The 10 Minute Bible Journey (Download)

The 10 Minute Bible Journey (Download)


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A fast-paced, apologetics-infused synopsis of God’s Word!

Study 52 accounts that weave the chronological, gospel-centered storyline of the most strategic and amazing events from Creation to Heaven. Filled with vibrant, full-color images, an illustrated fold-out timeline, and exciting “faith facts” that confirm the Bible is true, this book is designed to help Christians of all ages spring to a new level in their understanding of God’s Word and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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The 10 Minute Bible Journey

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Manufacturer New Leaf Press
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Title The 10 Minute Bible Journey (Download)
Subtitle The Big Picture of Scripture in 52 Quick Reads
Contributors Dale Mason
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The 10 Minute Bible Journey is a fast-paced, synopsis of God’s Word from beginning to end. Fifty-two illustrated accounts connect the chronological, gospel-centered storyline of more than 200 of the most strategic and amazing events from Creation to Heaven. Filled with vibrant, full-color illustrations and exciting “faith facts” that confirm the Bible is true, this apologetics-infused book is designed to help Christians of all ages achieve a new level in their understanding of God’s Word and their relationship with Jesus Christ! Discover:

  • 52 accounts with explanatory notes
  • Devotional passages and summaries
  • Scores of little known facts

The 10 Minute Bible Journey goes beyond the popular stories of Sunday school to present important context and chronological connections found within the puzzle pieces of biblical text. Master a new understanding of how the pieces fit together in the amazing, gospel-based map to Heaven.

Great for devotional
Review by Lea
This is such a great bible ! The extra information really helps with understanding.
Review by Tiffany
We purchased this to go with Language Lessons for a Living Education 6 and its great. My daughter and I both love the layout and images. The additional info included such as the key verses is great for my daughter.
Wonderful family devotion
Review by Kari
My husband and I wanted a simple devotional we could do with our kids right after supper. We also wanted something that would help grow their faith and ask questions. Something engaging and eye-opening for all of us. We found it with Master Books’ The 10 Minute Bible Journey. It has all of us engaged in the word, conversations, and seeking answers to the questions that arise. We highly recommend this for family daily devotional time. The ebook was perfect for us. We love that we can take it on the go with our phones or tablet, or print it out for copies and not feel guilty writting on it with notes as we learn.
Review by Cherry
I use this for my daily devotions and it is helpful in providing a better understanding of the Bible.
Great value
Review by Ashley
This is a great value for the price. The pictures don’t use too much color ink during printing.
Review by Jawahm
My children LOVE this book! I put it on their phones for easy access. We read the devotional, then split up the extra readings for the rest of the week. They use the key verse for Bible memory and copywork so we only do 1 chapter each week.
In depth stories
Review by Amy
I find the content a little too direct for young children and wouldn't use it as a family devotional unless your kids are at least around 8 I think. But it would be great for older kids and adults alike. I've been reading a story, and the references, each night before bed. It really helps tie some of the details together, pointing to other places in the Bible were there might have been information to go along with it, and also directing to other books that go further in depth about the topic. I love the scientific and/or mathematical understanding it gives to stories that may otherwise seem impossible.
Review by Jennifer
I bought this book to use for my elementary age children. With each chapter a synopsis of 52 Bible stories, it will be just what I needed. But the true gem is in the back. Each chapter has a section with additional background information, and other references, makes it a great learning tool for older children or even adults as well!
Perfect for family time
Review by Jennifer
This ebook hasn't added weight to our growing stack of books, but it is impacting our mornings. Sometimes we each do our own Bible studies. We each have verses we are memorizing and books we are reading. But some mornings, we sit around the table together and begin our day reading from the 10 Minute Bible Journey. I saved the ebook to my iPad with Dropbox. We take turns reading. If we do this together once a week, we will complete it in a year.

Disclosure: a download of this ebook was provided for my review. A positive review was not required. This is my honest opinion.
Perfect for Our Family!
Review by Theresa
I’ve been asked several times recently whether I have a favorite Bible devotional for homeschooling, and can tell that this is going to be our new favorite. It goes through the Bible from Creation to “Forever” in 52 stories of the biblical accounts, plus an additional 8 bonus sections on select topics, and a 2.5 foot fold-out timeline.

Each devotional can be realistically completed within 10 minutes (I timed myself reading a few of them, with an average of about 6 minutes each in my “mom” voice). They also include enough depth and detail to draw out into an extended conversation if preferred.

I most love: 1) the fantastic illustrations, 2) the Creationist/apologetics perspective, which even includes commentary on related issues such as the Ice Age, 3) the narrations and details within each story line (date ranges based on Ussher’s calculations, ages of characters at the times of each event, etc.) bring the accounts to life, 4) the historical chronology is thoroughly presented, even including the division of the Kingdom of Israel, 400 years of silence, and other stories that are often omitted from children’s Bibles like Isaiah’s ministry in the nude, King Josiah’s reign, and the stoning of Stephen, 5) controversial areas of theology such as the charismatic gifts, and eschatological perspectives are neutrally presented–everything follows the Bible pretty closely without adding to the story, and 6) reading the Bible itself is encouraged with a plan of daily Scripture reading, as well as footnotes for further study, and suggestions for using this devotional within a small group environment (including discussion questions).

I do have minor constructive feedback from a Messianic Jewish perspective: I do not love the word “convert” as used in the account of “The Conversion of Saul,” considering that his spiritual revelation opened him up to a born again experience, but not a new religion. He was more in line with the intentions of Judaism after recognizing Jesus as Messiah than beforehand in his legalism. Similarly, there is a negative widespread implication regarding the Pharisees. However, Paul considers himself a “Pharisee” even after becoming a Christian (Acts 23:6, Phil. 3:5), so the Pharisees are not “bad” in and of themselves, rather it was their hypocrisy and legalism that were problematic, leading them away from recognizing the Lord, rather than toward Him.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing.

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