But there is great news! Your child doesn’t have to be a statistic. Your child can become an adult who loves the Lord the same way you do. While you cannot save your child, you can avoid the pitfalls that become the excuses that kids use to apostatize.

  • Todd Friel has witnessed to hundreds of university students, most of whom have “lost the faith”
  • Shares what Todd has learned from those Bible-belt backsliders
  • Learn from the mistakes of countless parents who are presently crying themselves to sleep, hoping their prodigal will come home.

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Reset for Parents

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Title Reset for Parents (Download)
Subtitle How to Keep Your Kid from Backsliding
Contributors Todd Friel
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Raising a prodigal is every Christian parent’s worst nightmare. Horrifyingly, George Barna contends that over 60 percent of Christian kids will run off to university and “lose their faith.” Some pollsters believe the number is as high as 80 percent.

But there is great news! Your child doesn’t have to become a statistic. Your child can become an adult who loves the Lord the same way you do — but this will likely require a radical parenting reset on your part.

Todd Friel has witnessed to hundreds of university students, most of whom are Bible-belt backsliders. Reset for Parents gets to the heart of the issue and presents a solid, biblical roadmap for parents to avoid the pain and heartache of raising a prodigal.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Why Parents Need a Reset
  • Chapter 1: Stop Disciplining and Start Discipling
  • Chapter 2: Show Them the Gospel
  • Chapter 3: Have Your Children Submit to the Right Authority
  • Chapter 4: Instill the Fear of the Lord
  • Chapter 5: Make Sure They Hear the Correct Gospel
  • Chapter 6: Make Sure You Rightly Apply the Law
  • Chapter 7: Don’t Lose Your Balance
  • Chapter 8: Command Your Child to Repent and Trust
  • Chapter 9: Don’t Confuse Justification with Sanctification
  • Chapter 10: Prepare Your Child to Meet Other Suitors
  • Chapter 11: Teach Your Children How the Bible Works
  • Chapter 12: Don’t Torque Your Kids
  • Chapter 13: Act Like a Good Shepherd
  • Chapter 14: Don’t Let Them Be Degraded or Shunned at Church
  • Chapter 15: Answer the Big “Why” Questions
  • Chapter 16: Enroll Them in
  • Chapter 17: Put Armor on Your Children
  • Chapter 18: Don’t Cling Too Tightly or Hold Too Loosely
  • Chapter 19: Take Yourselves Off the Hook, Mom and Dad
  • Chapter 20: Questions for Parents
  • Appendix A: Submit to Me vs. Submit to God Scenarios
  • About the Author


This book will bring you to your knees and lift you up to serve your children with more intentionality and more humility.

Tedd Tripp, President, Shepherding the Heart Ministries

Hard hitting. Theologically sound. Desperately needed.

Ray Comfort, Living Waters

“Training youth in the truth” is more than just a slogan today. It’s more important than ever that we equip our children and teens with biblical truths: we must counteract the huge exodus of young people from our churches. Our research has shown that even in middle school, many of our teens are beginning to doubt the accuracy of God’s Word. And in many of their minds, they are already checking out of church. I praise God that Todd has a passion to help parents and church leaders rescue their youth and have them walk in truth, especially the truth of the gospel. Parents will find Todd’s book to be a powerful Bible-based how-to guide in improving their parenting skills.

Ken Ham, co-author of the book Already Gone, on why teens and young adults are leaving the church

For every parent, grandparent, teacher!
Review by Simone
We cannot afford to sugar-coat the gospel for our kids. We cannot show them only the nice and good. Our enemy does the same. He is waiting to sugar-coat everything the world has to offer and luring our kids into the worldly things. Discipling and training our kids with truth from very early on is so important. Our kids need to know they NEED our Savior and that what the world offers will never fill that need. Our kids need to see that as parents we rely on the true Gospel all the time - living it for them!
This is one of those books that needs to be read more than once!
Timely and Transformational!
Review by Kristi
Though I grew up knowing the Gospel, I did not really know how to apply it well to my parenting. This is such a great book for practical help in FIRST applying the Gospel. Easy to understand, definitely something for everyone to learn in this book.
Every christian parent should read this!
Review by Karen F
This book is so eye opening!! Every Christian parent needs this book. One of the main topics that stood out to me was the Gospel. Sharing and living the Gospel for our children. Todd Friel goes into the many false gospels that are perpetrated within the Christian community. I was blown away at some of these. My favorite quote was, “Why do so many kids denounce the gospel? The truth is, they don’t deny the true gospel; they simply abandon the pseudo-gospel that has left them bitter, tired, betrayed, disappointed, or angry.” I knew may kids in highschool that fell for these pseudo-gospels and later left the faith. I don't want that to happen to my kids. Reading this book has been very empowering and encouraging. I want to parent in a way that will lead my children to Christ; that they will know we are all sinners and need a savior and we have the gift of salvation in Jesus. This book has helped me to see where I have been going wrong and how to reset. It’s a must have.
Review by Stephanie
This is a wonderful book! It is full of practical ideas that I plan to use with my children. Now I just need to convince my husband to read it too!
Aww this book!
Review by cynthiea
I have to admit I’m on of those parents that doesn’t always approach situations correctly. After reading this book, it has open my eyes more on how to approach different situations with my kids and also how to help them learn the love and fear God. I love how it gives different situations and the correct way to approach it with child. This book is a good reminder for anyone who has kids that there is are so many ways to deal with situations other than raising your voice and losing your temper.
Bringing it back to God's grace
Review by Jennifer
This book is amazing. It truly helps you do a complete reset on how you view parenting and punishment versus consequences. We need to teach our children why they should want to obey and not just that they must. Very eye-opening.
Review by Rebecca
This is an amazing, eye-opening book! I can't put it down. So much relevant, helpful, thought provoking information. This is a must read for all parents. Completely changed my parenting for the best!

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