The Wild Brothers: Changes in Latitude


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Tired of evolutionary movies that push children away from Jesus? Are you praying for your kids to have a life-long faith? Learn about God's creation, as you follow this family who must trust God through a scary and totally new season in their lives.

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The Wild Brothers: Changes in Latitude

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Title The Wild Brothers: Changes in Latitude
Series The Wild Brothers
Volume in Series 6
UPC Code 881994009138
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 30
Publisher Answers in Genesis

The exciting sixth adventure in the Wild Brothers series reveals many changes for the Wild family. With just a few months before their return to the USA, the four brothers and their parents must say goodbye to the remote mountain tribe, and travel to coastal towns to be transported into the twenty-first century and prepare for their long trek back. This fun episode features the eldest son, Morgan learning to drive and preparing to leave the island for college.

There is also a walk through a stinky open-air market, the discovery of a World War II fighter plane, a swim with a giant whale shark, and fun with the family's ever-lovable pet cuscus, Newt. Join them for the best adventure yet!

Discussion Guide included free.

Fun series
Review by Meredith
My five boys and one daughter all absolutely love this series!
Kids enjoy it
Review by Rozanna
Though it was pretty short it was fun to watch and the kids enjoyed learning about another culture. The kids think they are pretty cool!
Review by Suzanne
My two boys love this series! These are great videos about a missionary family’s adventures.
Awesome Series
Review by YF
We love this series and had followed them from the mountain all the way now, to the lower land, in a small city. I am from Indonesia, and it's hilarious (and sad at the same time) to see them baffling over the mountain of trash pile next to the market place (yup, that's sadly and accurately portrayed most of our traditional market place, growing up, I am used to it though. But not my kids who live in US. So I get to let them see the world where I grew up in through this video), and the lack of traffic safety where there's no traffic lights at the junctions (again, that's accurate, especially at small town). Our most favorite part is how they always include God's truth in making sense of their environment in every episode.
Review by Ashly
My boys are going to LOVE this! Adventures and Christians! Perfect!
Review by Kari
It’s a wonderful series about a missionary family. I love the adventures and devotions and the truly family centered entertainment this series provides!
Wish it was longer
Review by Kelly
I got this through our library loan system. It is good, but was very short! I don't feel it is worth owning (since it is such a short episode) but neat to watch once.

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