The Final Curtain


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How could you be unhappy?

We are shocked when we hear that our favorite celebrity is battling depression or worse yet, committed suicide. How could anybody that successful be depressed or so hopeless they would take their own life? And yet the list continues to grow.

In this book, Ray Comfort addresses the issues of celebrities who fight depression or have committed suicide:

  • Carrie Fisher
  • George Michael
  • Robin Williams
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Jane Fonda
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Lady Gaga
  • Prince
  • Jim Carrey
  • …and more.

And it certainly isn’t just celebrities who are suffering. Find answers as to why and how to stop this horrific trend, and become part of the solution for those in your own life.

A Look Inside

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Title The Final Curtain
Subtitle Fame, Fortune, & Futile Lives
ISBN 13 9780892217618
Contributors Ray Comfort
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"How could any successful, famous person who is rolling in money and who is surrounded by adoring fans be depressed? Happiness comes from what happens to us, and if good things are happening, we should be happy. So why the depression? That is the question that they and we ask ourselves. Why?"

  • The World Health Organization says that 350,000,000 people suffer from depression. God provides answers as to why and how to stop this horrid trend
  • We have been created to be social creatures, and knowing this can help us reach out to those suffering
  • If you are suffering from depression or know someone who is, this book can help you find hope

*Bonus Book included in the back "From the Ledge"

From his bird’s eye view, he peered into the foggy bay, as if his solution might be out there just beyond his sight. Why was he hesitating to take his life? All he had to do was lean forward from the railing and simply free fall into the treacherous depths below, yet he felt as compelled to stay as he did to jump.

Will the bystander approaching him be able to address the man’s true needs and talk him down? Would you be able to offer a ray of hope and some comfort to someone without any? Let this fictional encounter provide a way to reach those who walk on that ledge, needing the hope of God.


"My heart breaks for my Hollywood friends who are trapped in the prison of fear and depression—when there is a way out. The Final Curtain reveals the key that unlocks the prison door."

Kirk Cameron, Growing Pains

Good to have
Review by Andrea
Just started the book and so far I am really liking it. I have hope that it helps with understanding more about depression.
Keep extra copies on hand
Review by Heather
If only I were pretty, if only I were rich, if only I were successful, if only I could move somewhere else, if only I could start over, if only I were skinny, if only I had children, if only I had a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife, if only I had a job, if only I had a family, if only I were happy, if only... It's a list that's seemingly unending.

Some things that happen in life are not even of our own doing; events thrust on us as children or as adults. Some events are consequences of our own actions and others are the results of others' actions. Whatever the cause, we all deal with life (and may with depression) because, if you're reading this, you are alive. Some people thrive, some struggle to survive and some hide. Ray Comfort's book is a compassionate light, helping those who struggle with depression to see that there is hope. His words also help bring understanding and compassion into the lives of others, offering a picture of what depression looks and feels like to those who fight that battle. There IS Hope and Ray Comfort has a way with words and direction that help guide towards healing. This book is a must-read and worth keeping extra copies on hand for loved-ones.

"For I know the thoughts I think towards you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11
true hope
Review by Laura
I’m a big fan of Ray Comfort and I read several of his works. As he does in all his books, he preaches the unadulterated gospel.

The world assumes that the rich and famous live problem free lives. Doesn’t money solve all problems? Unfortunately, numerous stars commit suicide every year and it often leaves us scratching our heads wondering what went wrong. Ray Comfort explains why they have no hope and tells the reader where lasting hope is found.
Must read for teens
Review by April
Wow! With teen girls in the house this book caught my attention and I'm so thankful that I read it. It's timely and so relevant to the struggles that many face today. This book expanded my vision on how depression can creep in to anyone's life and what we can do to fight for others when they can't find the strength to fight for themselves. Great read!!
There is Hope
Review by deon
This is a compassionate, heartful look at celebrities who are suffering from depression or who have committed suicide. The book answers many questions many have about depression and gives the message of hope.

“God offers you everlasting life, freedom from the fear of death and the hopelessness that comes with it.”
Just What I Needed
Review by Amanda
This is just the book I needed to read! I have family members with depression and PTSD. I was thrilled to learn more about what they feel by reading how these people felt. I love the tone of the book and I love how each chapter ends with questions to help you dig deeper and learn more!
An Eye Opening, Heartfelt Resource
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
The Final Curtain is truly a masterpiece designed to equip readers with understanding, compassion, and answers for those suffering from clinical depression.

Mr. Ray Comfort does a thorough job helping the reader better comprehend the hopelessness felt by those suffering from this disease and seeks to educate Christians about the hope Christ has to offer the lost.

Each chapter gives the reader insight into the lives of famous people who seem to have it all, yet hide a secret fear of failure and insignificance. Following each selection, readers are given a short series of questions to help them retain key points throughout the lesson and Endnotes for further research.

As a bonus readers will enjoy "From the Ledge: A Conversation with Comfort", a truly remarkable story which will not only touch your heart but embolden you to reach a world in need.

I highly recommend this resource for high school students and adults looking to reach the people around them with the love of Christ. In an age where every source of media is shouting at us that we are not enough, The Final Curtain reminds us that we are not alone and Christ can more than meet our needs.

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