The History of Religious Liberty (Student Edition)


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For Grade Level 10-12

The true heroes of religious liberty are individuals who read the Word of God and understood both liberty of the soul and liberty of the mind!

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Title The History of Religious Liberty (Student Edition)
ISBN 13 9780890518823
Contributors Michael Farris
Binding Paperback
Page Count 375
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Compared to other countries in the world, Americans enjoy an astonishing range of freedoms, including a broad range of rights related to religion. With Christian churches dotting almost every corner in communities across the nation, it is hard to remember there was a time when religious liberty was a distant dream and a cause for which many died.

In a thorough review of this troubled history, you will be introduced to the ideas and sacrifices that kept the dream of religious liberty alive until it became a powerful cornerstone of a fledging nation. While some leaders of the faith are revealed as religious persecutors, it is important to understand the political and social context of these events because it lays the foundation for the ideals and protections now found in the U.S. Constitution. The History of Religious Liberty:

  • Reveals why the popular idea of the Enlightenment being at the heart of the Bill of Rights is simply wrong
  • Takes an unflinching look at persecution of the Church as part of a well-researched survey of critical historical points
  • Reflects the reaction of everyday Christians to the repressive forces of tyranny echoing in the struggle for religious liberty globally today.

These compelling stories of both well-known and obscure martyrs of the faith each help to advance the true birth of religious freedom. Their simple and courageous acts of defiance against tyranny and intolerance stand as a testament to the truth that God is the ultimate author of liberty.

This special student edition was designed to be used with the high school course Religious Freedom: A Social & Political History. This student-friendly text has been enhanced with images of relevant people, places, and events!

Fascinating story of those who lived and died believing that God is the author of liberty.
Review by Kathleen
This tells the story of the Christian persecutors so that we can put to test the claim that people who care little about faith and religion were the heroes of liberty. You will see the ideas and sacrifices that kept the dream of religious liberty alive until it became a powerful cornerstone of a fledging nation.

Included are images of relevant people, places and events.
The Teacher’s Guide includes a schedule, and the answers to the student pages which have several questions for each chapter reading.
I Learned a Lot
Review by Lexie
This curriculum is designed for the high school student and is set to take up 170 days. I would say that this book does not have many fun and engaging photographs, but it has such rich knowledge packed into the text, that it pulls the reader back in. In regards to our religious liberty, it is easy to take it for granted, but this course will leave the learner with a better appreciation for the freedoms and Bible that we have today. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a book that speaks of the martyrs that were killed via the Catholic Church and their attempts to stop the translation of the Bible into English.
Love this curriculum
Review by Ashley
This course has two parts one part covers from out of the short five with 16 sections name in a few sculpture of Dloughboys. War of the words, the Bible and the boy King, and the foundations of paradoxes. In part 2 which covers the irresponsible yawning with 10 sections naming a few enclosed Gardens of God, a new light of hanover and the Battle of Bill of Rights part 1 and 2. If you want to give your students the information of religious Liberties this course is a must my daughter is going to be doing this in 9th grade unless she wants to do the other course she chose first, but she looks forward to completing it.
Great Read
Review by Andrea
We are really excited to go through this book with our 2 boys. It's so important to know what those before us fought for so we can truly appreciate what we have. Very well documented with really great information.
Love the author
Review by Kari
Michael Farris is one of the greatest homeschool heroes of our time. This book is no exception to his laudable talent as an author.

A truly wonderful resource for coming generations.

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