The modern state of Israel has been a nation for almost 70 years. When she was formed and fought her early wars of existence, most Bible-believing Christians believed there was a real connection with what was going on in the Middle East and Bible prophecy that predicts an end-time return of the Jews to their land.

 While support for Israel remains high in most evangelical communities, we are seeing the beginning of a decline, especially among younger evangelicals, who question whether modern Israel really relates to end-time Bible prophecy.

This book:

>>Explains controversies such as antisemitism and Replacement Theology

>>Details the biblical and legal rights of Modern Israel

>>Explores the prophetic nature and future of Israel.

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"I will read this book carefully and use it again and again as a trusted guide." - Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Edmond, OK, and Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Dr. Thomas Ice has brought to the attention of its readers, a book that clearly presents the case for “Zionism” and urges Christians and Jews alike to support it and defend it." - Dr. David Hocking, HOPE for TODAY Ministries and radio broadcast

"With this important book, Tommy Ice brings much-needed clarity on the issues of Israel's place in the plan of God and how Christians should view and support Israel. This is a must read!" - Michael J. Vlach, Professor of Theology, The Master's Seminary

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