High School History Curriculum


  • A comprehensive examination of world history
  • Convenient daily schedule‚ÄĒsaving you lesson prep time
  • 20-30 min. lessons, 5 days per week
  • Includes worksheets, critical thinking questions, and exams
  • A rigorous classical approach with an emphasis on analysis
  • Can be combined with Stobaugh's literature curriculum for an integrated history/literature course
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American History

American History

Grades 9th-12th / 1 Year
  • Survey the history of America from native peoples, European settlements, nation-building, and expansion through the modern age
  • Actively build your student's strong biblical worldview, learning the political and faith perspectives that have impacted its history and cultural changes over time
World History

World History

Grades 9th-12th / 1 Year
  • Students will develop a Christian worldview while forming their own understanding of worldhistory trends, philosophies, and events
  • Examinations of historical theories, terms, and concepts