The Wild Brothers: Deep-Sea Canoe


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After all of the preparations, the Wild Brothers are ready to start their voyage aboard their hand-made Deep Sea Canoe! Climb aboard for a family adventure your kids may never forget!

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Title The Wild Brothers: Deep-Sea Canoe
Series The Wild Brothers
Volume in Series 8
UPC Code 881994009534
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 30
Publisher Answers in Genesis

The four sons of Mike and Libby Wild are ready to set sail on a WILD journey. Their destination? Home!

Months of meticulous planning and careful building are over. The Wild family is now ready to start their long and danger-riddled voyage from New Guinea to the USA on their handcrafted deep-sea canoe! Solar panels have been added to keep the boys' computers and video cameras energized. Excitement fills the air as they anticipate the breathtaking sights and new discoveries that lay ahead. However, an unexpected impediment suddenly stands in their way. What will God do? How will they respond? Climb aboard the big Polynesian catamaran for an inspiring family adventure!

Wanting more!
Review by Stefanie
We love this series! We have all sat down as a family and watched the DVDs. Wish we could continue following their lives, very refreshing to watch the way they look at the world as opposed to many other shows available nowadays. Great for the whole family, ours are ages 7-17!
Kids enjoy it
Review by Rozanna
Though it was pretty short it was fun to watch and the kids enjoyed learning about another culture. The kids think they are pretty cool!
Awesome series
Review by YF
My kids and I love this series, and have followed the Wild Brothers from Episode 1.
Our favorite part is how they always interpret their environment through God's truth.

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