The World's Story 1: The Ancients


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For Ages 11-13

Full-color student textbook from our World's Story 1 (Set) featuring engaging narrative and beautiful historic illustrations, photographs, maps, and cultural connections.

The World's Story 1 Teacher Guide which provides an easy-to-implement schedule, assignments, student worksheets, and answer keys is required to complete this one-year course World history homeschool course.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title The World's Story 1: The Ancients
Subtitle Creation to the Roman Empire
Series The World's Story
ISBN 13 9781683440772
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Paperback
Page Count 303
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

A Charlotte Mason inspired Journey Through World History!

World's Story 1 guides students in a trip around the world as they study history from Creation to the Roman Empire.

In The World's Story 1, your student will:

  • See God's hand and redeeming love at work from the very beginning
  • Meet biblical patriarchs, judges, prophets, kings, and historical figures from Scripture (including Abraham, Joseph, David, and Esther), as well as other important characters from history like Hammurabi, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar
  • Study ancient civilizations spanning the whole globe, including the Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Celts, Nubians, Nazca, Persians, Greeks, Romans
  • and so much more!

Exciting, interactive stories!

The World's Story 1 brings history alive for students in an exciting way! Through engaging narrative, O'Dell interacts with students and draws them in to imagine the adventures, hardships, failures, and triumphs of the incredible events and civilizations that shaped ancient world history.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. In the Beginning…
  • 2. Starting Over
  • 3. A Tower to Heaven
  • 4. The Civilization of Egypt
  • 5. The Calling of Abraham
  • 6. Abraham’s Other Son
  • 7. The Patriarch and His Sons
  • 8. The Journey into Slavery
  • 9. Hammurabi of Babylon
  • 10. The Plundering of Egypt
  • 11. An Ancient Civilization Backdrop
  • 12. Ancient China
  • 13. Ancient African & European Civilizations
  • 14. Era of the Judges of Israel
  • 15. The Great Kings of Israel
  • 16. Ancient Greece
  • 17. A Kingdom Divided
  • 18. “O King, We Will Not Bow”
  • 19. Esther — For Such a Time as This
  • 20. Early American Cultures
  • 21. Alexander the Great
  • 22. The Rise of the Roman Empire
  • 23. Prepare the Way!
  • 24. The Word Became Flesh
  • 25. Follow Me
  • 26. The Miracle of Christ
  • 27. The Roman Emperors after Christ
  • 28. The End of the Road
  • Bibliography
  • Index
Review by Raquel
Great history books. Very engaging my students are learning so much
Review by Lindsey
I love how this walked through the entire history of the world, including from a Biblical time line and what is happening through out the world in early World history.
Review by Mary
We love this series and the author's podcast. It's a history from a biblical perspective and it's not a boring textbook. Win-win!
Review by Donna
My son loved it, reads like a story book
Great Charlotte Mason History Textbook
Review by Kristy
If you're looking for a textbook that's Charlotte Mason inspired, this is a great choice. We finished up the ancient history curriculum this year and my boys enjoyed it. The text is interesting and well-written, and the photos are plenteous and make the book engaging.
Review by Angela
My son really enjoys the readings in this book. He finds it engaging and interesting.
Great Ancient History Resource
Review by Margaret
My kids are enjoying Ancient history this year. I am excited about having a great, easy to use resource to cover this time period this time around. The first time we did Ancient History, I had to piece what we did as I did not like the resources available. Love the pictures and the narrative style. We add tons of other independent reading along with this as well, but we love having a solid resource to center our studies with. I love that it is from a Biblical perspective. My kids love the writing style.
Review by Kat
My oldest loves History. We can't wait to dive into World's Story together! This is our 2nd year homeschooling with Master Books. I tell every HSing parent I meet about how wonderful the books are. My children are learning, improving, and growing in their Faith.
Review by Courtney
Colorful engagement for my sixth grader! We plan to continue World's Story 2 & 3 throughout middle school years! Beautiful book as always!
Great book
Review by Jessica
The graphics are engaging and the history is written from a Biblical perspective. Great!
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