Steve Austin

Dr. Steven A. Austin is the Senior Research Scientist with Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, Texas. His specialty is the sedimentary processes that form rock strata, fossils, and fossil fuels and he’s performed geologic research on six of the seven continents of the world. These adventures have taken him into the crater of the Mount St. Helens volcano, through the entire Grand Canyon, onto glaciers in the mountains of Alaska, into the towering Sierras, down into the world’s deepest coal mines, on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, within the backcountry of Korea, onto barren plateaus of southern Argentina, and through remote deserts Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Austin is the author of three books, three videos, one computer software package, and more than thirty technical geology papers. His field research within the Grand Canyon includes over 400 nights camped out below the Canyon’s rim and he has launched 22 raft trips within the Grand Canyon. His book, “Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe” and his DVD, "Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood” summarize these investigations.

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