Skills for Literary Analysis (Teacher Guide)

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The vital resource for grading all assignments from the Skills for Literary Analysis course, including options to help personalize the coursework for the individual student to develop:

  • Creative writing skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Solid worldviews
  • Daily prayer journal

Overview: This 34-week study of literature equips students to analyze classic literary genres, to discern author’s worldviews, and to apply biblical standards in their daily lives. Students build their vocabulary, gain in-depth instruction on grammar, and learn to convey important ideas in both writing and speech from a biblical foundation.

Features: Each weekly chapter has four daily instructive lessons with clear objectives and concept-building exercises, with a weekly writing assignment due on Friday. Diverse writings are presented, from Shakespeare to Jack London, Lewis Carroll to Longfellow, and Sir Walter Scott to C.S. Lewis. Lessons teach students to analyze key elements of literature such as allegory, satire, plot, setting, and more.