Stobaugh's Skills for Series
A Comprehensive Exploration of Language Arts
  • Develop writing, reading, and grammar skills through age appropriate reading and writing assignments.
  • Discover how to analyze key elements of literature such as allegory, narrative, satire, plot, setting, and more
  • Learn to write evaluation, cause/effect, comparison/contrast, definition, and explanatory essays
  • Build vocabulary by using new words in speeches and essays
  • Develop persuasive speaking and writing abilities
  • Analyze an author's worldview through a discerning eye
Skills for Langauge Arts

Language Arts

7th - 8th Grade / 1 Year

Prepare your student for higher learning through Skills for Language Arts as they learn to examine various literary styles through literature, discern parts of a sentence, develop grammar skills, and produce an original novella of their own.

Skills for Literary Analysis

Literary Analysis

7th - 8th Grade / 1 Year

Equip your student to analyze literary genres through Skills for Literary Analysis as they learn to examine key elements of literature such as allegory, narrative, worldview, satire, plot, setting and more through classic literature.

Skills for Rhetoric


7th - 8th Grade / 1 Year

Build powerful communication skills in both writing and speaking as your student learns the time-honored art of rhetoric through academic essays, public speaking, and research papers while also strengthening their faith and critical thinking skills.

Develop Strong Analytical, Writing, & Speaking Skills

Stobaugh's Skills for series prepares Jr High students for higher learning through a focus on developing essential analytical and communication skills. Through Biblical concepts, classic literature excerpts, concept builders, and practical application, students will expand critical thinking skills, practice proper grammar, develop speaking & writing abilities, and learn how to defend their faith through rhetoric!