The World's Story 1: The Ancients (MP3 Audiobook Download)

The World's Story 1: The Ancients (MP3 Audiobook Download)


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For Ages 11-13

Enjoy listening to The World’s Story 1: The Ancients read by the author. This audio version of the student text allows your homeschool family to enjoy learning by listening to the compelling narrative. Adding the audio format to The World’s Story 1 Set gives students an additional layer of exposure to the content which can increase their comprehension and retention.

The World’s Story series (levels 1-3) for junior high students has been awarded the honor of being voted “Top-Ranked” by homeschool families.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title The World's Story 1: The Ancients (MP3 Audiobook Download)
Subtitle Creation to the Roman Empire
Series The World's Story
Volume in Series 1
ISBN 13 9781614588757
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Duration (in Minutes) 425
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

World's Story 1 guides students in a trip around the world as they study history from Creation to the Roman Empire. Using this audio format of the award-winning narrative will help students comprehend and retain more of the content being studied. The whole family will enjoy listening to each chapter of the student text being read by the author.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. In the Beginning…
  • 2. Starting Over
  • 3. A Tower to Heaven
  • 4. The Civilization of Egypt
  • 5. The Calling of Abraham
  • 6. Abraham’s Other Son
  • 7. The Patriarch and His Sons
  • 8. The Journey into Slavery
  • 9. Hammurabi of Babylon
  • 10. The Plundering of Egypt
  • 11. An Ancient Civilization Backdrop
  • 12. Ancient China
  • 13. Ancient African & European Civilizations
  • 14. Era of the Judges of Israel
  • 15. The Great Kings of Israel
  • 16. Ancient Greece
  • 17. A Kingdom Divided
  • 18. “O King, We Will Not Bow”
  • 19. Esther — For Such a Time as This
  • 20. Early American Cultures
  • 21. Alexander the Great
  • 22. The Rise of the Roman Empire
  • 23. Prepare the Way!
  • 24. The Word Became Flesh
  • 25. Follow Me
  • 26. The Miracle of Christ
  • 27. The Roman Emperors after Christ
  • 28. The End of the Road
Great Book!
Review by El
My daughter is very engaged with this book and she is really enjoying it! She was doing a different curriculum and when we switched to this, we wished we found it sooner.
Very Enjoyable!
Review by Candice
We have had this book in print before and it is gorgeous! We really enjoy this series. The audiobook did not disappoint! She did a great job of reading the book and the content is excellent! The price point is perfect, too!
Review by deon
World’s Story 1 has an audiobook now! It’s read by the author, Angela O’Dell, this audiobook is a great companion guide to the textbook. My kids use the audiobook along with the paperback while they read their assignments, and it has been a great help with their narration. With the audiobook, they get to enjoy someone reading them stories of exciting history, and they have remembered more sections of their reading because of it. I cannot wait for Master Books to release the next two World’s Story books as audiobooks!
Easy, Educational, Engaging
Review by Dawn
What is better than an engaging World History curriculum with a biblical perspective? Having that same curriculum on audiobook. I love that we can listen to it in the car or I can turn it on for the children while I work on making lunch. It makes adding history to our day very easy. This can be used as a standalone history supplement or use it to make implementation of the curriculum easier.
Enjoyed by everyone
Review by Laura
We love listening to Angela O'Dell. Her admiration for history and the Bible shines through each story. This is a wonderful resource to have for learners that benefit from hearing lessons audibly. It is great to use as a supplement to the curriculum or just to listen to for fun! History was never a strong subject for me but I am enjoying learning alongside my kids while we listen. I highly recommend this audiobook!
Review by Becky V.
We have used the audiobooks for America’s Story and are so excited to see The World’s Story as an audiobook too! Once again, Angela O’Dell beautiful narrates the text of the book, she is easy to listen to and reads at a good pace.

You receive both the M4B and MP3 formats when purchased. I prefer the MP3 format as it is separated by chapters versus one long file as with the M4B format.

We utilize the audiobook at home, as it gives me a break from reading aloud our family subjects, as well as on the road for extra review. I am always so surprised at how much my kids pick up and remember just from exposure to history in this format.
Wonderful Resource
Review by Kathleen C
This is the audio version of the World’s Story 1 Book Which covers Creation to the Roman Empire. Written and narrated by Angela O’Dell. She has a pleasant reading voice and reads the story in an engaging way that has you wanting to listen longer. This is a great option for reviewing the chapter or for a student who prefers to listen to the chapter and take notes. The audiobook includes all 30 chapters of the book along with an Introduction and Closing.
This is a great resource to have to accompany the World’s Story 1 book.
The World's Story 1: The Ancients Audiobook
Review by Santina
We have enjoyed listening to America's Story in the past so we had to try World's Story as well. We are so glad we did! While we prefer to read aloud as a family, there is not always time. My younger kiddos enjoy listening while we drive, complete hands on tasks, eat, etc.. My older one can adjust the pace of the story to follow along if he would like to as well. Overall, The World's Story 1 audiobook is an engaging addition and allows for more flexibility throughout the day (which always helps the day go smoother).
Love it!
Review by Yulia
I love this audiobook version of The World's Story 1. Angela O'Dell did a beautiful job reading it. She knows exactly how to capture the attention of the listeners. This audiobook comes in 2 versions: MP3 and MP4. MP3 works on almost any device and is broken down into chapters, MP4 is meant for iTunes and some other readers and is just a one long recording.

I would say that it is a great addition to the book. I would not use it by itself if you are using the Teacher's Guide as well because a lot of times the actual book has important maps, pictures and vocabulary of the week which the student would benefit from seeing in the book. It is an absolutely great addition though for either listening on the road or playing to the students to follow the book alone, for example.
Perfect for our Commute!
Review by Lexie
We fell in love with America's Story with my kids years ago. I would sit and read it aloud to them as part of their history lesson. When I discovered that The World's Story was an audio download, I was so excited. We travel twice a week for music lessons, and I was looking for something other than movies or music to fill some of our car time. The author reads the book aloud and has a great engaging voice. She allows for breaks between sections that makes transitions smooth. This is a great asset to our family as I feel so much better about what we are listening to in the car.

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