The Wild Brothers: Preparing for Departure


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With their return to the United States approaching, the four Wild brothers set off on another thrilling adventure ... This time they are building a wooden boat to sail halfway across the world!

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Title The Wild Brothers: Preparing for Departure
Series The Wild Brothers
Volume in Series 7
UPC Code 881994009213
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 30
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Using simple tools and resources, Dad and the boys begin work on a Polynesian double canoe (commonly referred to as a catamaran) to navigate the family back to the USA from Papua, Indonesia. With help from other missionaries and a few superstitious locals, the whole family works to construct a watertight wooden vessel. However, big problems must be overcome. The parallels to Noah, his sons, and the huge Ark they had to build spur the Wilds along to complete their boat and prepare for the journey.

Kids enjoy it
Review by Rozanna
Though it was pretty short it was fun to watch and the kids enjoyed learning about another culture. The kids think they are pretty cool!
Review by YF
We love this series, It's great to see their adventure in Indonesia's water. How they build their wooden boat and the challenges they face. My favorite part is how they always interpret their environment through God's truth.
short episode, but good
Review by Kelly
I got this through our library loan system. It is good, but was very short! I don't feel it is worth owning (since it is such a short episode) but neat to watch once.

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